Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bind Me and Love Stacey Kennedy

I get Stacey Kennedy back! Whoot! And FYI, I've read Bind Me and its HOT!

Tell me about Bind Me.
BIND ME is a contemporary BDSM erotic romance. Here’s the blurb:
Four best friends embrace their fantasies and make a pact of seduction to live out their deepest and darkest desires. The women place their lives in the hands of fate and one short straw declares Marley will be the first to awaken her secret wishes.
Reed, a Dom at sex club Castle Dolce Vita, has lived the BDSM lifestyle for awhile, but has yet to find a submissive that suits him. That is until he meets Marley, a woman seeking to indulge her fantasies.
As Reed guides her through a night of pleasure, Marley brings more to him than a perfect submissive–she stirs emotions in him long ago lost. By binding Marley, he runs up against his own limits, and now he has to choose between his self-protective barriers or surrendering to the wildfire Marley has reignited in his heart.
Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements, including spanking.
Would you ever make a pact of seduction with your friends?

Sigh. I wish I had when I was single. It would’ve been the perfect way to make sure I fulfilled all the fantasies I always dreamed of—now write about—that’d I would never actually do!

Would you ever trust a stranger with your secret wish?

Hell yes!

Why did you choose to write about BDSM? Is this your first foray into the genre?

No, I have written two other BDSM stories. One is Forever Bound that released with Decadent Publishing and another is All She Wants For Christmas is Her Dom that is releasing on November 25th, 2011.

I wrote the story because I dreamed it up! That’s the simple answer. The idea came to me and I started writing.

Rate the hotness of Bind Me.

Read while in bed with either your lover close by or something battery operated!

Marley – What was your first impression of Reed?

The sexiest piece of man I’d ever seen! I even stumbled over my own feet when I saw him, and maybe even my words too.

Marley – What is your favorite thing about him?

The power and confidence he possess, especially when he brings out his ropes. *grins*

Reed – What was your first impression of Marley?


Reed – What is your favorite thing about her?

Her long, sexy legs, and of course, her natural submissiveness.

Stacey – Is Bind Me part of a series? What is next in their world?

BIND ME is part of the Pact of Seduction series. The next story will be Bella’s and while her fantasy might be to have a steamy night with a woman, I have a feeling something else might be in store for her. I plan to start it next month and get it off to the publisher soon!


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