Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Much and A Call to the Police

Hi Everyone!

This week is officially the week from hell. This is the last week of the summer semester for my three courses. So I have reviews, office hours, crying students, finals and a police call.

A police call you say? Well I cannot go into it too much. But I had a very quiet and very nice little student break into the office and try to find a key. She literally crawled on the floor under the desk in search of it. Through luck an office aide happened to need to go to her desk at 9 pm that night to pick up something for her son that she had left on her desk.  Needless to say there was surprise all around. Now this cute little student/burglar is facing criminal and academic charges. And since she was my kid I have to deal with it.

Needless to say I don't have the time.

This is also the first week of training for the new graduate students that will be my TAs. I need to train all of them and teach them how to teach. They also need to know the guidelines, all of the computer work and frankly I need to be sure they know Chemistry. They have two weeks to do a 15 week course and be prepared to teach it. I am doing all of the background work and micromanaging the hell out of it b/c frankly they don't have the time and I don't think they can do it all without help.


Oh and I am doing guest blogs, reviews, and working on my WIP. But that part I love. This is my therapy. Thank you to all who have guest blogged with me. I love you.

Oh and I think I am getting sick.

No time.

Why am I writing a blog rather than working? Because I have done all I can for Chemistry. I need to vent before I read but my hubby is also a graduate student and is working 14 hour days at the moment for a conference. I guess I just needed to vent for you.

Thank you.

Oh and I love comments and eat them like chocolate. Just saying.


  1. Comments like candy? You and me both! I can feel your pain with the no time to get it all done. I don't even have a day job, and I struggle for time. But the writing is a life force that drives us to get up each day. Sleep or no sleep.

    Oh, and kudos to the crafty student. Bad timing...but amazing guts.

  2. This kid was seriously the one you say "Its always the quiet ones" about. Dear God. The keys weren't even in the office. I keep them in a secure place that I will never tell(LOL I sound like Brittany Murphy)

    If I didn't have reading or writing I don't think I could make it in my day. I swear my fingers type in the air as my thoughts just explode from my mind if I don't write for awhile!

  3. I'm so sorry hon!
    Believe me, I know sometimes it all feels like you are trying to walk uphill both ways in the snow, but it will get better, just hang in for another couple weeks.
    Sending you chocolate covered hugs and smooches.

  4. University level Chemistry gives me nightmares... I blame my highschool Chem teacher teaching us year 2 university chem in grade 12. o.O.

    Oh wait find a key for the test results or find a key for the lab to steal stuff? either way so not cool dude. Sorry you have to deal with this sweetie. I'm sure you'll get it all sorted.

    As for guest blogs? yay! I'm so excited :D!