Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arts Fest

Perennials, Michele Randall, State College, PA 2006
So every year in State College there is an Arts Fest downtown. During this week artists take over the city and sell amazing and sometimes not so amazing work. I usually head down the third day and buy earrings or  something small. Our apartment just cannot handle so much!

On the Wednesday of each Arts Fest Week children take over and it is called Kids Day. During this time about 1500 children and their parents come to different booths for activities on  Penn State Campus and Downtown. Usually I avoid this day because it seems to stressful to me because I  do not have any of those youngsters at home

Well this year I am doing something slightly different! I am the co-director for the SEECoS program this year and am running six - yes SIX - booths on Kids Day. I am in charge of six booths with 4 Graduate Student helpers, 3 Undergraduate Helpers at each booth, and 3 High School students at each booth. In turn each of those guys and girls will teach 6 different basic Chemistry facts and activities to the kindergarten - 1st graders.

I have been working for the past two months on this while working on my thesis, teaching 3 classes and having a husband and two cats. Needless to say I haven't been writing. This upcoming Wednesday - a week from today - Kids Day will be over and I will finally have more time to write.

So if I seem a bit stressed on Twitter as of late you understand!


  1. Welcome to blogging Carrie Ann!! And good luck with everything!!