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An Interview with Wendy Burke and Deanna Wadsworth and a Contest!!

Hi Everyone!
I love social networking sometimes! I was so lucky to meet these lovely ladies and now I get to interview them. However, somehow I lost all control –snort, like I ever had it- and Wendy Burke and Deanna Wadsworth took over. I am so glad they did, because they are hilarious!

What made you decide to join the 1 Night Stand Series?
W—I guess I didn’t really set out to write a 1 Night Stand story – a first line came to me one morning as I was waking up and I kind of followed it. Thankfully, it turned into a great little story. And of course, I was PRODDED MERCILESSLY by Deanna Wadsworth to finish it.
D— She loves to be ‘prodded’ don’t let her kid you, LOL
And first of all….awwwww….BEAR IT ALL took you breath away? (((grins))) Thank-you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I love those guys!
Back to your Q my decision to join the 1NS series was spur of the moment. I saw they were looking for GLBT titles and had a story brewing about a sexy young guy hooking up with a bear—big hairy gay man not a bear-shifter—on his college spring break but that was as far as it went, just a seed for an idea. When I saw the 1NS parameters it all just sort of fell together

Tell me about each of your releases, Bear it All and THE ONE HE CHOSE.
W—THE ONE HE CHOSE—well first of all you must know, this story, like many of mine, HAD no title. After a few (+3) beers, Deanna and I were joking about what the story could be called. I said, ‘Yeah, probably something mushy and ridiculous like –the one he chose.’ Well, the rest is history.
D—Wendy always pulls great titles out of her ass! LOL
W—But, you actually asked a question—THE ONE HE CHOSE, imo, is just a nice little story about how someone can continue to love you even when they’re not around – and how what you need might be closer than you think.
D—That’s what I love about these stories Wendy and I are working on for 1NS. Wendy’s book is about a widow who finds love again when she wasn’t looking and my story BEAR IT ALL mirrors that a bit. It’s about two guys, unlikely matched in both age and appearance, who find what they need in the unexpected

What do you think would make us want to go out and buy it? (FYI I already did and LOVED them!)
W—I’ve gotten really amazing feedback for THE ONE HE CHOSE. If you like/love LIFETIME Network movies…well, this is for you. And, look at the cover! Dara England, one of Decadent Publishing’s finest cover artists, did another amazing job for me! She found GRACE! (Hey, I’ll even buy you a beer if you buy it!)
D—Firstly, all romance novels, m/m and m/f alike, always tell the story of the ‘beautiful’ people. While my one hero Travis is young and handsome, John, my bear, is older, describes himself as going soft in the middle and he’s a really hairy guy. Not your typical alpha male warrior. I think that just being a ‘normal’ man gives his character a vulnerability that readers can relate to.

Deanna – what made you decide to write in m/m?
W—Cuz she’s a horny, curious bitch! J
D—LOL, true dat! But in reality—writers will get this—every story I ever wrote was plot driven and tended to read flat or contrived throughout the emotional arc of the story. When I wrote my first m/m..…for what I thought would only be a short erotic story…..this amazing emotion opened up for my characters. I think it has to do with certain parts of society still being against gay relationships—whether in reality or just the character’s mind—and that emotional curve added to whatever plot I put them into really rounds out the story so beautifully. I find myself writing fuller, more believable characters when I write m/m. It’s not all about the sex. In my current WIP there is virtually no sex at all ….well, there is a little J just short, sweet love scenes!

Wendy – why a m/f romance?
D—Cuz she’s a chicken! LOL
W—‘Cuz, I’m not ready to change my name yet AGAIN! J If I go to the ‘dark side,’ as DW calls it, I’d have to come up with another name to write under.
But why m/f? Probably because everyone loves a good love story. I have nothing against m/m, m/m/f, m/m/m/m, m/f/f, dog/m/m….  At this point, m/f serves my Muse fine!

Did you do any research for your novel? *wink wink*
W—Yeah, I watch a lot of baseball (go read it!) Sorry – this answer won’t be nearly as entertaining as DW’s! I have a ‘thing’ for athletic types – thus the baseball. My ‘regular job’ is a great study of people – so there’s research by ‘osmosis’ there.  As for ‘where you’re going’ with the question, a girl has to keep some things to herself! J
D—This is what you really meant to ask:
Deanna, do you watch gay porn?
LOL And yes, I have seen my fair share, I’m not the least bit embarrassed to say. In fact Travis, my hero in Bear it All is based on this adorable porn star I’ve seen before….you asked!

How emotional is this book? Am I going to be sobbing?
W—It’s already brought some to tears. Our submission specialist, she called me ‘scum’ because she was out of Kleenex and had to resort to toilet paper to dry her tears. I’ve had comments about how I’ve ‘ripped out’ someone’s heart, only to make it  ‘all better’ at the end. I don’t know if you’ll be sobbing, but if I don’t get a great big, ‘AWW..that’s so friggin’ sweet!’ well, then I didn’t do my job.
D—I think Wen’s book is a tear jerker for sure but I have to say I was pretty pleased with the heart-strings I managed to pull with BEAR IT ALL

On a scale from  1 – 10 , how would you describe the sex and sensuality of your book.  
W—I think I’ll leave this one up to Deanna…she is much more ‘descriptive’ than I am! J
D—THE ONE HE CHOSE I will give a 5. It is sexy and will warm you up but Wendy is such a poetic writer that none of her sex scenes are graphic and raw. They are…she hates it when I say this…pretty. Not purple prose, mind you, just sensual and romantic. J
Now BEAR IT ALL I will give a 9, not just because of the same sex content, but I am a graphic writer, I use the F-word liberally as well as cock, cum, ass etc. Not much left to the imagination and you KNOW what they are doing. There is a lot of emotion going on too, but it is usually revealed thru the exposure of desire and the body.
W—What? Not a ten?
D—No, they don’t do any kink, so I won’t give it a 10

So who is your favorite romance author? Why?
W—Deanna Wadsworth! Gosh, is it wrong if I say I don’t have one?! I WOULD say Brad Thor, but he never gets around to getting his Scot Harvath character properly laid!
D—Well, now I have to say Wendy Burke! LOL. If you’re talking straight m/f I do love Sherilyn Kenyon, she writes a great alpha male. Elysa Hendricks has some great futuristic romance, too. If I had to pick some great m/m authors off the top of my head—JL Langely, Johnny Miles, Hank Edwards, Sloan Parker, Harper Fox, Josh Lanyon, Belinda McBride.

What are some of your favorite romance series/books?
W—Ok. I’ll mention Mr. Thor again. The Scot Harvath series – read every one of those books at least three times.  James Patterson’s Michael Bennett series. And, The Sigma Series by James Rollins. Oh, did I mention Deanna Wadsworth?
D—Harry Potter!!!! I know, it’s not a romance, lol But I love Harry. I used to like Janet Evonovich, but after like the tenth Stephanie Plum book they really went downhill big time. I mentioned Sherilyn Kenyon already. But truthfully, I really don’t read standard romance any more. I have like 100 m/m on my Kindle and 30 romance… all of which personal friends have written, and while I do enjoy them, I only bought them because my friends wrote them.

Who is your favorite romance character? (This can be yours or another author’s)
W—Caden Branch-catcher for the Detroit Tigers in a yet-to-be-released story I wrote titled, ‘Crossing Paths.’ (Well, Scot Harvath- if he ever gets the chance to ‘settle down.’)
D—Zareck in Dance with the Devil by Sherilyn Kenyon and then Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre….hmmm, now my mind is going kinky places….
W—Of course it is! LOL

If you had to go on a date for ONE NIGHT with that character-  what would you do? Details please! *wink*
W—Well, friggin’ DUH! That of course after I get an insider’s tour of Comerica Park and pick his brain about a few things when it comes to pitching strategy!
D—Jeesh….I’d screw their brains out. Those two dudes have a lot of pent up aggression and are wounded deep in their soul. Too much angst to deal with IRL but damn, they would be great in the sack! LOL

What is next for each of you in the writing world? Will we be seeing more of these characters?
W—Well, that’s the fun part about this — Deanna and I are penning three stories each for 1NS in which characters overlap! So, if you read her ‘BEAR IT ALL’ and want to know what the future held for John, just pick up ‘THE ONE HE CHOSE,’ because main character, Grace, is John’s sister…and there’s a hint to what happened to him after his 1NS. I also have a couple of full-length pieces which are in various stages of being done...I’m hoping Decadent will like them too!
D—I have a new erotic fairy tale coming out, THE FROG PRINCE which should be available soon from Decadent Publishing. It’s off to the senior editor already. And I sold the first two books in my THE NAUGHTY NORTH POLE series, MS. CLAUS’S LIST and PIP’S BOXING DAY WISH. They will be out this Christmas. (p.s. the elves have candy flavored cum)
In between editing those, I hope to finish the next two stories for the 1NS books Wendy and I have planned and finish up a novel I have been rewriting for the last year. That book started as a romance, but now has morphed into a story about three best friends, two gay guys and a girl. It’s about falling in love, struggling to come out and getting over the past. I’m really excited about it!

Where you can Find Deanna: Be sure to click the cover to find more about Bear It All

Where you can Find Wendy: Be sure to click the cover to find more about The One He Chose
Twitter: WendyBurke1994
FB: Wendy Burke Author

Oh, my side hurts from laughing so hard! And I am pleased to say you get to see these lovely ladies AND their characters again this Fall on my blog! J


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