Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am a winner!

So I won the Yasmine Galenorn Night Veil Contest with my post about the World Cup. I am IN LOVE with the box it came with. There are so many goodies in it!

A Beautiful Wolf Sculpture
A Queen of the Fairies Mouse Pad
A Starbucks Gift Card
Night Viel
A Diary
Dracula DVD
The Mothman Prophecies DVD
Dracula Sunglasses
Owl Earrings
CD: Faun - Totem (New for me but I am excited to try it)
CD: Gary Numan - Jagged (See above)

Oh and here is the box it came it!

I am mostly just saying what a wonderful author and woman Yasmine Galenorn is. So THANK YOU! Try out her books if you want some dark fantasy and romance.


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