Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Review of Angela Stone's Sometimes its Fate

     I am floored. I absolutely loved this novel. This was a story about real people facing real everyday life and situations. Yea I am a reader who sometimes needs the explosions and paranormal revelations to get into a novel – but not this one. Here Angela’s boys, Jason and David, were strong enough to catch me at the Author’s Note and keep me hanging on until then end.
     The character development was so intense that I felt as if I knew these guys in and out. They were human. They made mistakes. Big ones. But then they put on their big boy underwear and learned from them and moved on.
     Jason and David’s relationship gracefully evolved into something sweet and sexy. I loved them as individuals but loved them even more together. Their problems and divergences in their paths were overcome by the fact that they were strong characters. I wish other books had this type of character development. The side characters and children were real people with real reactions and issues. I loved that. The main issue that arose was dealt with dignity and grace not only by the author, but the characters themselves.
     This is an erotic novel, so yes there were sex scenes. But I didn’t feel as though they came, no pun intended, out of nowhere just to be there. It flowed nicely and if there was sex it was where it needed to be. Don’t get me wrong – the sex was hot! And yes it was m/m and since I am not involved in that type of relationship I did learn a lot from this book. Angela clearly researched and knew what she was talking about when she wrote about their love, relationship and day to day efforts in a place I was unfamiliar with at first. Bravo
     I truly loved this debut novel that is the first in a series of three. I am on pins and needles to see what happens in book 2 and 3! There was a plot point that was brought up and never fully addressed as I think it foreshadowed what was to come. I am eagerly waiting to see if I am right!
Great Job Angela! 

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Highly recommended for lovers of m/m romance and characters that tug on your heart. 

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