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Amber Scott, Sadie, and Elijah (Squee!) talk Fierce Dawn

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Okay eyes to me and off Elijah’s chest. I know it’s hard but *sigh*. I had the privilege of sitting down with Amber, Sadie and Elijah to talk about Fierce Dawn. Amber sat all the way through and I was lucky enough to get in a few questions to Sadie and Elijah *sigh*.

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Fierce Dawn to me seemed so different than any other book I have read – where on Earth did the idea come from?
Thank you! That is a really awesome compliment. The dreams that Sadie has of Elijah are the scenes that first floated into my head. Then those evolved into her painting him and her misdiagnosis. This world took a lot of time and patience for me to ultimately nail down. I did so through reading a lot on quantum physics and letting my imagination run wild with what I could grasp about the subject. A few elements were in my head for ages. Like blood being a drug and vampires as the addicts. That portion came to me back in college during a course I took called Vampire Literature. Sadie’s misdiagnosis came to me with the one little question of “What if what she saw was real and that we were the ones missing reality?”

What type of research did you do for this?
Lots of neuroscience, self-help, books on the human brain. I’m a big time brain geek. Plus research on addiction and then working out fight sequences. The choreography of it took some doing.

I really, I mean really loved Elijah – what is your favorite part about him?
Oooh, again, thank you so much! Not that I really should take credit. He sort of just showed up all torn and beautiful on his own. My favorite part about him physically is his gorgeous blue wings. Personality wise, that he holds himself to such a high standard. He believes in moral code and why laws are in place to protect humankind. Which makes it all the more fun when he faces having intense feelings for a human changeling.

Sadie – What was your first impression of Elijah?
Live and in person, I was shocked. He looked so much like the winged man seducing me in my dreams. I thought, well, that I was crazy. Then when I dreamed about him more, I figured my mind was supplanting him in the original because of my crush on him. Seeing him every week just reinforced my dreams and painting him didn’t help. Not that I could help myself. Painting him became a physical necessity at times.

Sadie – What is your favorite part about him?
That he helped me see myself with new eyes. That he does everything two hundred percent including love. He loves hard and pure and no matter, what will never stop.

Elijah – What was your first impression of Sadie?
I had no business having any impression about her. I was over realm lines with one purpose and I didn’t want to see any human, not truly see them. But her transformation forced me to. Her eyes. I can still remember the exact way she looked up at me that day in the library. I’d never seen suck naked emotion before. Not from an immortal and certainly not from any human.

Elijah – What is your favorite part about her?
I have many, many favorite parts. Her ankles, her wrists, the hollow of her throat. How she can be so strong yet pliant all at once.

Elijah – Did you ever want to step in and protect Sadie from Heather?
Absolutely. I could have throttled her more than once. If I’d known about the paintings that day? I’d have shocked Heather with a nice dose of immortal reality in the form of transporting her. But, again, that went against everything I’d always held to be sound law. Immortals do not interfere. Fate and free will are very delicate laws unto themselves. I couldn’t help toying with her sister just a bit, though.

Amber – Who is your favorite Romance Author?
Hmmmm. That is a really tough one for me. I adore Carolyn Crane, Maggie Stiefvater and I just started reading Moning. I’m also a total Twi-hard.

Amber – What is your favorite romance book or series? Why?
I just finished the Mercy Falls Wolves series by Maggie Stiefvater. LOVED it. And I’m starting the Moning Fever series. Come this fall I’ll finally get my hands on book three of Crane’s Dissillusionist series, too. Dy-ing for it.

Amber – Who is your favorite romance character? If you spent the day with them what would you do? Details please!
Besides Lyric? A day spent licking chocolate sauce off various parts of him? I’d have to say Martini from Gini Koch’s Alien series. Apparently he’s out of this world in the sack. Hehe.

Amber – How would you rate the hotness of Fierce Dawn?
Scorching hot. Not erotica but not for Grammy Mary. That is for sure.

Amber – What is next in this world? Will we be seeing these characters again?
Stealing Dusk is next and then several to follow that aren’t quite titled yet. But Monica, Heather and a coming character, Roan Slade, will get stories as well. Realm lines collapsing and the world integrating immortals plus changelings is causing all sorts of delicious mayhem.

Thank you so much Amber for coming! Remember – Leave a question or comment for Amber or any one of her characters and they will answer you. If you do you are eligible to win a free e-copy of her book! Winners will be drawn randomly so please leave your email address for us!

Oh and here is a picture of the lovely Amber doing *ahem* research with the cover model god Jimmy.LOL

Fierce Dawn:

"X-MEN action meets True Blood heat!" *****5 stars
---Ann Charles, Nearly Departed In Deadwood, 2010 Daphne Winner

Snarling teeth, glowing eyes. Someone--something--is after her.

The man who haunts her dreams enters her reality, claiming she's transforming into a changeling--not quite immortal but no longer human.

Battle lines are drawn and blood spills as the two fight not only for her life, but for mankind's as well.

Elijah stepped closer, so close he could see thin gold flecks in her sky blue eyes. “Do you remember the night something chased you past the park?”
Her eyes widened. She perceptibly swallowed. “A werewolf?”
“No,” Elijah said, not wanting to correct the mortal term and create even more confusion. “I thought she was a shapeshifter, but she claimed to be a changeling. And that you are, too.”
“It doesn’t sound like you’re sure I am.”
“I wasn’t. Until now. The changeling has been following you. I can’t get a strong enough trace to hunt her again.”
“She wants me dead?”
“I don’t think so, but she wants something. She’s waiting, watching.”
Her hand went to her throat but her gaze hardened. “That’s why you want me to come with you?”
 “Yes,” Elijah said. “There are immortals who would kill you just to keep the realms pure. Half-breeds aren’t tolerated in the immortal realm. They’re seen as inferior, tainted perfection by many. A changeling would be far worse. Right or wrong, your existence threatens both realms. The fact that I’m not the only one who knows you are transforming puts you in higher danger.”
She threw her hands up and started yanking drawers open, tossing clothes aside. Impatient but not angry.
He took in her every move, listened to the even keel of her vibration. She sounded resolved. Elijah’s worries subsided. She was far sturdier than he’d first assumed.
She paused but didn’t face him. “And?”
“And there is a faction—The Illeautians—who consider humankind parasitic. They want the human realm destroyed. If humans start evolving….”
She pulled off her tee. The smooth bare skin on her back, two crescent shaped scars at her shoulders, filled his vision. Elijah couldn’t look away as she strapped a bra around her slender ribcage and put her arms through the straps. His gaze caressed the slope of her back. Two hollows above her ass peaked out from her bottoms. His imagination filled in what he could not see.
His body tightened against his will. He had no business wanting a mortal.
Even a changeling one. Because a part of her might always be human.
Humans died. Immortals lived.
“If you’re right and I’m not going to be human anymore, why would anyone care what I am?” She brought a snug blue shirt over her head then glanced meaningfully over her shoulder.
He should turn around, give her privacy. “Because, what are realm lines for if humans are evolving? Mortals live, they die, they do not become immortal. In human terms, it could be seen as the first stages of Armageddon. Only this wouldn’t be a war between Heaven and Hell.”

Fierce Dawn  Review

Though most think her not completely sane, Sadie is merely not compeltely human. Elijah is a seeker who is trying to find his brother and must deal with startling revelations about the difference between immortals and humans.

The characters were well developed and the story moved fast once you got into it. I was a little  confused at first and had to reread parts once I knew the definitions of some  words but that just made the story more unique. I really enjoyed reading the novel and would totally read more from Amber Scott.

This was a fast paced novel that led you through a world that was parallel to our own. I highly recommend it to readers who want to take a break from the normal paranormal romances and dive into a new world.

On a personal note I wanted to strangle the sister Heather, who I found to be manipulative and blind as she only saw the defects in her own flesh and blood that she wanted to see and never saw reason. But that what the point of that character.

Leave a question or comment for Amber or any one of her characters and they will answer you. If you do you are eligible to win a free e-copy of her book! Winners will be drawn randomly so please leave your email address for us!


  1. Oh, I loved Fierce Dawn! And yes, it was very different from the paranormal I've read.

    A great interview!

  2. Great interview and i loved the excerpt !!!

  3. Great interview. This is an awesome book. I'm plugging away for the kindle at the end and as I've got the book already (Which I loved!) please give it to someone else if my name comes up. Great tour!
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  4. Hi Carrie & amber!
    Great interview!
    I have such excellent things about this series and have so wanted to read it. I have wanted to ask if the series must be read in order or if they can be read as a stand alone.
    I love the cover, and your picture with Jimmy is marvelous!
    I don't know enough of the series to ask a question of the character darn
    Amber, which book out of all your published works would a new fan start reading? IS there a favorite you would would suggest?

    Thank you for the giveaway!


  5. Hi everyone!!
    Thank you for such a fun interview and post, Carrie Ann! Thank you to everyone who commented, too. It's so nice to see so many friendly faces.
    @Pommawolf, I'd say any one title that interests you most is a good place to start. All of them are written as stand alone titles and are the start of their own series, too, so you won't be lost.