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BK Walker Is Here! And a Giveaway!

Hi BK! Thank you so much for stopping by today on your tour.

What made you decide to write Night Secrets?
Night Secrets came to me in a dream actually. The very opening of the book was what I dreamt about and then felt what Keara was feeling after she learned of her parents death. It just grew from that scene alone.

How do you think your novel is different from other paranormal romances out there?
I have a habit of mixing up the paranormal elements. Sure, I write about vampires or werewolves, but I also throw in some witches, fairies and warlocks too. It makes for fun writing and interesting reading. Who would have ever thought that vampires and witches would work together to get the job done?

Keara – If none of these past events had happened, what would you be doing now?
I would probably be going to college, swooning over the cute guys (*giggles*)  and partying it up like every other normal person out there. Thinking about my career, and maybe even marriage someday.

Channing – What was your first impression of Keara?
We had a connection from the first moment I laid eyes on her (smirks at Corbin). Sure she was hot, but there was something else. I felt drawn to her and just had to know her. There was just something about her and I couldn't take my eyes off her. I felt so sad when she had to leave that day.

Corbin – What was your first impression of Keara?
Unlike the dog over there, I saw a beautiful woman. She had things stirring inside of me that hadn't been moved in such a long time. I felt happy for the first time in a long time. She made me remember that love was a possibility not an extinction.

BK – Who is your favorite romance author?
Tina Folsom! I love her writing.

BK – What is your favorite romance book or series?
Scanguard Vampire Series. The backstories of each character is phenomenal and their approach to love is humorous and ahhhhh.
BK – You is your favorite romance character (It could be yours), and if you could spend the day with them what would you do?
Samson Woodward from Samson's Lovely Mortal. If I could spend the day with him, (clearing throat), I'd make it a day to remember.

BK - On a romance and hotness scale how would you describe Night Secrets?
Night Secrets would be a "Bring on the ice" scale. It's only the start of a "Melt the Ice" type of story.

So BK, what is next for you? Are you planning on writing more about Night Secrets or are you moving on?
I will be writing more for Night Secrets. The next book, Corbin's Descent, we will learn more about Corbin as a vampire, and see how his relationship grows with Keara.

BK Bio:
BK Walker currently lives in Central Pennsylvania with her three children, Brittney, Hunter and Danny, her dogs Rancid, Sadie and Haven, a cat named Whiskers and a goldfish named Fat Albert. She has always had a love for reading and writing, even as a child she created stories reading them to her stuffed animals. With a love for vampires and werewolves, you will not be disappointed with her writing as she mixes up the paranormal juice. Aside from writing, BK also supports Indie Authors organizing virtual book tours, helping them to market and promote their work. Her book review site, BWB Reviews, is just another small way she contributes to the reading world. With many stories floating around in her head, she writes when she gets the time between working as a Pediatric Home Care Nurse, being a single mother, and continuing her college education in Graphic Art Design. When BK's not fighting with her muse, Mouthy Mary, who has much to say way too often, you will find her at a baseball game with her children, or relaxing with a good book in her hand.
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Night Secrets Blurb:
Keara Crosby had the perfect life. Her family was not hurting for anything. When her parents are suddenly killed, Keara must learn to live without them. After mourning their death for two months, Keara starts to live again. She follows her favorite band, hangs with her best friend Jared, and falls for the new kid on the block.
When her favorite band is playing at Night Secrets, a new club downtown, she takes her first outing since her parents death and finds this mysterious boy watching her. Mesmerized by his lapus blue eyes, she can't help but feel drawn to him. Her body responds to him in ways she never thought possible, and she needs to figure out why. What is it about Channing that has her yearning for his touch?
Not only is Keara drawn to Channing, but the owner of Night Secrets seems to be drawn to her. Giving her special treatment, she can't help but wonder what he's hiding, and the sense she's seen him before. When she's attacked in the parking lot, her world turns inside out, literally. Keara will soon learn that secrets of the night, just may be the death of her.


Continuing to scan my surroundings, I spotted him.
The kid from biology class. He was looking right at me. I
felt drawn to him, unable to look away.
His eyes were ice blue, like some rare gem that I was
the first one to stumble upon. The blue was so brilliant,
gold flecks making it seem like his eyes were glowing. As
his lips curled into a smile, I felt my heart stutter. His
smile was magnificent, making him seem approachable,
like you just had to know why he was smiling.
His features became prominent as I slowly moved my
eyes down the length of his body. He was well developed
and firm, his dark silk shirt outlining every contour of
muscle within his chest. His jeans fit him perfectly,
showing off a nice firm behind.
Moving my eyes back up his body, I felt the heat rise in
my cheeks, realizing he was still watching me. Crap! He
saw me checking him out. Even realizing I'd been caught,
I still couldn’t bring myself to look away.
There was a heat in his eyes, but it wasn’t anger. A
yearning of wanting to touch him was almost unbearable.
Even in this darkened room, with my favorite band
playing, his eyes lit up, calling out to me. It was in that
moment that I knew I wanted him. That I had to have
him. To run my fingers through his short blonde waves
while feeling the heat from his lips on mine.

Night Secrets Review
I really enjoyed this YA novel. Even with the fantasy of being an upper class girl, when we first met Keara I felt as though we could be friends. The idea of your perfect world crashing down around you hits home to me and I felt as though I could be her. B.K. had you hooked with action in the beginning the melded to sweet mystery.
I did like how the author subtlety added new characters and species to the world that didn’t seem too far out and was actually believable. I enjoyed turning each page and learning more about this new world. Yes, this is a paranormal story, but it’s not the species that draws you, it’s the actual characters themselves.  Channing was the perfect teenage boy for YA and I loved the mystery surrounding him! Oh and if I could have Buddha for myself - I would be appreciative. Just saying!
B.K.‘s storytelling is vivid and I could see through her imagrey what she wanted me to see. I really enjoyed this and I can’t wait to see what she had next!

Thank you BK for coming!

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Thank you Jessica Subject for nominating me for the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Award! Whoot!!!!!!

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Cherie Marks on Inspiration

Please help me welcome Cherie Marks to the blog as she talks about her inspiration to Into the Fire.

     Surfing the net, watching TV—are they colossal wastes of time or a place to find your ultimate inspiration?  Most of the time, a writer can squander way too much precious writing time going places on the web or gazing at the ‘ol boob tube, but for once, it was my lightbulb moment and inspiration for my debut story, Into the Fire, available October 5, 2011 from The Wild Rose Press.
     My guiltiest of guilty pleasures is reality television.  I could waste days watching these “realistic” scenarios play out with all the drama, suspense, characterization, and plot of any good story I might pick up from my favorite on-line retailer (cough, cough—The Wild Rose Press—cough, cough).  But, I don’t.  I have learned to limit myself to the best of the best—the cooking shows.  Not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill Guy Fieri kind of show.  No, I’m talking about the fast-paced, finger-slicing, sabotaging kind of competitions like Top Chef, Chopped, or Iron Chef America.  Needless to say, I have spent much time in front of the TV watching these shows, but I no longer consider them wastes of time.   Now, I consider them idea generators.
     The idea for my short story came during an evening of blog-hopping.  I came across an article about a popular blog that was being developed into a cookbook.  The blog description interested me—it was different, it was informational, it was scintillating—yes, scintillating.  You see, the blog was titled, “Cook to Bang,” and it was the idea of a single, young guy who was hoping to use food to get laid.  His recipe titles are ones that every fratboy worth his beer would be proud of, but that’s all it took for this story to begin in my head.  It is quite a bit removed from the original inspiration, but I had one question guiding me.  What if a chef used his cooking skills to win the heart of the girl he loved?
     Of course I am not a professional chef, so research would be necessary.  Ugh!  Not my favorite.  Then I remembered where I had seen professional chefs in action—on my TV screen.  Who said watching hours of television wouldn’t amount to anything?  Sorry, Mom.
     Honestly, I am not advocating spending hours in front of the television or on the internet in the hopes a writing idea will germinate, but let’s face it, you never know how inspiration will strike, so it never hurts to try.

So where do your ideas come from?  Any interesting moments of inspiration for you?

I love to hear from readers, writers, and in-betweeners, so please e-mail me at or follow me on Twitter at or catch me on Facebook at  

Months after he stole her affections—then her executive chef position—Shyann and Luke meet again under sizzling circumstances, competing head-to-head on a televised cooking show called Kitchen Twist. Each arrives with a motive: Luke intends to win back Shyann’s heart, even as she wants closure on the not-so-tasty heartbreak he once served up.
Luke knows culinary masterpieces require a delicate touch, but that knowledge is tossed out with the leftovers as he works to show Shyann he’s not such a bad guy. Now he pushes his skills to the limit to win the competition and satisfy a bet.
Can two top chefs resist each other as they move out of the pan and into the fire?
Silence reigned for half a minute before he reached out a hand and touched hers like a breezy
whisper. Her head went a little fuzzy at the warm contact. He shouldn’t still be able to affect her so
“I regret it went down the way it did, but why did you show me the exit before giving me a chance
to explain, not to mention—dress? Enlighten me, sugar cheeks?”
With a jerk, she pulled her hand free. He was really asking for it. Sugar cheeks? Seriously? Now
she knew he was only messing with her. She could give as well as she got.
“Tell you what. You win tonight, and I’ll give you your chance. You lose, we go our separate ways,
and you walk out all by yourself, big boy.”

A crooked grin formed on his face as he reached a hand toward her hair. He fingered an escaping curl
before she pulled away, leaving his hand hanging in midair.
“You can call me big boy all you want, but I’ll do you one better. How about if I win, I take you to
dinner, and you let me explain the whole situation?”
She felt her eyebrow rise and knew he’d read it as interest, but she didn’t care at the moment. “I
honestly don’t want to hear any explanation from you now or ever, but if I win? Which I will, of
“Then I’ll leave it up to you. If you want me to walk away, I will.” He took a step closer, placed his
hand on her shoulder, and leaned down, his mouth right next to her ear. “But if you want me to call you darling, sweetheart, and sugar cheeks all night long, I’ll do that too.”

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Angela Stone's Jason and David Talk Dirty

So I sat down with Angela so I could get some dirt on her boys Jason and David from Sometimes its Fate and things went crazy. I mean how could I interview them drooling and acting like a school girl? So here is my BFF Angela trying to wrangle her boys. LOVE THEM!

Angela: Hi Jason and David it’s so nice to meet you!
Jason: It’s great to meet you as well.
A: Please have a seat.
*Jason and David plop down on the couch and Jason casually slings an arm over David’s shoulder*
A: How was your summer?
David: Summer was great, we both managed to get a couple of weeks off to spend time with the kids.
A: How old are your kids?
D: Ryan is eight, almost nine, Mandy just turned seven and Kevin is four.
J: And three quarters.
*David looks at Jason and smiles*
D: and three quarters.
A: Those are fantastic ages, did you do anything special?
D: We spent a lot of time at the beach, we also went down to Moncton and went to Crystal Palace and visited with my sister and her family.
J: We also went to my brother’s wedding, the kids stayed with their mom though.
A: Your family must be very supportive for you to go to the wedding together.
J: They are for sure. My Mom already loves David. I think Steve will put up having an older brother for a change.
D: What’s an extra younger sibling?
J: Two if you count Nancy
A: You’re a couple years older than Jason right?
D: Seven, I think.
J: Eight actually.
A: How does that affect your relationship?
J: Other than the fact that David goes to bed earlier I don’t think it really does.
*David rolls his eyes*
D: Jason’s always been really mature he was like twenty two when he joined the force and if I didn’t know his age I would guessed he was about the same age as me. Besides that there are other advantages to having a younger partner.
J: Be careful this interview is being published.
D: Oh like that’s any worse than what you’ll say?
*Jason sticks his tongue out at David*
A: Ok boys, settled down. How did you first get together?
J: He kissed me.
D: After you groped me on the sledding hill.
J: I didn’t hear any complaints.
D: I didn't say there was any.
A: So he just kissed you?
J: There is a lot more behind it. Long before we got together physically we were best friends, we loved each other, I trusted David with my life every day.
D: When we both realised that our feelings for each other weren’t plutonic it was easy to fall into a relationship together.
A: It sounds like what you have together is very special.
*David glances at Jason and blushes*
J: I think it is.
A: What was the moment you realised you were in-love with each other?
D:  I came home from work and Jason fell asleep in our bed reading the kids stories.  I realised that Jason loved my kids as much as I did. How could I not love him?
*Jason blushes*
J: I fell in-love with David along time ago, I just figured he was straight and I would never have a chance at him. When he kissed me for the first time I knew I was a goner. It wasn’t until he stuck with me when I went through the HIV testing that I knew with-out a doubt I was head-over-heels in-love with him.
A: What’s the best part of your relationship?
D: The sex.
J: The sex.
*David and Jason look at each other and laugh*
D: But really, Jason accepts me for who I am. He never pushes me to be different and lets me discover our relationship on my own terms.  We were police partners long before we were partners in any other sense.
J: We trusted each other with our lives long before we trusted each other with anything else.
*David nods*
J: I think I fell in-love with David somewhere around my second year working with him but I kept it hidden because I didn’t know how he would react if he knew I was gay let alone interested in him.
A: How did David take it when he found out you were gay?
J: Better than I did.
D: It was just a non-issue for me. I’ve had lots of gay friends over the years so it was like ok whatever. Once I found out a lot of things about Jason clicked into place.
J: Included the fact that you wanted to fuck my brains out.
D: Not exactly
A:Then what, exactly?
D: Jason is just, special. I mean he’s everything I want in my life and he’s damn good in bed.
A: Ok dish, just how good.
D: Amazing, I can just look at him and he gets a hard-on.
J: You’re not any better.
D: You just like me for my big cock.
J: It is a very big cock.
*Jason winks*
D: Want me to show how much? We could maybe do a threesome.
J: Eww girls.
 D: I forget you’ve never done anything with girls.
J: I wouldn’t say that. I made it to second base with Emily Ryan when I was like sixteen.
D: So you kissed her and felt her boobs through her shirt?
J: Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a woman’s boobs.
D: Just like I was straight but I could still appreciate how sexy you were.
*Jason grins*
J: Come on now we both know you weren’t totally straight.
D: Uh-huh until you turned me gay!
J: Nope what about Drew?
*David coughs*
J: Well?
D: Everyone experiments in university.
*Jason pats David on the head*
J: Sure babe, I’ll let you think that.
A: Now I’m curious who this Drew person is.
D: No one.
J: Guy who David made out with and then went and slept with once or twice when he was in University.
D: I was young and drunk and a horny teenager I would sleep with anything or anyone
J: You still fucked his brains out.
D: I don’t hear you complaining when I fuck your brains out.
J: Who said I would and we’re not talking about me.
D: Yes we are.
J: Nu-uh.
D: Uh-huh
A: Before you both become three year olds, again, and since we’re on the topic.  Why don’t you tell me about your first sexual experiences?
D: With a girl or a guy?
J: Both.
*David tugs his collar*
D: You go first.
J: Wimp.
D: Yup.
*Jason rolls his eyes but then squeeze’s David’s shoulder*
J: The first guy I was ever with was Lee. We were a couple of kids, we barely knew that we were supposed to jack each other off let alone, other stuff.  A couple of videos and some stolen magazines and we figured out enough to insert A into slot B. The first time we really were together was amazing and intense and a bit scary at the same time.  He was my first everything.
A: Sounds like he is very special to you.
J:  He was yeah. Lee died when we were just kids.  For a long time I thought that I would never really find love again. I thought that I had lost my one and only chance at happiness.  It took me a really long time to realize that we were just kids. Who knows if our relationship would have gone anywhere?  I realized that I shouldn’t give up a future chance to be happy just to mourn the past.
D: I’m glad you gave me a chance.
J: So am I.
*Jason leans over and sneaks a quick kiss*
J: Ok your turn first guy, first girl.
D: My first girl was Nancy. We were high school sweethearts. It was sweet and kind and totally clueless. My first guy was Jason. Which was hot and sexy and maybe still kinda clueless but still the most amazing sex of my life.
*David blushes *
J: I think it’s pretty great too.
A: What’s the best sex you’ve had?
J: Um well. There was that time on the beach.
D: We’re not supposed to talk about that. What if Monica finds out?
J: I don’t think she’s going to read this.
D: What if she does? She still thinks the radios died.
J: Well it’s out now.
D: Shit.
A: What happened on the beach?
J: You already let the cat out of the bag.
D: Uhh it was late and the middle of the week and no calls.  So we uhh went on supper break down on the beach.
J: If we have to say any more than that then you’re too young to know.
A: Oh come on details.
J: Nope. But there was sand in some unmentionable place.
D: And we had to send our guns out for special cleaning.
A: I’ll let it slide for now boys because it’s time for some reader questions, but I will find out.
J: Alright.
*Jason squeezes David’s shoulder*
A: What were your first impressions of each other?
D: He was a young kid who was going to be a good cop.
J: I was shit-terrified when I met David. The only thing I could think of was please god don’t let me shoot myself in the foot, or someone else. Once I started to relax a bit I realise how sexy he was but he was married and had kids so I never dreamed we would eventually end up together.  Yeah so I think my first thought was please don’t let me look like an idiot.
A: That’s a good first impression.
*Jason laughs*
J: Yeah.
A: What are you favourite parts about each other?
J: Besides the obvious?
A: Yes!
J: I think how loyal David is and how good he is at being a Dad. It’s so natural for him. I never had a Dad growing up but I like to think he would have been like David.
*David reaches over and squeezes Jason’s hand*
D: So besides the obvious. I think my favourite part about Jason is how loving he is. He has this amazing network of friends, people he cares about. He won’t talk to them for weeks, months, years and they pick up the phone and he’s there for them. He always opens his heart to everyone. He’s also really forgiving and despite our jobs he always finds the best in people. Which is really amazing.
A: That is pretty amazing.
*Jason blushes*
A: Have either of you experiences out-right homophobia since you’ve been together and out?
J: Not really. I mean you always have the drunks that scream names at you but nothing outright.
D: It was hard at first. I used to think that everyone was whispering about us and talking about us. After a while you realise that for the most part people don’t care. We get razzed at work more than anything.
J: I think that’s the worse part. All the guys know and they love getting us on it. Then again we give as good as we can take.
A: How have the kids taken it all?
D: Generally really well. I think Kevin and Mandy are too young to really know what it means. Ryan had a hard time at first. Especially when word got around that his Dad was with another guy. We keep it really low key but kids talk. Ryan came up with the best response after a lot of thought and it works really well.
A: What’s that?
D: Any time a kid says “Hey your Dad is a fag” or something along those lines he comes back with.  “At least my dad can admit to being a Fag.” Kids don’t have a response to you when you agree with what they’re saying and then throw their insult back at them. Ryan will stand up to bullies but we’ve always taught him that there is a difference between standing up and fighting back in a negative manner.
A: Sounds like you have some great kids.
D: We do for sure.
A: Do you want any more children.
D: I’m not sure we’ve never really talked about more kids. We already have three.
A: Who do you include as “we”?
D: We are obviously myself and Jason, but that also includes my ex-wife Carole.  We have a bit of a three parent unit going on, which isn’t totally unusual, lots of divorced families have three and four people in the parenting unit.
J: I love the kids, I love them like they were my own. I would be opposed to more kids, but that’s something David and I really need to talk about.
D: It’s honestly something we haven’t really thought of before. We’re so busy with three kids and work and being with each other. Adding some new little beings to our life hasn’t been top.
J:  I’m pretty happy where we are with the kid situation right now. Besides if we have our own then we won’t be able to ship them off to their Mom’s for some alone time.
A: Last question, what does the future hold for you two?
J: A lot.
D: Some fights, some making up, some making love.
J: Dealing with decisions and consequences from them. Finding ourselves and each other.
D: Facing the impossible and being strong enough to pull through.
J: Most importantly of all after you’ve gone through everything. Once the bullshit is done and you’re left broken and beaten up. The most important thing to remember is that it will all be okay.
A: Thank you very much for allowing me to come over and invade your privacy.
J: Thanks for having us.


So Monica asked Jason and David:  1.) Who does the cooking and cleaning in the house? 2.) Do the kids call you both Dad? Who handles any discipline or settles arguments between the kids? Who's the pushover with the kids? 

J:Thanks for the questions. Cooking and cleaning is pretty evenly split actually.
D: We also cheat and have a maid comes in twice a month who washes floors vacuums the whole house and scrubs the bathroom. We keep up but working shift work can make it hard sometimes to do the "big" clean up on a regular basis.
J: This is where I point out that David had the maid before I moved in and I just inherited her.
D: I was a single Dad with three kids, you try keeping the house clean when you're chasing after them.
*Jason squeeze's David's shoulder*
J: I know.
D: I think Jason does a bit more cooking than I do though. I have the basic skills, but really has a talent for putting things together that are healthy and everyone likes.
J: That being said David's recipe for fish and chips is featured in the book.
D: It's a good Recipe
J: I know it is. We should get Angela to put it up on the website.
D: Good idea.
J: Oh sorry we got distracted.
*Jason smiles*
J: As for the kids right now the call me "Uncle Jason" from the first time they met me I was "Uncle Jason" long before we got together. So it's easy just to keep that. The kids are used to having a lot of pseudo aunts and uncles. Being on a police force is like being part of a big family. Most of our co-workers are aunts and uncles to our kids and vice versa.
D: Although you know something is coming up that might change what the kids call you.
J: Shhh! if we give away major plot points Angela might have our heads.
D:True. As for discipline I usually handle that. I always have. Their mom is pretty soft on them in general so I've always been the one to lay down the rules. That being said Jason is pretty strict with them too.
J: I wouldn't call it being strict so much as following David's example. He's firm but fair with the kids. Neither of us is really a pushover. That being said Mandy does get away with more than the boys do.
D: I freely admit my little girl has be wrapped around her baby finger.
J: Me too. They're really great kids though. Ryan is really mature for his age. Mandy is sweet and Kevin is still a little unsure and insecure but you see that he's really going to grow up to be someone someday.
D: I think they all will be.
J: With a great Dad like you? How can they not be.
*Jason sneaks a quick kiss with David* 

Sometimes It’s Fate [Link:] can be found at all major E-Books outlets and from the publisher Phaze books.
Look for “Boots on the Ground” [Link:] the follow up to “Sometimes It’s Fate”  in spring 2012.
Angela S. Stone is a twenty-something nurse and writer living in central Canada. For more about her you can visit her webpage: check out her twitter feed:!/angelasstone or “like” her on facebook:

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Whatnots & Doodads - Interview, Review and a CONTEST!

I am so happy to have Stacey Kennedy on the blog today for the Romancing you Dark Side Book Tour. I have read everything she has ever written so I am a total fan and really honored to actually have her here! :-) Okay I need to put on my professional hat and stop being a Magical Sword dweeb! 

Stacey - What made you decide to join the Strange Hollow crew?
When I read my first Strange Hollow book, I fell in love with the world. What drew me in completely was how emotional I could make the story. I loved the idea of having a woman who is completely flawed in the eyes of everyone, but in Strange Hollow, she’s accepted. This is still—and will always be—one of my most favorite stories. I had an absolute blast writing this and the heroine, Bryanna is such a memorable character for me.

Zeke – What makes you so different from your everyday demon?
I don’t steal souls. In fact, I crave to save them…especially the soul of a stunning witch who turns my world upside down.

Bryanna – Why did you feel the need to escape to Strange Hollow?
It was actually by accident I found my way into Strange Hollow. I guess you could say fate stepped in to bring me to the place I belonged. But I’m glad I stumbled across it. I’ve always been a little different, my magic is so unruly, but in Strange Hollow I feel more normal than I ever have.

Zeke – Can you tell me what you felt when you met Bryanna?
The witch and her corsets left me…let’s just leave at it, I burned with hells fire over her and knew she’d be mine.

Bryanna – Can you tell me what you felt when you met Zeke?
My world stopped. Of course, now I know different, but I’ve always been taught that demons are spawns from hell. I wanted nothing to do with him. But then…well, have you seen him?

Yes…I had to rethink my apprehension.

Zeke and Bryanna – Do you know what is next for the two of you?
Bryanna – As long as we have each other…
Zeke – We don’t need anything else.

Stacey – Who is your favorite romance author?
Katie MacAlister tops the list for sure. But I have so many favorites--Jeaniene Frost, Keri Arthur, Shannon K. Butcher, Cheyenne Mccray…this list could go on and on.

Stacey – What is your favorite romance book or series?
Katie MacAlister’s dragon series is one of my favorites. I love the humor in her books, plus the sexy men and action. The heroines are so snarky and they stop their Alpha men in their tracks. It’s amusing!!

Stacey – Who is your favorite romance character? If you could take that character on a date what would you do?(Details are appreciated)
Bones from the Nighthuntress series. Or maybe Madoc from The Sentinel Wars series. I have serious crushes on both men. A date would include a short conversation, because frankly, I would want to hear them talk. After that, I’d lock myself into a bedroom with either men….or maybe both…and would not leave. EVER!

Stacey – If you could rate the hotness of the book what would it be?
Keep a cold glass of water handy…or make sure your husband/boyfriend is nearby! Definitely bed time reading!

Stacey – Are you planning on going back to Strange Hollow? What’s next for you otherwise?
I’d love to write another Strange Hollow book. I simply LOVED this world. Sadly, I’ve got too much on my plate right now. All of The Magical Sword books have been sold to Entangled and are being lengthened, and then re-released as Magic & Mayhem series. The first, Werewolves Be Damned will come out in April 2012. I’ve been very busy editing and adding more depth to the stories. So that has taken up most of my time.

But in between all edits, I’m writing a new urban fantasy romance called, Bite Me, I’m Yours.  I had intended it to be around 50,000 words, but I have grown madly in love with it. Always a good sign. So, I’m working on it right now to push it past 90,000 words and will be submitting it to my agent once I’m finished. The heroine, Kyra is full of sass and her humor is so fun to write. Plus the sexy vampire, Darius…makes things interesting.

Other than those, Supernaturally Kissed edits are reaching the end and soon Tess & Kipp’s story will be out in the world again. It’s been changed some and I’ve added a couple new chapters. I’m really thrilled with the changes and can’t wait for everyone to revisit them again!

A witch with unruly magic, a demon gone good, lava-hot passion and a tornado of emotions–just another night in Strange Hollow.
For Bryanna, a witch from the Asheville Coven, magic is on the fritz. Shunned by her coven and her boyfriend Layton for her unruly magic, she seeks a new life for herself. It just so happens, fate steps in and brings her to Strange Hollow–a place where being different is not only acceptable, but encouraged.
When Bryanna arrives in Strange Hollow, Zeke, a demon gone good, is burning with Hell’s fire over her. Not only has she set his world ablaze, but he’s found one soul he can save. He’s determined to free her from the insecurities that have damaged her soul.
Together they experience lava-hot passion as they weave their way through a tornado of emotions. But when Layton returns for her, will Zeke’s attempts to break the unworthy cage woven around her be enough to keep her in Strange Hollow forever?
Whatnots & Doodads buy link -

Stacey Kennedy’s novels are lighthearted fantasy with heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again. But within the stories you’ll find fast paced action, life threatening moments and a big bad villain that needs to be destroyed. Her urban fantasy/paranormal and erotic romance series have hit Amazon Kindle and All Romance Ebooks Bestseller lists. If she isn’t plugging away at her next novel, tending to her two little ones, she’s got her nose deep in a good book. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband. Be sure to drop her a line at, she loves to hear from her readers.

My Review and Opinion

I will be honest and say I am HUGE Strange Hollow fan! I have loved every book in the series and Whatnots & Doodads is no exception. I really enjoyed this story. I am a huge fan of the Strange Hollow world and those who agree with me should totally indulge in this piece. Bryanna was a lovely character who as a witch was shunned and needed a haven. Strange Hollow in all of its quirkiness was the perfect place. Zane was a sexy Alpha hero who was a demon bent against stealing souls. The two of them were combustible and I enjoyed their romance.
With Stacey's descriptions and amazing writing I fell in love again with Strange Hollow. I wanted to strangle Layton and that was exactly what I should have felt.
Stacey Kennedy's Whatnots & Doodads was perfect addition to Strange Hollow. I wanted to be a witch to Zane's demon.  
This was the first book I had read from Stacey and because of this I quickly grabbed up all of her writing. Stacey is easily one of my favorite TOP 10 authors.
I highly recommend this sexy short read. Whatnots and Doodads is the reason I looked into Stacey Kennedy as an author when the book initially released and I am so happy I did. Stacey Kennedy has easily become one of my top ten authors of all time and is always on automatic buy list. I want to thank the Strange Hollow team for introducing me to Stacey’s work – y’all ROCK!
For those of you looking for a quirky world with hot paranormal romance look into Strange Hollow and especially Whatnots and Doodads. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sandra Sookoo Visits Strange Hollow

Hi Everyone!
I am happy to introduce Sandra Sookoo to the blog. I first read Sandra’s work when I traversed into the world of Strange Hollow. Ironically, she going back to the Hollow in her new novel Marking Time.

Tell me about Strange Hollow.
Strange Hollow is a fictional town set at the base of Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina.  It's one of Liquid Silver's imprints wherein multiple authors have written books set within this world.  Strange Hollow is a haven for the strange, weird and general outcasts of their own worlds.  They come to Strange Hollow for a sense of community they don't get from their own broken lives.  The town comes with few rules, one of which is that elitists will be eaten on sight.
Tell me about Marking Time.
Marking Time is my second entry into the world of Strange Hollow.  I wanted to do something different from what's already been done in the line, so my story starts off in modern day times then the heroine Ava is shot backward in time to the town's founding year of 1900.  I liked the aspect of this since Ava's pretty smug about her life.  I wanted her to be out of her element and to see how she'd interact in a completely different world.  She has to deal with all of this plus have constant arguments with her inner latent wolf.
As for my hero Sam, well, let's just say his time is limited.  He's a phoenix and he's dying.  Trouble with that is because he's old in phoenix years, certain parts of his anatomy don't work properly which leaves him sad.  He has no wife or heirs to show for his life.  When he unexpectedly sees Ava, he thinks she might be his last shot at making his mark on the world.
Rate Marking Time in terms of steaminess.
Well, hmm, let's see…  There's a strong-willed heroine who knows exactly what she wants--in bed and out of it.  There's a hero on the edge who needs extra incentive to get his interest going.  Oh, and let's not forget illicit kisses in gardens, stolen moments of heavy petting in shadowy corners and a couple of romps in the sheets.  What more can I say? lol
Who is your favorite Paranormal Romance Author?
Hmm, I don't know that I have one set favorite.  I like Katie MacAlister, Stephanie Rowe, Karen Moning and Judi Fennell for starters.  It just depends on what mood I'm in.
What is your favorite Paranormal Romance series/book?
Don't have one.  I like all books for different reasons.
Who is your favorite Paranormal Romance character? Why?
Since I read such a wide variety of books, I'm not sure I can pick just one favorite character.  They're all unique in their own different ways.  Had the question been regarding sci-fi or historical romance then I could list a bunch, but with paranormal?  Hmm…  let me think on that.
If you could take that person out for a date, what would you do? Details Please! *wink*
Well, knowing me, there'd be some sort of embarrassing moment, some undo attention called toward us, the requisite "omg she's really odd" glance.  To be wined and dined by a vampire, werewolf or any other assorted paranormal being?  I'd have a million questions, and would probably take notes wherein the man in question might be a tad irritated lol  Then again, he'd have to work pretty hard with the charm.  I wouldn't say no to a quick trip to Tuscany or maybe a layover in the Caribbean.  I mean, after all, a girl needs a fantastic backdrop when being told her soon-to-be lover is not exactly fully human, ya know?
Ava – What was your first impression of Sam?
Oh, I thought he was sexy… and seemed tired.  I remember wondering why at the time, but he just had a way of pouring on the charm.  Definitely a guy used to getting his own way.  It didn't help my damn inner wolf kept wanting to jump his bones.  She ended up being right since every time he touched me… erhm, well, I'll let you read our story.
Ava – What is your favorite part about him?
His eyes.  They're so brown and rich, then there's his voice.  He could recite the alphabet and I'd have issues in my southern hemisphere if you know what I mean, not to mention the man's been through a lot.  I gotta give him credit for surviving.
Sam – What was your first impression of Ava?
Honestly, that she was lost and wouldn't fit in if she didn't follow the rules.  All of that was forgotten shortly after I talked to her that first time, especially dressed as she was in her strange clothing.  How the males in her world controlled themselves while their women wear such provocative attire I'll never know.
Sam – What is your favorite part about her?
Her willingness to help and understand.  Also, she has a way of looking at me that makes my blood start a slow burn.  And her scent! God help me, she's intoxicating!
Sandra – What is next for you? Are you ever planning to visit Strange Hollow Again?
I'm not sure that I'll be traversing the streets of Strange Hollow again.  It's a nice place to visit but I have many stops on my writing horizon.  What's next?  Maybe the question should be what isn't? lol  Once I finish up this American historical, I'll finish a retelling of a fairy tale then it's on to my next sci-fi endeavor.  Really excited about this one!  After that, there's a series of novellas I want to develop.  Can't wait to work on those either.  There's always something going on in the world of Sookoo.  Hope you pop by to see what's going on!

Thank you so much Sandra for stopping by and Good Luck on your tour and your release! I for one will be picking this one up!
To learn more about Sandra:

Believing is Seeing blog:
Here is the blurb and excerpt for Marking Time, available at Liquid Silver Books

Blurb:  Sometimes the destination is not as important as the journey.
Ava Lesarris has her life figured out. She has a great job, has accepted her latent wolf shifter identity and is looking forward to climbing the corporate ladder. When a faulty GPS unit leads her to a town called Strange Hollow, she’s in a quandary, even more so when she’s suddenly transported back to the year 1900. 
Sam Tremaine is the last of his kind.  He’s a phoenix, living in Strange Hollow during what should have been its greatest time—the founding year, but he can’t enjoy it.  He’s dying which leaves him with one regret.  He’s never found a woman whose spirit is as strong as his own.  He wants be remembered but time is running out, not to mention he hasn’t been able to get “it” up for months. 
Worlds collide as the past and present come together in Strange Hollow.  Ava will need to figure out her purpose while Sam struggles to come to terms with his fate.  If they’re lucky, the special town will offer the answers they’re both seeking before the next phase of life begins.
She hit the ground with a hard thump that jarred every bone in her body. “Good grief! Talk about a stiff wind.” Struggling to her feet, Ava knocked the dust off the seat of her pants. “Is this normal weather for this area?”
 “Welcome to Strange Hollow, Miss Lesarris.” The greeting held lyrical notes that reminded her of birdsong--Jacinda’s voice.
“Um, you already said that.” Ava narrowed her eyes as the last of the whirlwind faded and she could actually see her surroundings.
Town Hall stood before her as well as the same cozy shops, except they held a veneer of newness about them, as if they’d only been erected not long ago. In fact, Ava swore she could smell the sweet fragrance of newly-cut lumber in the air.
Spinning around in a slow circle, Ava gawked at some of the other differences. The streets lining the square weren’t made of asphalt. Instead, cobblestones formed the ground cover. A horse pulled a smart, black carriage along one street and the ring of its shoes against the brickwork echoed in the afternoon air. In the distance, the long, mournful whistle of a train put her in mind of simpler times.
When she turned back to stare at the strange woman she’d just met, her stomach clenched into knots. I have a bad feeling about this. Even more surprising, her wolf remained silent. “Where are we?”
Jacinda tucked a strand of hair behind an ear. “Strange Hollow, of course, but it is more a question of when we are that you might like to consider.”
“What are you talking about?” A low-grade headache formed between her eyebrows. “Where’s my car?” As her heart tried to pound its way out of her rib cage, she glanced at the street. No sign of her rental. Which meant her pharmaceutical case, her cell phone and her purse were also gone. “Lady, I need answers, right now.”
Time to get to the bottom of this hallucination.
“I am sure you do, but I cannot give them to you.” Another enigmatic smile passed over her round face. “I can tell you this. You have come to the right place, yet not the right time. You are here to find what you think you do not need.”
Ava blinked, unable to wrap her brain around the whole, weird tale. “Okay. Why am I here? What is it I need?” Her gaze skittered to a few residents walking along the street. Both males and females were dressed in the same quaint clothing that Jacinda wore. Everyone wore hats and gloves, and it seemed they were all overly polite to each other. “Why am I here?” It seemed right to repeat her earlier question if only to stave off the tide of rising panic.
“You are here to help fulfill a destiny that does not belong to you.”
“Why is this my problem?” Jacinda didn’t answer. It didn’t make sense. “What if I have no clue how to do that?” Not to mention, why would she want to expend the energy on somebody else when she needed the resources to find a way home?
Jacinda shrugged as if the matter didn’t concern her. “You will remain stuck in this time period for as long as the task takes. I have no control over the whims of fate.”
Nausea made Ava’s throat prickle with warm saliva. “What’s the year?” Like passing a car wreck, she wanted to know but didn’t at the same time.
“The year of Our Lord, 1900. You have come during a wonderful anniversary year as I founded Strange Hollow months ago in April. Outcasts like yourself are welcomed here with open arms.”
“Outcasts?” She forgot the sickening sensations in light of this new info. “Why would you assume I’m an outcast?”
One of Jacinda’s eyebrows arched. “You are a latent wolf, are you not?”
How could she possibly know that? “Maybe.” Best not anger the natives.
“There are few rules here. Murder and rape are both punishable by death. Elitists will be eaten on sight. This is natural selection not murder. Feel free to mingle with the townsfolk, but I will caution you to procure clothing more suited to this time period.” She began walking toward the Town Hall. Almost as an afterthought, she paused and turned to hold Ava’s gaze. “I wish you luck, Miss Lesarris. More lives than just your own depend on you figuring out this riddle.”
The panic she’d been holding in check exploded into full-out terror. Cold chills raced over her skin. “What I am supposed to do? Where will I live? All my money is in my car and I don’t even have that right now.”
Jacinda waved away her concerns. “There is a dress shop not far from here. You will find their clothing selection most pleasing. Afterward, feel free to wander the town. If you’re ever feeling sentimental, the train station will be your best bet. This is all I can tell you.”
As Ava stared, alternating between bursting into tears and screaming obscenities at the woman who couldn’t--or wouldn’t--understand her viewpoint, Jacinda Fergus literally vanished into thin air.
Her wolf picked that moment to chime in. I think we’re screwed.
“No crap.” And definitely not in a good way. What exactly did a person do when suddenly whisked back in time without a valid explanation or reason? “What the hell am I supposed to do now?
Of course, her wolf had no smart answer this time.