Thursday, July 7, 2011

Say What?

So I just entered a contest for a Release Basket from another author. I do love goodies. The Author had asked us to answer a question:

If you were going to have a party, what kind of party would it be and which of my characters would you invite, up to four of them? Why them?

My response was:

I would invite Smokey, Iris, Chase, and Menolly. Yes I know - what a group! Of course it would be a World Cup party. Because in my mind these four have a secret love of all things soccer and must watch the World Cup. Through the fight against evil the four of these souls are now able to bring their love of soccer in the light and watch the game in peace. Smokey and Iris pair off nicely as she can mother him like no other. Smokey can get riled up as much as he wants - as long as he knows he cannot disrespect Iris. So when the wrong team scores a point and he wants to catch the next thing he sees on fire - Iris is there to help and calm him. Even though she too is angry. 
Menolly and Chase though they may have once been frenemies they now can have their own form of sports friendship. Chase just better make sure he chooses the right team - Menolly tends to bite! 

And yes I know I am crazy but this is the first thing that came to mind. They all seem to need some time off!

And I have officially gone off the deep end. If you have read Yasmine Galenorn you would understand that this in no way goes with her world. Hence why it came into mine.

Try her Sisters of the Moon or Indigo Court series if you like your romance a bit darker!

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