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An Adult Interview with Gemma Parkes - Whew!

Hi Y'all!
     I sat down with Gemma Parkes to talk about her books. Now afterwards you may need a cold drink or a cold shower if your read this - just be warned. But really - Gemma is awesome!
The Contest is Closed Now. Congratulations to MichelleKCanada!!!!! Gemma will be emailing you soon with info about your new copy of A Switch in Time!!!!! Whoot!

What made you decide to go into erotica rather than erotic romance
     l used to write Childrens stories, funny ones with crazy characters. I had so much fun writing them but l often got carried away and just laughed so much! I always thought they were far too silly for a publisher to tackle. I wrote comedic plays also and some of them were even performed! I’ve always written serious soul searching poetry and occasional chick lit.  Then l started writing porn shorts for my partner. Somewhere along the line l thought l could probably write them properly. Im still trying to do that!
Some of these scenes are decidedly HOT, where do these ideas come from?
  Straight from my head Im afraid!  I am a passionate, emotional person (not a drama queen though!)  I think about sex a lot and tend to see sensuality in many situations. I also daydream a lot and sometimes l just type these thoughts straight from my head onto my blog. Most of my blog posts are how l am feeling at that particular time. Some are real life experiences and some are pure fantasy. My stories are fantasies that get me where l want to be at a particular time. They are all genuine though, l really feel them, which is why many of them are written in the first person.    
Do you plan on lengthening your short stories into a novel?
        Maybe. Yes, l really think l should. The trouble is once Ive lived out the fantasy through my short story, l am already thinking about another hot situation to be in! l know l should develop my characters more and give them a life beyond sex, but what can l say? I use them, and then move on, how naughty is that! l should lengthen 'Alice's initiation,' l feel l left the poor girl high and dry, or was it spread and wet?
Who is your favorite erotica author?
        This is tough. There are so many. I enjoy different styles of writing so Im not sure l have one favourite.  I love the way Victoria Blisse uses imagery in her work, her descriptive writing blows me away. But really, there are so many, l tend to like individual stories rather than everything a person writes.
What is your favorite erotica book or series?
     I read a story by Brit M when l started out called Two men and a lady.  It was so very good, l aspire to be somewhere near as good as that, eventually!  I read a lot of anthologies so enjoy a multitude of authors.  Its really enjoyable to experience different styles all within a themed book. Its fascinating to me to see the many different interpretations of a situation due to individual personalities. And also how various contributors change from one anthology to another.
Who is your favorite erotic character? Why?
     I want to go with the obvious Mr. D'Arcy, but not Colin firth's interpretation. l really like the way    Mathew Macfadyen portrays him in the 2005 film. you can feel his vulnerability more and to me that is very erotic. l could choose Mellors (Lady Chatterley) but would prefer to spend time with his creator D. H. Lawrence, how many men could describe the female orgasm so accurately? That comes from being really close to his woman and that in itself is really attractive. If it was TV Characters you were after it would definitely be Captain Scarlett (yes the puppet) how hot is he? And no problems keeping wood!
If you could take that character for one night do what whatever you please what would you do? Details please!
     I think l could find a good use for  the puppet! Maybe smooth off the edges a bit... what am l saying? leave them rough! For D'Arcy l would drop down to my knees and blow his stubborn mind.
How would you rate your novels in terms of sexiness? 
     My personal best seller is Good Doggy  though it's not my favourite book. It was written quite early on and is really quite basic. I think the idea is hot though (Its about couples having sex in public car parks and being watched doing so) Its a dirty idea and appeals to many of us in our smuttiest moments.  I was asked to write a sequel several times so l gave in with the cleverly titled 'Good doggy two' ! '
The Pleasure Chair' is also smutty and was originally written as a porn short for a men's magazine! obviously it's been extended.
 'The Slipper for Rose' is a fantasy of mine! (l know, l know!)
The BDSM  titles 'Her Masters dungeon' and my latest 'A Switch in time' are always popular, we are a perverse bunch! so, rating my personal books, that's hard!:
Top Smut award? probably 'Good doggy' or 'The pleasure chair'.
Erotic? 'Don't move' and most things on my blog! (does that count?)
Sexy stories? 'Her Masters Dungeon' 'Alice's initiation' and 'Dirty Little Pictures' ' Lust for Lucy' has a pretty hot  f/f  scene and l have various ménage scattered throughout my books.
Tell me about one of your stories.
     I'm going to tell you about 'Her Master's Dungeon'
     I always find the idea of submissive female games exciting. This story delves into my deepest fantasies and throws one forward for public viewing.
     Becky finds herself killing time in the Medieval room within a war museum.  She is feeling a little down and has come to the museum whilst her ex boyfriend removes his belongings from the apartment they used to share.  She is fascinated by the weaponry on display and soon finds it being explained to her by a fellow visitor to the museum - Brad.  He is handsome, upbeat and happy to spend time with her explaining the uses of the various swords on view. He makes her laugh and she is happy to have coffee and visit the torture chamber with her new companion. The attraction between them grows very quickly into strong sexual desire and when Brad suggests going back to his apartment after the museum closes Becky sees absolutely no reason not to go. She is intrigued by the apartments dark historical décor and fascinated by Brads choice of ornamental artefacts. They soon realise that they have a lot more in common than they first thought. Together they discover an exciting sexual compatibility that has them enlisting the services of an unwitting joiner to achieve the ultimate pleasure they both crave.
What is next for you?
     I am waiting to hear about various anthology submissions I've sent out. That's what l want to do. l want to be featured alongside the authors l truly admire and respect.  I am also planning  an anthology of my own work. This will probably have voyeurism as it's theme as it features strongly in many of my tawdry tales!  I'm hoping to have this available later this year on Kindle, All Romance, Smashwords and Amazon's Create Space. I would like, at some stage, to edit an anthology of erotic writing and may be looking for contributions myself!  Also l really should attempt to write something longer. You know, practice the art of Tantric writing! Anyone have an illustrated manual? Mmmm! illustrations, where was l?
     Thank you soooo much Gemma for stopping by and I wish the best to you in your future. Now for you readers I think its contest time!


  1. Gemma sounds fascinating. Great interview ladies. I love the stark look of A Switch in Time...fab cover.

    Congrats on your success, Gemma.


  2. Thank you for coming Eden! You should see some of her other covers - works of art!

  3. I thought this as a very well written and conducted interview Ladies. Gemma you are a shinning star. Big cheer to your success, and I look forward to watching you both burn brightly, and helping you celebrate along the way. ;)

  4. Great interview, grins at your comment about D'Arcy and his stubborn mind!! :-D


  5. Thank you for stopping by ladies! I really love Gemma's short stories - but you really need a cold drink afterwards!

  6. Now that was an open and honest interview. Excellent.

    MichelleKCanada @AnotherLookBook

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  7. Thank you all, l'm flattered that Carrie took time out to talk to me!

  8. Brilliant Interview. I like the way it flowed from question to question smoothly and seamlessly and Gemma's answers were excellent and showed us more about the woman behind the writing.

  9. D'Ann Linscott-DunhamSeptember 6, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    Good interview! Like someone else said, I LOL at the blowing D'Arcy comment.

  10. I like an interview that you can sit down and read, one that actually says something interesting. (Like this one!)

  11. Good interview! I agree with what D'Ann said:)

  12. What a crack up! I used to write childrens too, and now write romance. Childrens was fun, but adult is much more satisfying .