Monday, September 5, 2011

New Cover and New Author Page - and some Updates

Hi Everyone!

Some of you may have noticed yesterday that I have a new image up -what is it you ask? Well its my NEW COVER for A Taste for a Mate!!!! It's sooo pretty! Don't you think? The lovely Leia Shaw and her hubby took my ideas - like um I want trees, and a couple hugging, and oh a wolf - and made this! I am sooooo happy!

Now what does this mean? Well, at this point its a place holder if I decide to submit, or its my cover if I go indie. I have some decisions to make in the future, but for now it is to perk my spirits when I finish my treatments and finish the novel.

I also have a Facebook Author Page - here . Come and LIKE it if you want!

As for updates, for now I am working hard on A Taste for a Mate. Soon I will find some courage and heavily revise the prequel The Alpha and the PhD.

I have also found a name for the second book, Trinity Bound. Once you know what it is about, you will see how happy this makes me!

Also, now that school has officially started and I have found a nice schedule, I also plan on starting a new series called Angel's Sorrow. The first book will be called A Dust of my Wings. This idea won't let me go and is hindering my progress on A Taste for a Mate, so I will have to listen to my blue-winged Angel.

That's about it! I am having a great long weekend, how about y'all?


  1. This is a beautiful cover Carrie! Looks like a eally good read too!

  2. Thank you Gemma. I hope it is a good read! I just need to focus and finish it. At the moment I am too afraid of the words I post rather than just writing. Arg.