Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Legacy Review

Legacy, by Denise Tompkins, releases Oct 18th from Samhain. I was lucky enough to get an early copy! Please note that is only my opinion.

Legacy is a fantastic introduction to a world and series that will capture your heart and hopefully never let go. Denise’s debut novel doesn’t read like a first time author, and I LOVED it. I for one usually despise prologues, but I take back everything I have ever said about them. Legacy’s hooked me from the start and demanded I read the book in one long sitting. I am so happy I did!
I love new and original worlds – and hers is it to a T. The storyline was VERY original. Yes, there was magic and supernatural. But Denise combined a well loved fictional character with a world you could get lost in and never want to find your way out from. Denise’s writing made you imagine – think. She didn’t lay it out for you, she expected you to pull things together before all was revealed. I loved it.
As fate took over Maddy, her character grew and developed to be a detective. She took what came at her in stride, yet if she was overwhelmed dealt with it. She was human in an inhuman world and believable at that. Amazing work Denise.
Bahlin- his character was heartbreakingly loveable and developed. When angry he went into a brogue. He fought his feelings yet put them on his sleeve at the same time. *sigh* Apparently there is a bidding war for Bay and I cannot have him – yet. He was attentive and helpful as her *ahem* sidekick.
There was mystery, suspense, violence, romance, sexiness, heartache and humor. What more could you as for in just one novel? I know of at least two more books coming in this series and I am eagerly awaiting them!  
I flipped through the pages like they were my lifeline. I am utterly spent and my mind is blown. Wow.
Highly recommended for those lovers of fantasy and romance with a little Scottish brogue thrown in.
Be careful what you wish for, because you just may get it … and a sexy dragon. *wink*

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