Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gemma Parkes Interviews Her Characters!

Hi All!

Gemma was nice enough to stop by with her character Natalie from Naked Moon sit down to answer some questions for us!

Gemma:  Hi Natalie, thank you for coming over to Carrie Ann’s blog today.

Natalie:   You’re welcome (shifts in seat, looks at watch) Will this take long?

Gemma:  Erm, no, do you have somewhere else to be?

Natalie:  Well, I’ve started dancing now, whenever there is a full moon, up in Steadman’s park, you may have heard about it?

Gemma: Was that the place where Rob took you on your first date?

Natalie: (giggles) It was, and l have never looked back, l am now one of the dancers! It’s wild!

Gemma: Could you remind everyone how you two first met?

Natalie: I had been living in total boredom with my partner Joe for five years. I didn’t realise how unfulfilled l was. Life just plodded on, you know? Joe was ok l suppose, but there was no passion in our relationship, no anything really. Just routine and disinterest. We were old before our time.

Gemma: I see, I see, and where does Rob fit into all this?

Natalie: Man, your memory is soo bad! He moved in next door, it was really late one night. I didn’t meet him until the next day, but l just knew straight away it was going to be a really special relationship.

Gemma: You fancied him then?

Natalie: (giggling again) OMG l was totally besotted, l thought about him all day and night. He must have been thinking about me too because he asked me out.

Gemma: Didn’t you worry about Joe?

Natalie: He just didn’t seem to care what l did, so long as it didn’t affect him in anyway.

Gemma: But still, he was your partner…

Natalie: Not in any real sense of the word. We had become just two people sharing a house by then. Rob lit my fire. He was exciting and full of life!

Gemma: Yes, l seem to remember just how full of life he was in the car park!

Natalie: What happened in that car park was crazy. I had never seen such beautiful dancing!  I was totally mesmerized. Then, when Rob came behind me, placed his hand across my stomach and breathed his warm breath on my neck…incredible.

Gemma: And things went on from there?

Natalie: (deep sigh) On and on Gemma, l knew l couldn’t go back to living the way l was. I moved out of my home and found somewhere else to live. Rob moved in with me three months later. I quit my job at the supermarket and started promoting the ‘dances’. We travelled all over the country. People started paying for private performances and l handled the money side of things. I also learnt some of the moves by training alongside the dancers. Pretty soon Rob joined me and we practiced together, training well into the night. We soon became a part of the show. I couldn’t be happier!

Gemma: As far as l remember some of those dances were very explicit, was that hard to do?

Natalie: At first, but l had Rob to prop me up, literally! I soon thought nothing of exposing my body in front of crowds of people. After a while the music takes over, all you think about then, is the dance.

Gemma: Really? What about the sex?

Natalie: Ah well, that is an intricate part of the dance! It’s incredible!

Gemma: Hmm, yes, well thank you for talking to us Natalie, I’m sure you’ll want to go and prepare yourself for another nights viewing, so to speak, maybe I’ll catch your performance sometime, make a few notes, write a sequel…?

An excerpt from ‘Naked Moon’

The girls began to dance, their slick bodies shining in the moonlight. They swirled and dipped forward, their ample breasts swinging from side to side. They leapt high spreading long, toned legs wide, revealing small oiled curls of pubic hair and shiny pink entrances. They moved around each other as the music built and then leaned back, their long dark hair cascading down their spines and their excited nipples pointing upwards towards the moon like a sacrificial offering. They held this pose for a few moments until the next track started up. Then they were off, dancing in unison like a four legged, two headed goddess, springing, gyrating, teasing.
The men in the audience were held transfixed by the intoxicating sight unfolding before them. Some were holding their crotches, many were open mouthed. Natalie felt Rob’s large hand spread across her stomach, pulling her into him, his warm breath on her neck and his stiffening cock bulging against her butt. She leaned backwards, her own desire heightened by this sexual display, as the women danced before them close enough to touch.
The music increased in pace, a capriccio of frenzy and wild abandonment, the girls stood side by side and shook their bodies in syncopation. The drum beat pounded and they were joined on the mat, by the taller of the two men, equally naked he joined in the dance; thrusting his pelvis backwards and forwards, bumping and grinding, circling his hips wide to the pulsing beat.

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  3. This book sounds great and I already like Natalie now from reading this post! Thanks so much for the generous giveaway!!! =)

    Valerie Long

  4. I'm getting quite a visual of the dance as Rob leans over her watching with her. Very hot story I have to read.

  5. Great interview. I always find it interesting when from the characters point of view!

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    Natalie seems like a spunky female lead. Great job.