Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did I just invite you into my bedroom?

Hello Everyone!

April and Danielle are back! And they are here to talk about something every romance writer thinks about. They also have some great news to share as well.

Did I just invite you into my bedroom? 

            Writing sex scenes are sometimes tough for any author… who am I kidding. They are always tough for us. This is where the problem lies. What you’ve written is an insight into your mind and experiences (sometimes it’s what you’ve seen on TV and wanted to experience). When someone reads your work, they now have a direct line into your thoughts and what you like or know. So it’s always awkward when your father-in-law comes up to you and says, “I finally finished your book.” And you are like, dear God, please don’t ask me any questions about it. It’s not that you aren’t proud of your book, it’s just that you really don’t want to have to explain why “love interest” pulled down “main character’s” panties. And what’s even better than that is when your son goes to school and says my mom wrote this great book and it’s for sale on Amazon; and then he proceeds to look it up online for his teacher and show her. (True story.) Oh, but then I have to edit it. Not only edit it, but also hand my steamy manuscript over to others to edit – wondering what they will think about certain scenes. And as I look at these edits, I wonder to myself, have I been doing it wrong all these years?


           Love scenes and sex scenes are important to stories. And they can be so moving and inspiring. But sometimes, I feel like I have just cut on the video recorder during my private moments and hit the record button for the world to see. I have even been asked if any love scene I have written was captured from real life, granted it was a close friend. And of course I was completely honest and said absolutely not… then I proceeded to not make eye contact and change the subject.

            Finally, I’m down to writing the sex scene, and wow, is it yummy. John Doe is in love with Jane Doe and they have a moment of pure ecstasy. Scene completed! I’m proud! I’ve done it! It sounded great and sexy! I connected with my characters! I fell in love with John Doe just as Jane Doe did. He is all I can think about! I close my laptop and smile because I have a masterpiece finished. And then my husband walks in and says, “Hey, Honey. Whatcha been doing this evening?” My response is a startled, “Oh… um… nothing.” And beads of sweat appear on my forehead, hoping that he won’t ask for details.

            I know that with time, some of the insecurities about sex scenes will pass, but I wonder how other authors feel about this. I know that I love reading these scenes in books and have secretly skipped pages in them to get to the next hot steamy moment, but when I have written the scene myself, it’s a different story. I’m left with the thought, “Did I just invite you into my bedroom?”

April Fifer and Danielle Hylton
Authors of Flesh and Feathers

April and I are happy to share that we have been recently published with Silver Publishing. Our book "Flesh and Feathers" will be re-released for purchase in early March 2012.

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  1. It does get better. I promise. I used to feel the same way. Now, I'm a little 'eh' about it. I like writing them, finally, because i like the connection the characters get. But, I do remember that I used to cringe and cringe a lot. Congratulations on the sale to Silver! I will admit...I cannot write love scenes with my kids in the room.

  2. Thanks Rebecca! And right... if kids are around... it ain't happening. LOL.

  3. Great post guys! And congrats on the sale! I am now used to it and just shrug it off...being on social media has helped with connecting with all the other authors who are writing daily! But it makes me a bit uncomfortable when my son's nursery school teacher gushes about the book but said she marked some pages in it...and shared with her friends, kind of like high school!! She kidn of looks at me and may be wondering what goes on in my house - lol!! Oh well. As long as she enjoyed the book!

  4. I felt the same way and now getting use to writing them. I plan to step up current WIP a little and have some fun. :)

    I'm also with Rebecca about the kids. Mine are teenagers. Well my son is 19 and daughter 18, but still. I was writing a love scene with my headphones on, music up load, and my son walked in and stood next to me. I couldn't shut down the screen fast enough. lol.

    Congrats! Wishing you many sales.

  5. Carrie Ann, I love this post. So far, I've kind of avoided those types of scenes (you can get away without them in some genres), in part for that reason. ^_^