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Angela Stone Gushes about her Boys as I Gush about her Debut!

Through the wonderful world of Twitter I met this amazing woman named Angela Stone. I am so happy that I did because now I get to read her debut novel Sometimes Its Fate. I know y'all aren't here to talk to me so here she is!

Hi Angela! Thank you for coming!
Hello thank you for having me! I am so happy to be here. 
So your debut novel, Sometimes It’s Fate, arrived August 22nd!!!! I am so excited for you – but how do you feel?
Nervous, a bit scared and slightly terrified that no one will buy my book. Also very excited I started writing Sometimes in November/December of 2009 so it’s been a long-haul to get here.
What is Sometimes It’s Fate about?
It’s about finding meaning in the face of tragedy that at first seems insurmountable. It’s about facing your own personal demons, and more importantly believing that fate plays a role in everything.
So a m/m romance? What made you decide to write about that?
I’ve always written M/M romance. I got into the genre when I was 14 years old and I’ve been stuck with it ever since. When I sat down and decided to write a novel (no really I literally sat down and said, I want to write a book and I did. Sometimes was the first novel I ever wrote) it just seemed natural to go with M/M for the first time around.
Did you do any research for your novel? *wink wink*
LOL!!! Well yes and no.
First and foremost I did a lot of research into creating believable police characters. I credit my best friend HD Logan, who is a 911 dispatcher. She was able to whip my book into correct police procedure, despite my whining about how I wanted certain things to happen. I also spent time studying police manuals and just talking with a lot of Police/EMS personal. A lot of the mini-stories you find in the book (police encounters etc) and fictionalized stories that I’ve heard over the years.
As for the “fun” stuff *G* I have a number of gay friends so I pestered them *a lot* for details and mechanics on certain things. Since I’ve been writing M/M for so long I don’t always have to ask anymore. The basics between a guy and a girl having sex and a guy and a guy having sex are pretty much the same. And hey when you’re really stuck there are always places you can go and check out for some uhhhh visual research.
How emotional is this book? Am I going to be sobbing?
This book has its sad/ heartbreaking parts for sure. It’s not a sob into your tea all morning though. It’s a feel deeply for the characters that are getting torn apart because of bad choices and circumstances beyond their control. I’m also really careful to put humour in my book. I think a book that can make experiences all gambit of emotions is always a better book than one that just makes you cry.
On a scale from 1 – 10, how would you describe the sex and sensuality of your book.  
From one being they kiss to ten being all out BDSM heavy sex I’d say it’s about a 7.5. There is sex (lots of it actually). Multiple partners, anal sex, toys, and yes Its descriptive. There are also consequences to sex and things that as readers (and as humans) we don’t always want to think about. Pushing some of those issues to the forefront makes you think and in turn I believe makes it a better novel.
So who is your favorite erotica/erotic romance author? Why?
I don’t really have one. Bad me I know. My two favourite authors are Kathy Reichs and Diana Gabladon neither are even really romance writers.
What are some of your favorite erotica/erotic romance series/books?
I do have a couple. Andrew Grey is very good. I’m in-love with some of his series especially his “Love Means” series. I also really Enjoy John Simpson and his “Condor” series.
If you had to go on a date for ONE NIGHT with a book character-  what would you do? Details please! *wink*
Well it would totally depend on the character. Jason is my favourite by far. He is 100% firmly gay though so we’d probably go to dinner then end up cuddling on the couch and watching our favourite TV shows while he rubbed my feet. Boring? Yes thanks for asking but brilliant. (Actually my best friend is gay this is pretty much how we spend our nights alone together when he is kidfree and partnerless, which doesn’t happen often-LOL)
David on the other hand is firmly bisexual. David enjoys men and women equally, he just happened to fall in-love with a guy. It would have to be before him and Jason got together, but we would go out to dinner and then probably end up at a hockey game where he would be impressed by my huge amount of useless hockey knowledge. After the game we would walk back to my place (Which was 2 block from the hockey rink and parking is a nightmare there on game nights) [side note, in the book Jason lives in the same apartment I did when I was at university, with a few upgrades] and I’d invite David upstairs. (But only if it wasn’t a first date… because you know. Can’t sleep with a guy on the first date.)
David is a complete control freak and in bed is no different. I write him like that mostly because I think I’m attracted to it. He’s strong willed, and not afraid to take what he wants.  He can be aggressive in going after what he wants, but at the same time he is very gentle and caring. He also has moments where he’s unsure and vulnerable which I think makes him a well rounded character. He also happens to be *very* well endowed and uncut, which in my opinion is bloody hot!  He’s also very good in bed-- he has three children to prove it.
 So – back to your work! Is Sometimes It’s Fate part of a series? Will we ever get to see Jason or David again?
I hope so! I have a second book featuring them and two more characters Ash and Matthew written and subbed to my publisher. “Boots on the Ground” is basically a backwards novel in that the climax is the first chapter and the story is told through a series of flashbacks. What would be the ending is actually the climax and then I break everyone’s hearts with the last few chapters (sorry). I guess the best way to ensure you can meet Jason and David again is to buy “Sometimes”
What is next for you?
I’ve finished a third novel “Duty, Honour, Love” which is being subbed (and rejected! Lol) right now. It’s set in Toronto and features a telepathic cop. I’m also working on a main stream novel “Princess by Surprise” and an extreme M/M BDSM novel featuring the kink “Fisting” so yeah basically I’m busy as a bee and going crazy trying to get all of my novels written. Not to mention working on getting into a Masters program O.o!

So thanks to Carrie Ann for hosting me!  Hope you all pop back for the next time she has me! And Jason and David are tagging along with me J!

OH MY!! What a Naughty Excerpt!
“I have no idea what’s going on in my head Jason,” David said as he pulled away nibbling on Jason’s bottom lip. “I’m not gay but this just feels good, it feels right, and I want it.”
Jason dived into the kiss this time, pressing into and against David. He didn’t protest when Jason undid the zipper and slid a hand inside his pants, stroking him. David moaned and asked for more. “We need to move this to the bedroom,” Jason told him.
David nodded, unwilling to let go of the younger man, and he pulled him down the short hall way into the master bedroom. David shut the door and locked it, preventing any interruptions.
Jason immediately started removing David’s clothing. He quickly undid the buttons on David’s dress shirt, and resisted the urge to just rip them off. David’s fingers fumbled with the tie of Jason’s pyjama pants. Jason’s hand closed on David’s. “Relax,” he told him. “We have all night.”
David nodded and swallowed. “I just—I need you,” he said.
Jason chuckled and kissed David again. It was a slow leisurely kiss, one that stopped their frantic pace. Jason poured everything he had into the kiss, every feeling, every thought, every wish for that moment. He never wanted it to end.
David drank it all in, emotions running wild. He was going to do it. He was really going to have sex with Jason. Have sex with another guy.  He felt his heart race as Jason pull his shirt off. His pants were already undone; they just got pushed down and he kicked them aside. He suddenly felt exposed standing in his boxer briefs while Jason was fully clothed.
Jason stepped back and grinned. “Want me to get out of these?” he asked tugging at his shirt. David nodded and watched as Jason seductively removed his long sleeve shirt and tossed it aside. As if moving to unheard music Jason danced himself out of his pants and socks. Both men wore identical boxer briefs and hard-ons.
David drank in Jason. His short sandy blonde hair, his bright green eyes, chiselled jaw with barely a hint of whiskers. His perfect chest with just a dusting of hair that led lower, growing darker as it moved over his perfect six pack and disappeared into the band of his boxers where he was sporting a very healthy bulge.
Jason took time to do the same, noting David’s light brown hair, and eyes that were so blue they were almost grey. His nose was crooked, but his fine cheek bones and delicate jaw showed his softer side. He clearly hadn’t shaved since the morning and he had a five o’clock shadow. His chest was well defined and covered with dark hair, not so much that he was hairy but enough to look manly and make Jason’s mouth water. His abs weren't as well defined as Jason’s, but enough to know that David was in good shape. The hair on his stomach was sparse, just enough of a trail starting where the waist band covered.  His underwear hinted at David’s size. Jason knew he was well hung; he was excited to find out just how well.
Jason pulled David onto the bed. They settled on the comforter, lying on their sides as they kissed. Their hands roamed and explored each other. Jason squeezed David through his boxer briefs. “Can I get rid of these?”
David nodded then shook his head. “You first. I want to see you.” 
Jason slid off of the bed. Standing next to it he proceeded to remove his underwear. In the process he wiggled his hips and shook his body.
David’s mouth was dry once the fabric was pulled away revealing cut eight, almost nine inches of pure male glory.  
Jason grinned, and climbed back onto the bed.
David reached out to touch him then pulled back.
“It's okay,” Jason said, his voice dropping lower with need. “Touch me. It doesn’t bite.”
David reached his hand out and Jason guided him to his dick. He stroked the younger man. It felt different than his own—heavier, silkier. His hand bumped against the head and Jason moaned so he did it again eliciting the same response.  He touched and petted like someone who had found a new toy. His fingers brushed against Jason’s sack and Jason buried his face in the pillow and let out a low, loud growl.
David realised that this was one of Jason’s sweet spots. He rolled the heavy sack in his hands. Jason squirmed beneath him. He grinned, tugging lightly, just enough for Jason to raise his hips off the bed begging for more, anything. David was totally enraptured with his ability to make his partner turn into putty in his hands. His fingers stroked over his head capturing the liquid that was leaking from the tip making it easier to work him over.
Eventually Jason caught his wrist. “Not yet,” he gasped. “Don’t want to come yet.”
David stopped disappointed. Jason pulled David’s hand to his mouth. His tongue darted out tasting himself on David’s fingers. He groaned and proceeded to lick and suck every digit making sure that none of his essence was left.
David whimpered. He couldn’t help but think what that talented tongue and mouth might do to his dick. Jason rolled over pinning David to the bed. He liked the feeling of Jason on top of him. They kissed. David tasted Jason’s essence on himself and he groaned. It was slightly salty but it wasn’t an offensive taste. He enjoyed it and drank it in. Jason ground his hips against David’s.
“Please,” David begged as Jason moved down his body.
He was almost lying between David’s legs when he asked, “Alright?”
David nodded and Jason quickly removed the garment and gasped. David was huge almost twice as thick as Jason. He was uncut, and had to be over ten inches. It had to be the biggest cock he had ever seen. 
“God,” Jason told David pulling himself onto his hands and knees. “You are huge.”
David shifted, uncomfortable. “Sorry I should have said something—” he started but stopped as Jason’s mouth dropped onto his cock. Jason swallowed around the older man and managed to take the majority of him into his mouth—something no other lover had done before.
David dropped against the pillows. He groaned so loudly that Jason stopped. “You need to keep the noise down to a dull roar,” Jason reminded him.  Granted the kids were asleep but too much noise would wake them up.
“Sorry,” David said grinning. “You are just amazing with your mouth. Are you sure I’m not too big?”
“I know, and hell no you’re beautiful.” Jason smirked before going down on him again. He licked and sucked, teasing David’s foreskin. David all but held a pillow over his face to stifle his groans. Jason pulled up pressing a kiss to the tip of David’s cock before sliding up his body, he propped himself up on his elbows and carefully regarded the older man. “You alright?” he asked.
“Fuck yes,” David told him. “That is the best head I’ve ever had.”
Jason shifted so that his dick pressed against David’s. They both let out a healthy moan. Jason wiggled a little more and David thrust his hips upwards and that’s all it took for them to start grinding together. Their mouths met as they gyrated their pelvises together. It was Jason who whimpered first driving his hips down harder to meet David’s. David loved watching Jason, especially when he threw his head back, his face awash with ecstasy. Watching his partner’s orgasm pushed him over the edge and David bucked beneath Jason as he added his essence to Jason’s.

Sometimes Its Fate is now on sale in ebook from many third party ebook sellers as well as Phaze books!

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