Monday, July 25, 2011

Destiny United by Leia Shaw

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I normally don't post reviews of books. A book I may love others may loathe. If I were to bash a book - which I would never do - others may take that to heart and not read it. This is just my opinion - and to most it means nothing. However, I still liked this book enough to say something about it! 

I heartily recommend this series to fantasy and romance readers. Destiny United is the second book in the Shadows of Density Series and I believe is even better than the first. I would also recommend you read this series in order as the world building and character development only increases with time.

This is a romance story true, but the adventure and discovery of the world that is beyond our reach and the characters themselves is even more inherent. Erin begins as a weaker character, but that is the purpose. She relies heavily on drinking and prescriptions to get over her fears.  This was the one point of contention for me at the start, however as Erin develops as person and becomes stronger within her identity the reasons for these afflictions become clear.  Marcelo starts off on his “quest” is immediately sidetracked into helping Erin. I enjoyed looking into his mind to see how he starts to fall for Erin and how his darkness turns to light.

Even more enjoyable than the romance and the character development was the world building. In the first book some of the other “species” were mentioned and sometimes shown. In this one however we see more glimpses of them and even meet new ones. The battles that could come and the internal strife foreshadowed were nicely done.

I look forward into the next book Destiny Unchained in which we get to see more of the werewolves and vampire culture.

If you are looking for a fantasy read by a new author I highly recommend this.

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