Monday, October 10, 2011

Four Characters and only Me. *sigh* Happiness.

Wendy and Deanna are back again! But this time I got to ask their characters some juicy and sigh worthy questions! Oh and FYI - Mystery Man is Grace's man from The One He Chose. I won't tell you who he is, other then the fact that I love him. Ouch! Grace just elbowed me in the stomach. Okay, she loves him. He loves her. We get the picture. I am just a bystander. *sigh* But really, you will need to read the book to know who he is. It's worth it. Trust me. Oh, and John and Travis are also here from Bear it All. And damn, I love them too. *sighs again*

Carrie Ann – What was your first impression of your mystery man?

Grace—Well, obviously at first I was terribly shocked—

Mystery Man—That bad, eh?

Grace—(((gives him a playful sway))) You know that’s not what I meant! Um, just LOOK at you, honey!

Travis— We are! (((winks at John and they both give MM a once over)))

Grace— (((gives her brother, John, and Travis a shake of the head))) You two are such dorks. What I meant was, I didn’t think there was any way I was supposed to be with this person. I couldn’t see him, so my first true impressions were how he cuddled and touched me. He was extremely gentle, almost to the point of being shy. But he warmed up pretty darn quickly! J

Carrie Ann – Mystery Man, what was your first impression of Grace?

Mystery Man— She was drop-dead gorgeous!

John—She gets that from me

Mystery Man— No offense, John, but THANK GOD she doesn’t look like you (((everyone laughs because John is 6’5 and huge as Grace is 5’6 and petite))) Madame Eve delivered everything I’d always wanted in a woman, so I was pretty much blown away that my first impression was that Grace was the end of the ‘romantic road’ for me—I’d never be with anyone else again.

Carrie Ann – What is your favorite part about your surprise date?

Grace— Probably his devotion. I knew right away he was ‘chosen’ for me. I think Madame Eve had a few gnomes working overtime to help her on this 1 Night Stand set up!

John— (((shakes head))) I think Madame Eve is like Cupid’s wife or something. She knows what you want even before you do

Mystery Man— Oh, I knew what I wanted!

Travis— (((raises his hand))) Me too!

Mystery Man—(((leans in to whisper to Travis))) Thank God, Madame Eve got involved or the two analytical twins (((flips a thumb at John and Grace))) would still be alone and ‘frustrated’!

Travis—(((high-fives Mystery Man))) No doubt

Grace—(((clears her throat))) Anyway…back to my question, aside from the emotional and metaphysical, my date has the most engaging smile, up-to-no-good grey-blue eyes, fantastic shoulders and…

John—(((plugs his ears))) La La La La, I’m not listening to this!

Grace—(((laughing))) Well, fine I suppose the rest is much too personal!

Carrie Ann – What is your favorite part about Grace?

Mystery Man— Really? I have to tell you that? She’d kill me! J

Travis—And I would have to try to coax John out of a fetal position after having to listen to the details on his sister’s love life

Carrie Ann— Travis, what was your first impression about John?

Travis—Oh my god! He was perfect. I didn’t think he thought I was all that great, though.

John: Oh no, not this again!

Travis:  I’m just teasing, babe, but you were perfect. Big tall, hairy—just like a man should be. I thought Madame Eve must’ve snuck into my spank bank and custom made you just for me

Carrie Ann— John, what was your first impression about Travis?

John— Shock. He is so much younger than me, and so adorable, I thought Madame Eve made a mistake. There was no way someone so gorgeous could be meant for someone like me. I was actually a jerk when we first met. I took one look at him and walked away

Travis—Nearly broke my heart

John:—(((reaches out and takes his hand))) and I plan to spend the rest of my life making that up to you. But Madame Eve really knew what she was doing, setting us up together.

Carrie Ann—Travis , what is your favorite part about John?

Travis— His kindness. I like a bear, but I prefer a teddy to a grizzly. John might be a huge guy…and I do mean huge, wink wink…but he is kindness personified. Whenever I am with him, I feel so safe and loved.

Carrie Ann —John, what is your favorite part about Travis?

John—He’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. I’ve never met anyone sweeter. He’s brought love and joy back into my life and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Travis—Awww, see what I mean? He’s a big softie! I could just eat him up!

Mystery Man—Now, I’m gonna gag

Grace—Well, now none of us want all the gorey details of our one night stands, but the readers might want to know more. Why don’t we give away a copy of THE ONE HE CHOSE by Wendy Burke and  BEAR IT ALL by Deanna Wadsworth

John— Great idea, sis. And I think the readers will agree that Madame Eve is a matchmaker like no other

Mystery Man—Just leave a comment below with your contact info, and we’ll pick a winner and got both books to them

Travis: You can find out more about John and me at Deanna’s blog or friend her on Facebook!/profile.php?id=100001206469235

And read all kinds of mushy romantic crap about these two straight folk at Wendy Burke’s blog:

Grace: Thanks for having us, Carrie Ann!


  1. I love your blog, Carrie Ann! Thanks for having us, and I am glad to see my boys behaved themselves!

  2. What a awesome blog I am so glad to have discovered it I adore it !

    Question : where does your inspiration come from ??

    Thansk for the chance to win I would adore it !


  3. fun character interview! Fab job, ladies!! Laughed, cringed and even felt da love! Ahhh. And it must be in the air, another one of Madame Eve's clients was interviewed today; Shaun Bell from Sweet Irish Kiss. And a little birdie tells me he's giving away free drinks again! LOL

  4. @Desere...alcohol...yup, pretty much just the hooch LOL

  5. Thanks for the character interview! Is it fun to do the character interviews? I always enjoy reading them but I wonder if it's harder or easier to take characters out of their element for an interview.

    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  6. ML..that's a tough one. If you ask Deanna, she has no trouble switching back and forth from author to character--I tend to 'overthink' things sometimes.

    So--I would have to say, 'writing' is the easy part, having the characters actually 'answer' questions is more difficult probably because the questions come from 'outside' their realm. I can control what my characters are exposed to--when someone else is asking the questions, to me, the characters seem vulnerable, unprotected by 'me.' Does that make sense?

    Don't worry, DW will come along and explain my answer! :)

    Thanks for posting!

  7. LOL Wen, I love character interviews because it feels like I am writing a sequel

  8. Oh, I love character interviews! And the brother/sister dynamic is perfect.

  9. Alcohol really I love it brilliant answer !!!!


  10. Do you like to listen to music when you write? And if you do who is your favorite?