Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flesh and Feathers by April Fiefer and Danielle Hylton

Have I ever mentioned how much I love recommendations from other authors? Rebecca Royce introduced me to these lovely ladies and I thank her soooo much! As always, this is just what I think about Flesh and Feathers - this by no means that I actually have anything enlightening to say. You are welcome to hate my words and disagree but I really did like this book and I thought I would share.

After reading so many books it is truly refreshing to read something new and completely unique. Though I have read many “Angel” books I still found this one truly different and enlightening. The characterization was so beautifully written that I felt exactly what Az felt – confusion, wonder and love. The descriptions and imagery was absolutely breathtaking. Gabe and Kale were to me only highlighted briefly and the mystery surrounding them and the choices Az must make concerning them only made the novel better. The foreshadowing for the decisions she must make were well written and securely placed these authors on my absolutely must read. I cannot wait for the second book and I tip my hat off to those lovely ladies on their first novel.
I recommend this book to readers who want a bit of fantasy and romance and who love Rebecca Royce. 

Also, coming up in September, October and November, the authors - April and Danielle will be stopping by with their characters.

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