Friday, October 28, 2011

An Alpha's Path Excerpt

An Alpha's Path comes out on Dec 5th. I'm super excited about that and just wanted to give you another taste. Yum. An Alpha's Path is Book 1 of the Redwood Pack series.

            Kade’s arm wrapped around her as he slowly and methodically ran his hand up and down her back. Shivers of need racked her body. Oh my, he’s amazing. He led her toward the bed and sat her down gently before joining her. His warmth brushed against her skin through the thin peasant blouse she wore. Another ache ran down her spine, and she took a deep breath and inhaled his scent. Masculine pine and forest invaded her senses, causing her head to swim. She wanted taste him again. Mel wasn’t so hesitant and scared anymore. Well, maybe it was a new scared, but she was anxious to see what came of it.
            Kade’s hand brushed the underside of her breast and her breath caught. Goosebumps rose in the wake of his hand as it slid down to cup her bottom. She snuggled closer into to him and moved her hand onto his chest in small circles. His heartbeat under her palm increased and his breath quickened. Mel raised her head to look up at him – his pupils dilating in his forest green eyes.
            “I’m glad that you decided against the walk.” His voice had deepened and taken a rougher edge to it – almost a growl

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