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Six Sentence Sunday - #8

From my WIP A Taste for a Mate, book 1 of the Red Wood Pack Series.

Later that evening Willow clung to Jasper’s hand while leading her to the Pack circle, her heart beating loudly in her ears. The Alpha was going to introduce her to the Pack and discuss her kidnapping and its ramifications with the Central Pack. The circle was located in a valley filled with tall trees and grass, nestled between two rock faces. Raised edges formed stadium seating in the rock that were worn smooth over time they actually seemed comfortable. In the center lay a flat grassy plane surrounded by mud and dirt, reminding Willow of an archaic football field. Though she possessed no magic, she could still feel the pulse of Pack energy coming from the circle and the weight of boundless magic and decisions over centuries must have taken place there.

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Angela Stone Gushes about her Boys as I Gush about her Debut!

Through the wonderful world of Twitter I met this amazing woman named Angela Stone. I am so happy that I did because now I get to read her debut novel Sometimes Its Fate. I know y'all aren't here to talk to me so here she is!

Hi Angela! Thank you for coming!
Hello thank you for having me! I am so happy to be here. 
So your debut novel, Sometimes It’s Fate, arrived August 22nd!!!! I am so excited for you – but how do you feel?
Nervous, a bit scared and slightly terrified that no one will buy my book. Also very excited I started writing Sometimes in November/December of 2009 so it’s been a long-haul to get here.
What is Sometimes It’s Fate about?
It’s about finding meaning in the face of tragedy that at first seems insurmountable. It’s about facing your own personal demons, and more importantly believing that fate plays a role in everything.
So a m/m romance? What made you decide to write about that?
I’ve always written M/M romance. I got into the genre when I was 14 years old and I’ve been stuck with it ever since. When I sat down and decided to write a novel (no really I literally sat down and said, I want to write a book and I did. Sometimes was the first novel I ever wrote) it just seemed natural to go with M/M for the first time around.
Did you do any research for your novel? *wink wink*
LOL!!! Well yes and no.
First and foremost I did a lot of research into creating believable police characters. I credit my best friend HD Logan, who is a 911 dispatcher. She was able to whip my book into correct police procedure, despite my whining about how I wanted certain things to happen. I also spent time studying police manuals and just talking with a lot of Police/EMS personal. A lot of the mini-stories you find in the book (police encounters etc) and fictionalized stories that I’ve heard over the years.
As for the “fun” stuff *G* I have a number of gay friends so I pestered them *a lot* for details and mechanics on certain things. Since I’ve been writing M/M for so long I don’t always have to ask anymore. The basics between a guy and a girl having sex and a guy and a guy having sex are pretty much the same. And hey when you’re really stuck there are always places you can go and check out for some uhhhh visual research.
How emotional is this book? Am I going to be sobbing?
This book has its sad/ heartbreaking parts for sure. It’s not a sob into your tea all morning though. It’s a feel deeply for the characters that are getting torn apart because of bad choices and circumstances beyond their control. I’m also really careful to put humour in my book. I think a book that can make experiences all gambit of emotions is always a better book than one that just makes you cry.
On a scale from 1 – 10, how would you describe the sex and sensuality of your book.  
From one being they kiss to ten being all out BDSM heavy sex I’d say it’s about a 7.5. There is sex (lots of it actually). Multiple partners, anal sex, toys, and yes Its descriptive. There are also consequences to sex and things that as readers (and as humans) we don’t always want to think about. Pushing some of those issues to the forefront makes you think and in turn I believe makes it a better novel.
So who is your favorite erotica/erotic romance author? Why?
I don’t really have one. Bad me I know. My two favourite authors are Kathy Reichs and Diana Gabladon neither are even really romance writers.
What are some of your favorite erotica/erotic romance series/books?
I do have a couple. Andrew Grey is very good. I’m in-love with some of his series especially his “Love Means” series. I also really Enjoy John Simpson and his “Condor” series.
If you had to go on a date for ONE NIGHT with a book character-  what would you do? Details please! *wink*
Well it would totally depend on the character. Jason is my favourite by far. He is 100% firmly gay though so we’d probably go to dinner then end up cuddling on the couch and watching our favourite TV shows while he rubbed my feet. Boring? Yes thanks for asking but brilliant. (Actually my best friend is gay this is pretty much how we spend our nights alone together when he is kidfree and partnerless, which doesn’t happen often-LOL)
David on the other hand is firmly bisexual. David enjoys men and women equally, he just happened to fall in-love with a guy. It would have to be before him and Jason got together, but we would go out to dinner and then probably end up at a hockey game where he would be impressed by my huge amount of useless hockey knowledge. After the game we would walk back to my place (Which was 2 block from the hockey rink and parking is a nightmare there on game nights) [side note, in the book Jason lives in the same apartment I did when I was at university, with a few upgrades] and I’d invite David upstairs. (But only if it wasn’t a first date… because you know. Can’t sleep with a guy on the first date.)
David is a complete control freak and in bed is no different. I write him like that mostly because I think I’m attracted to it. He’s strong willed, and not afraid to take what he wants.  He can be aggressive in going after what he wants, but at the same time he is very gentle and caring. He also has moments where he’s unsure and vulnerable which I think makes him a well rounded character. He also happens to be *very* well endowed and uncut, which in my opinion is bloody hot!  He’s also very good in bed-- he has three children to prove it.
 So – back to your work! Is Sometimes It’s Fate part of a series? Will we ever get to see Jason or David again?
I hope so! I have a second book featuring them and two more characters Ash and Matthew written and subbed to my publisher. “Boots on the Ground” is basically a backwards novel in that the climax is the first chapter and the story is told through a series of flashbacks. What would be the ending is actually the climax and then I break everyone’s hearts with the last few chapters (sorry). I guess the best way to ensure you can meet Jason and David again is to buy “Sometimes”
What is next for you?
I’ve finished a third novel “Duty, Honour, Love” which is being subbed (and rejected! Lol) right now. It’s set in Toronto and features a telepathic cop. I’m also working on a main stream novel “Princess by Surprise” and an extreme M/M BDSM novel featuring the kink “Fisting” so yeah basically I’m busy as a bee and going crazy trying to get all of my novels written. Not to mention working on getting into a Masters program O.o!

So thanks to Carrie Ann for hosting me!  Hope you all pop back for the next time she has me! And Jason and David are tagging along with me J!

OH MY!! What a Naughty Excerpt!
“I have no idea what’s going on in my head Jason,” David said as he pulled away nibbling on Jason’s bottom lip. “I’m not gay but this just feels good, it feels right, and I want it.”
Jason dived into the kiss this time, pressing into and against David. He didn’t protest when Jason undid the zipper and slid a hand inside his pants, stroking him. David moaned and asked for more. “We need to move this to the bedroom,” Jason told him.
David nodded, unwilling to let go of the younger man, and he pulled him down the short hall way into the master bedroom. David shut the door and locked it, preventing any interruptions.
Jason immediately started removing David’s clothing. He quickly undid the buttons on David’s dress shirt, and resisted the urge to just rip them off. David’s fingers fumbled with the tie of Jason’s pyjama pants. Jason’s hand closed on David’s. “Relax,” he told him. “We have all night.”
David nodded and swallowed. “I just—I need you,” he said.
Jason chuckled and kissed David again. It was a slow leisurely kiss, one that stopped their frantic pace. Jason poured everything he had into the kiss, every feeling, every thought, every wish for that moment. He never wanted it to end.
David drank it all in, emotions running wild. He was going to do it. He was really going to have sex with Jason. Have sex with another guy.  He felt his heart race as Jason pull his shirt off. His pants were already undone; they just got pushed down and he kicked them aside. He suddenly felt exposed standing in his boxer briefs while Jason was fully clothed.
Jason stepped back and grinned. “Want me to get out of these?” he asked tugging at his shirt. David nodded and watched as Jason seductively removed his long sleeve shirt and tossed it aside. As if moving to unheard music Jason danced himself out of his pants and socks. Both men wore identical boxer briefs and hard-ons.
David drank in Jason. His short sandy blonde hair, his bright green eyes, chiselled jaw with barely a hint of whiskers. His perfect chest with just a dusting of hair that led lower, growing darker as it moved over his perfect six pack and disappeared into the band of his boxers where he was sporting a very healthy bulge.
Jason took time to do the same, noting David’s light brown hair, and eyes that were so blue they were almost grey. His nose was crooked, but his fine cheek bones and delicate jaw showed his softer side. He clearly hadn’t shaved since the morning and he had a five o’clock shadow. His chest was well defined and covered with dark hair, not so much that he was hairy but enough to look manly and make Jason’s mouth water. His abs weren't as well defined as Jason’s, but enough to know that David was in good shape. The hair on his stomach was sparse, just enough of a trail starting where the waist band covered.  His underwear hinted at David’s size. Jason knew he was well hung; he was excited to find out just how well.
Jason pulled David onto the bed. They settled on the comforter, lying on their sides as they kissed. Their hands roamed and explored each other. Jason squeezed David through his boxer briefs. “Can I get rid of these?”
David nodded then shook his head. “You first. I want to see you.” 
Jason slid off of the bed. Standing next to it he proceeded to remove his underwear. In the process he wiggled his hips and shook his body.
David’s mouth was dry once the fabric was pulled away revealing cut eight, almost nine inches of pure male glory.  
Jason grinned, and climbed back onto the bed.
David reached out to touch him then pulled back.
“It's okay,” Jason said, his voice dropping lower with need. “Touch me. It doesn’t bite.”
David reached his hand out and Jason guided him to his dick. He stroked the younger man. It felt different than his own—heavier, silkier. His hand bumped against the head and Jason moaned so he did it again eliciting the same response.  He touched and petted like someone who had found a new toy. His fingers brushed against Jason’s sack and Jason buried his face in the pillow and let out a low, loud growl.
David realised that this was one of Jason’s sweet spots. He rolled the heavy sack in his hands. Jason squirmed beneath him. He grinned, tugging lightly, just enough for Jason to raise his hips off the bed begging for more, anything. David was totally enraptured with his ability to make his partner turn into putty in his hands. His fingers stroked over his head capturing the liquid that was leaking from the tip making it easier to work him over.
Eventually Jason caught his wrist. “Not yet,” he gasped. “Don’t want to come yet.”
David stopped disappointed. Jason pulled David’s hand to his mouth. His tongue darted out tasting himself on David’s fingers. He groaned and proceeded to lick and suck every digit making sure that none of his essence was left.
David whimpered. He couldn’t help but think what that talented tongue and mouth might do to his dick. Jason rolled over pinning David to the bed. He liked the feeling of Jason on top of him. They kissed. David tasted Jason’s essence on himself and he groaned. It was slightly salty but it wasn’t an offensive taste. He enjoyed it and drank it in. Jason ground his hips against David’s.
“Please,” David begged as Jason moved down his body.
He was almost lying between David’s legs when he asked, “Alright?”
David nodded and Jason quickly removed the garment and gasped. David was huge almost twice as thick as Jason. He was uncut, and had to be over ten inches. It had to be the biggest cock he had ever seen. 
“God,” Jason told David pulling himself onto his hands and knees. “You are huge.”
David shifted, uncomfortable. “Sorry I should have said something—” he started but stopped as Jason’s mouth dropped onto his cock. Jason swallowed around the older man and managed to take the majority of him into his mouth—something no other lover had done before.
David dropped against the pillows. He groaned so loudly that Jason stopped. “You need to keep the noise down to a dull roar,” Jason reminded him.  Granted the kids were asleep but too much noise would wake them up.
“Sorry,” David said grinning. “You are just amazing with your mouth. Are you sure I’m not too big?”
“I know, and hell no you’re beautiful.” Jason smirked before going down on him again. He licked and sucked, teasing David’s foreskin. David all but held a pillow over his face to stifle his groans. Jason pulled up pressing a kiss to the tip of David’s cock before sliding up his body, he propped himself up on his elbows and carefully regarded the older man. “You alright?” he asked.
“Fuck yes,” David told him. “That is the best head I’ve ever had.”
Jason shifted so that his dick pressed against David’s. They both let out a healthy moan. Jason wiggled a little more and David thrust his hips upwards and that’s all it took for them to start grinding together. Their mouths met as they gyrated their pelvises together. It was Jason who whimpered first driving his hips down harder to meet David’s. David loved watching Jason, especially when he threw his head back, his face awash with ecstasy. Watching his partner’s orgasm pushed him over the edge and David bucked beneath Jason as he added his essence to Jason’s.

Sometimes Its Fate is now on sale in ebook from many third party ebook sellers as well as Phaze books!

Amazon link

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A Review of Angela Stone's Sometimes its Fate

     I am floored. I absolutely loved this novel. This was a story about real people facing real everyday life and situations. Yea I am a reader who sometimes needs the explosions and paranormal revelations to get into a novel – but not this one. Here Angela’s boys, Jason and David, were strong enough to catch me at the Author’s Note and keep me hanging on until then end.
     The character development was so intense that I felt as if I knew these guys in and out. They were human. They made mistakes. Big ones. But then they put on their big boy underwear and learned from them and moved on.
     Jason and David’s relationship gracefully evolved into something sweet and sexy. I loved them as individuals but loved them even more together. Their problems and divergences in their paths were overcome by the fact that they were strong characters. I wish other books had this type of character development. The side characters and children were real people with real reactions and issues. I loved that. The main issue that arose was dealt with dignity and grace not only by the author, but the characters themselves.
     This is an erotic novel, so yes there were sex scenes. But I didn’t feel as though they came, no pun intended, out of nowhere just to be there. It flowed nicely and if there was sex it was where it needed to be. Don’t get me wrong – the sex was hot! And yes it was m/m and since I am not involved in that type of relationship I did learn a lot from this book. Angela clearly researched and knew what she was talking about when she wrote about their love, relationship and day to day efforts in a place I was unfamiliar with at first. Bravo
     I truly loved this debut novel that is the first in a series of three. I am on pins and needles to see what happens in book 2 and 3! There was a plot point that was brought up and never fully addressed as I think it foreshadowed what was to come. I am eagerly waiting to see if I am right!
Great Job Angela! 

You can find Sometimes its Fate at most ebook distributors like:

Highly recommended for lovers of m/m romance and characters that tug on your heart. 


YEA!!!!!!!!!!! My dear friend Angela S. Stone's debut release, Sometimes its Fate is finally released from Phaze books!

I am picking up a copy right now and I hope you do the same! I am just so happy for her! And don't worry, if you still want to know more about her and her work she will be here on Friday to answer some questions. And then next month her boys, Jason and David, will be here to talk to us! Congrats hon!

Jason McCarthy is gay. He’s also a police officer living in a small-minded northern New Brunswick town where being gay could spell the end of his career. When an impending snowstorm threatens to strand his best friend and policing partner, David, Jason offers up his spare room for the night- a move that reveals Jason’s secret, and changes their friendship and lives forever.
David Richard isn’t gay- at least he doesn’t think he is. He knows he loves his best friend, and he admits to feelings that had started after a tragic accident almost a year before. When David acts on these feelings, it doesn’t go well, leaving both men alone and hurt. Jason, however, doesn’t think twice about stepping in and rescuing David’s children when their mother abandons them. The move brings David and Jason back together, but Jason’s past rears its ugly head and they both have to make difficult decisions that are sometimes best left up to fate.

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The Paranormal G-Spot

Hi Everyone!

A friend of mine and fellow author, Leia Shaw, just started a new blog to promote her work and just have a good time. Click the image to check it out!

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I am still here

Hi Y'all!

Sorry I have been off the grid. I have been training 31 new TAs this week and ARG! They are stressing me to the brink and I have spent more time cleaning up their screw ups than doing anything else. I have not written a WORD since Sunday. I miss it.

Also, some of you know I have MS. Well the stress of the TAs and a bad review made my lovely seizures come back. Whoot.

On top of all that my hubby is at a conference for three weeks and I miss him. BUT I will be back to writing soon. AND coming up every Tuesday and Friday and some Mondays will be a guest blogger. There will be interviews, character goodness, contests, and some *ahem* interesting topics!

I hope to see you there! If you would like to join in the fun and be a guest blogger here send me an email!

I am off to go clean up after the TAs again before maybe sitting down for some reading. One of the authors who will be here next month recommended Tina Folsom's Scanguard Vampire Series and I am about to start!

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Denise Tompkins Talks Legacy and Writing

Hello Everyone!
Through the wonders of social networking I was able to meet the lovely Denise J. Tompkins to discuss her debut novel Legacy and what it took for her to take the giant leap into becoming a published author!

You are about to become a published author for the first time  - how do you feel?
            Remarkably nervous. There’s this overwhelming sense of trepidation—this knowledge that you loved this story, believed in this story, and now will be asking others to fall in love with characters who are so important to you as a writer. This is tempered with the knowledge that there will be people for whom the story is a DNF (Did Not Finish) or worse. So to say I’m nervous probably covers it all. J
            I’m also bouncing-off-the-wall excited. I have wanted this since I was a four-year-old child. When everyone else wanted to be a fireman or a ballerina, I always wanted to be an author. It’s literally a life-long dream realized.

What made you decide to try to get your writing published?
            I had a series of things go wrong in 2007, including losing my job. I was at home, physically unable to return to work, and I felt like life as I knew it was over. This went on for about two years before my husband handed me a new laptop and said, “Write. It used to make you happy.” I avoided the laptop for a few days until the idea for Legacy literally pushed me out of bed one night and forced me to begin writing. I ripped through the first draft, re-read it and thought, “This is pretty good.”
            The child’s voice, the one who hadn’t given up hope when the adult in me had, spoke up. She said, “Here’s your chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do. How many people have you known who walked away from opportunity? Don’t be one of them.” So I began researching writers’ groups, organizations, seminars, retreats, agents and publishers. It took off from there and I began submitting my work with very strong, very positive results. I’m glad I listened to the kid in me.

Your first book, Legacy, comes out October 18th, what is it about?
            Legacy is about Madeleine (Maddy) Niteclif, a woman at her wits end. She’s having nightmares she doesn’t understand, feels a sense of connection to places she’s never been and, above all, feels the need to get to the British Isles as quickly as possible.
            The story is really her personal evolution, from a quiet, mild-mannered individual with no history to a woman with a history—and an inherited responsibility—so expansive she never could have dreamt it up had she tried.
            It’s about strength, love, obligation, choices, adventure and, as you’ll come to find out as the series progresses, saving mankind from a paranormal world that would take its place as the dominant faction on the planet given half a chance. Maddy’s going to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What do you mean it is an urban fantacy with very strong paranormal romance elements?
            Urban fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy. The stories are generally set in an urban setting and supernatural elements are typically involved. While the time period can, technically, be any period, the most readily accepted period is present day.
            With Legacy, the story is set in contemporary London and involves global mythologies. There is a vague prophecy to be fulfilled, and it involves love and commitment and choices for the heroine. While she’s human, her love interests are not. I like to combine the best of urban fantasy with paranormal romance. It can sometimes make it a bit of a difficult thing to “shelve” my books, meaning it’s hard to know precisely where they are categorized both online and in bookstores. My editor felt that urban fantasy was the best genre classification, so I ran with it.

On a scale from 1-10 – how hot is this book?
            Yikes! Okay, I’ll give this a try. On my scale, ‘1’ would be something like “Love Comes Softly.” Hallmark made it into a movie. A ‘10’ would be something I haven’t read yet. An ‘8’ would be Denise Rossetti’s “Gift of the Goddess,” and that makes Legacy about a ‘6’ in my mind.
            There’s definitely sex, and the hero isn’t bashful about it. But it’s also not gratuitous. Is it graphic? Well, probably…yes. But it wasn’t so graphic that it had to be classified erotic romance.

 Is this book a series? What is next?
            Legacy is the first book in The Niteclif Evolutions. The characters all carry forward, the world stays the same, etc. Each book has a primary and secondary plot. The primary is generally a mystery of some type; the secondary has to do with the choices Maddy Niteclif has to make.      
            The next book in the series is Wrath and Samhain will release it digitally in April 2012 and in print in approximately January 2013.
            The third book in the series is named Vengeance and Samhain will release it digitally in November 2012 and in print in approximately August 2013.

What made you decide to write Legacy?
            When my husband bought me the laptop, I involuntarily began rolling ideas around in my head. I’d ask myself questions like, “If you were to write a book, what would it be about?” and “If you ended up selling in Barnes & Noble, where would you want to find your novel?” It was like my muse was toying with me, getting me ready to write.
            The night I began to write, I literally had all of my ideas coalesce and I rolled out of bed, snatched up the computer and went to the spare bedroom. I wrote for a couple of hours that night. I hammered out the first two chapters and making a rough set of notes regarding the rest of book one and the beginning of book two.
            Really it wasn’t so much a choice as it was a necessity. I needed to write. I needed to give my brain something to do to keep it active. I needed to see if I could write an entire novel. And above all, I’d unwittingly fallen in love with characters whose stories needed to be told.

Any advice for others out there who want to write?
            We’ve all heard about “Ass Time.” People tell you to sit your ass in the chair and write. I think this is the very best advice a new writer can ever get. Legacy is my first full-length novel, and it amazes me to see how my writing skills have grown over the last year. The biggest reason they’ve improved is because I make a commitment to write every day, seven days a week. It doesn’t have to be much, but it has to be something.
            You always hear how difficult it is to break in to writing. I encourage you to commit to your craft and prove them wrong. Show the naysayers exactly what you’re capable of by carving out writing time, going to conferences, finding local writers’ groups and pairing with a critique partner who’s better than you. Then write.

Thank you so much Denise for stopping by! Did Denise answer all of your questions? If not or if she piqued your interest leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!

Denise will be back hanging out with me a few more times in the next two months. Be sure to stop by again to meet her characters and talk to her again! 

Purchase Legacy at , , , , and many other online retailers on October 18, 2011. (Samhain offers 30% off new releases for their first 30 days on the market.)

Legacy is released October 18th, 2011. But before then Denise will be back to chat with us about her characters and other juicy details! Be sure to stop by!

When Fate makes you her bitch, accept it and adapt. Or die.
 Looking back on the wish she made on Midsummer’s Eve, Maddy Niteclif should have been more specific. She only wanted to escape the shadowy nightmares that plagued her nights, not to be thrust into a completely altered reality.
 If a strangely familiar, sexy dragon-shifter named Bahlin, who causes a never-to-be-mentioned-again fainting spell, isn’t enough to make her question her sanity, his insistence she’s the Niteclif ought to do the job. Prophesied super-sleuth of the supernatural world—a world that desperately needs her help—isn’t a job she’s remotely qualified for no matterwhat her family tree says.
 Catapulted into a very different London ruled by dark mythology, mystery and murder, Maddy makes a few startling discoveries. Paranormal creatures exist. Getting shot really sucks. And her body responds remarkably well to dragon magic—in more ways than simple wound healing.
 But in this kill-or-be-killed world, reality bites. And Maddy must choose to go back to what she knows…or stay and fight for the man she knows she can’t live without.
 Warning:  This book contains a shape-shifting dragon with a Scottish accent, modern and archaic weapons, global inter-species politics that make democracy seem mild, some very steamy sex underground, a severed head, murder, and…oh yeah…a woman caught in the middle of it all.

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I'm over at Jessica Subject's Blog Today!

Hi Y'all!

I am talking about The Unobservant Reader over at Mark of the Stars with Jessica Subject! Check it out and leave a comment or question if you want to say hi! You know we love it!

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Flesh and Feathers by April Fiefer and Danielle Hylton

Have I ever mentioned how much I love recommendations from other authors? Rebecca Royce introduced me to these lovely ladies and I thank her soooo much! As always, this is just what I think about Flesh and Feathers - this by no means that I actually have anything enlightening to say. You are welcome to hate my words and disagree but I really did like this book and I thought I would share.

After reading so many books it is truly refreshing to read something new and completely unique. Though I have read many “Angel” books I still found this one truly different and enlightening. The characterization was so beautifully written that I felt exactly what Az felt – confusion, wonder and love. The descriptions and imagery was absolutely breathtaking. Gabe and Kale were to me only highlighted briefly and the mystery surrounding them and the choices Az must make concerning them only made the novel better. The foreshadowing for the decisions she must make were well written and securely placed these authors on my absolutely must read. I cannot wait for the second book and I tip my hat off to those lovely ladies on their first novel.
I recommend this book to readers who want a bit of fantasy and romance and who love Rebecca Royce. 

Also, coming up in September, October and November, the authors - April and Danielle will be stopping by with their characters.

Too Much and A Call to the Police

Hi Everyone!

This week is officially the week from hell. This is the last week of the summer semester for my three courses. So I have reviews, office hours, crying students, finals and a police call.

A police call you say? Well I cannot go into it too much. But I had a very quiet and very nice little student break into the office and try to find a key. She literally crawled on the floor under the desk in search of it. Through luck an office aide happened to need to go to her desk at 9 pm that night to pick up something for her son that she had left on her desk.  Needless to say there was surprise all around. Now this cute little student/burglar is facing criminal and academic charges. And since she was my kid I have to deal with it.

Needless to say I don't have the time.

This is also the first week of training for the new graduate students that will be my TAs. I need to train all of them and teach them how to teach. They also need to know the guidelines, all of the computer work and frankly I need to be sure they know Chemistry. They have two weeks to do a 15 week course and be prepared to teach it. I am doing all of the background work and micromanaging the hell out of it b/c frankly they don't have the time and I don't think they can do it all without help.


Oh and I am doing guest blogs, reviews, and working on my WIP. But that part I love. This is my therapy. Thank you to all who have guest blogged with me. I love you.

Oh and I think I am getting sick.

No time.

Why am I writing a blog rather than working? Because I have done all I can for Chemistry. I need to vent before I read but my hubby is also a graduate student and is working 14 hour days at the moment for a conference. I guess I just needed to vent for you.

Thank you.

Oh and I love comments and eat them like chocolate. Just saying.

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Six Sentence Sunday - #5

Last week we met Willow when her life was set on a purpose - now we will see her when that purpose and that path shatters. From my WIP A Taste for a Mate:

Her eye was already black and blue but oddly enough the swelling seemed to have gone down. There were cuts and scrapes along her cheek and hairline but the blood had been washed away by Jasper the night before. Lowering the neck of Jasper’s shirt she saw bruising around her throat in the shape of the collar that had been placed around her neck and the impression of Jasper's bite that had saved her. Lifting the hem she could see the stark contrast between the heavy and dark purple bruising and the paleness of her skin. Struggling and panting after taking a deep breath she knew her ribs were damaged but not beyond repair. The image in the mirror was not that of the baker and loner she had been the day before, but the survivor who was now eternally bound to her mate – Jasper.

Next week we will see just a glimpse of how she got to this point. Thank you so much for coming by again! Any comments and feedback are welcome.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome Guest Blogger Misa Buckley!

Hi Everyone!

I would like to welcome the lovely Misa Buckly to my blog. Today we decided to sit down for a quick Q&A to discuss her debut release, IronHaven. Join me in welcoming her!

Congrats on your first release, Ironhaven.  How does it feel?
Thank you! I’m in a bit of a haze, really. I only started and subbed it six months ago and now I’m a proper author! It’s all rather strange.

How would you describe Ironhaven?
Very basically, as an apocalyptic romance. To take that deeper, it’s a story about redemption and forgiveness… and the never-failing power of love.

I hear you are science fiction lover; did that inspire your work in Ironhaven?
In its original format, yes; it was set on an alien planet. However the submission call I rewrote it for wanted Earth-based stories, so I changed location. There are still some sci fi elements left, though.
I hope in the future you get to enlighten us with those types of stories!

Lucian and Genevieve are exes – do you believe in real life there are second chances?
I believe they exist for those that look for them, that want them and change themselves to make it happen.

I am a huge fan of romance, if you could rate this book in its hotness from 1-10 what would it be.
With 10 being erotica, Ironhaven rates a 4 or 5 – there is a sex scene, and I don’t fade to black!
Yes - us here do enjoy reading about what happens when you DON’’T fade to black! J

What are your favorite types of romance novels? Why?
I love all romance, but I do prefer adult ones. That is, with the sex scenes firmly in place. Sweet sex over very explicit, but I do like my sex. LOL.
Who doesn’t?

Who are your favorite romance authors?
Lori Witt, who writes het under Lauren Gallagher and M/M as LA Witt (and I read both genres)
She is new to me – I will have to check her out!

Back to your work – is this going to be part of a series or is it a stand alone?
This one is a stand-alone, but I do have a series in the works.

What is next for you?
I’m writing an erotic Steampunk romance that’s due out in the new year, a paranormal Western that I’m planning on self-pubbing and continuing with my serialised novella, Paradigm Shift. No rest for the wicked!

Thank you so much Misa for stopping by today! I do hope we get to see you again soon here on the blog and around the tour.

Please leave a comment here if you would like to know more about Misa or any of her work!


The Earth is dying, and Lucian Hoyt is going to die with it thanks to his parents cancelling his pass aboard the last shuttle off the planet. There is hope, though – a brilliant inventor has come up with a plan to build a ship to evacuate those who’ve been left behind.

That inventor turns out to be Genevieve Scott, Lucian’s bitter ex-fiancĂ©e. If they’re going to work together to get off this planet, they need to put their past aside, but even melting the ice between them can’t erase all the scars.

You can Purchase Ironhaven here:

The run-down laboratory on Fifth Avenue didn’t so much sit next to the building beside it as lean against it for support.

Lucian stared at the corrugated iron roof and the boarded-up windows in some disgust. He’d not expected this when Drew had explained about the female inventor who, with the government gone and her usual work dried up, now repaired heaters in between designing a starship that ran on alternative fuels. He couldn’t imagine how she did anything in the hovel in front of him.

I wouldn’t house a dog in such a place. He walked over to the ill-fitting door. His knock echoed hollowly. He waited…and waited.

Did he have the right address, or was the woman just was not awake? It was early morning, but not so much that anyone should still be in bed. At least, not in his opinion, but he supposed the inventor might have a different one. He knocked again with as little result. He sighed and glanced around. A passing couple spared him a quick look but didn’t say anything. Still he felt oddly conspicuous, as if he was doing something he shouldn’t be.

He tried the handle. It turned easily. Okay, then. Pulling it open, and wincing at the screech of the hinges, Lucian poked his head through the gap. “Hello? Is anyone home?”

A faint shout came from somewhere within the tangle of machinery and littered benches. Taking it as an invitation, Lucian stepped in out of the cold and wandered around the laboratory. Most of the benches groaned under the weight of a variety of heaters, all in various stages of assembly or disassembly—Lucian wasn’t sure which—but there was one given over to an intricate, clockwork-driven device that he could not make head nor tail of. He picked up a roll of paper and unwound it to find a blueprint. That made no sense either.

He shook his head: he’d been to university and had education in every science and theory going, but the level of intelligence indicated by the blueprint was still far beyond him.

Putting the roll down, he called again. “Hello?”

“One moment.”

Her voice was husky; mid-range feminine with a hint of smoke. It also carried a note that Lucian thought he recognised yet couldn’t quite place. A shadow shifted on the opposite wall, shortening as she came into the laboratory, nose buried in a thick book.

She wore leather trousers spotted with burn marks and grease, and a tightly-fitted blouse under a heavy apron. Her hair was swept up and gathered into a loose bun atop of her head, and the hands that held the book wore gauntlets. She looked up and her mouth dropped open, her eyes widening in shocked recognition.

“Lucian?” she said in barely more than a whisper.

He could only stare. It had been so very long since he’d last seen this woman. Long enough that it had taken seeing her face to identify her fully. Five years too long.

Author Bio:

Misa Buckley is a sci fi geek who escapes the crazy of raising five children by creating imaginary worlds. She loves character-driven stories that have romance, adventure and really hot sex.

When she's not writing, you'll find her watching Stargate SG1 and lusting over Ba'al. She has a thing for bad boys in black leather.