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Roz Lee - Behind Closed Doors

Hello All! Please welcome Roz Lee to the blog!

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Thanks Carrie Ann for inviting me over to play today. It’s always nice to make new friends! You have such a fabulous blog. It’s been fun reading the posts from your previous guests. I’m honored to be here.

Behind Closed Doors

 I’ve let my characters dabble in the world of BDSM, some more than others, but in the novella that just released, I let them dive head first into the lifestyle, or at least part of it. In case you’re wondering what BDSM stands for, it’s an acronym for several different lifestyles, Bondage and Discipline (B&D), Dominance and Submission (D/s), and Sadism and Masochism (S&M). Within each practice, there are an almost limitless variety of subcultures, many of which overlap, making it impossible to stereotype a BDSM lifestyle.

Each one is as unique as the people practicing it, and many people incorporate elements of the BDSM lifestyles into their otherwise vanilla sexual experience as a way to ‘spice’ to a routine sex life. These people aren’t the ones you would expect to take BDSM outside their bedroom. For them, it’s a onetime experience or an occasional jump-start to a weak battery (so to speak). It’s not the way they identify themselves sexually. They don’t need the type of sexual stimulation found in a true BDSM lifestyle in order to feel satisfied.

For many, some variation of the lifestyle is the norm. You’ve probably watched a movie or television show, or read a book where one of the characters is involved in the lifestyle. Sometimes they’re depicted as practicing with virtual strangers at a fetish club, where for a few hours they are free to explore their sexual inclinations without judgment. Clubs like those do exist. Let’s face it, not many people have a dungeon in their home. Clubs afford privacy, and they don’t have to worry about the neighbors calling the police if they hear strange noises.

Heck, houses are so close together in our neighborhood, I’m afraid to fluff the pillows with the windows open! You can read that any way you choose, I don’t mind. <grin>

In STILL TAKING CHANCES, Mary Beth and Elgin don’t wear a sign around their neck proclaiming their sexual preferences. A chance encounter brings them together, and sensing something familiar in their reactions, they take a chance, revealing their innermost secret.

Elgin Huddleston has had a lot of domme’s since he first recognized his submissive tendencies, offering himself up as a temporary plaything in exchange for physical release. He’s never met a domme like Mary Beth Winters, and as she demands more from him than his physical surrender, he isn’t at all sure he’s wants to continue seeing her. But there’s something about her, and her brand of domination, that keeps him coming back to her studio/torture chamber day after day.

Mary Beth trained with one of the most renowned domme’s in the state of Texas, but she gave up the lifestyle after a series of subs left her wondering if she needed them more than they needed her. Then she met Elgin Huddleston, and sensed his need to submit might be as great as her need to dominate. But she’s had enough of superficial relationships. If she’s going to put her heart on the line in order to help Elgin, and risk the whole town finding out about her sexual inclinations, he’s going to have to surrender everything, body and soul.

Mary Beth has the perfect place to set up a makeshift dungeon – the small garage behind her house where she crafts beautiful sculptures she sells on line and in the small gallery she owns. The studio is isolated enough to provide the privacy they need, and she can work while putting Elgin to the test.

The studio door is firmly closed and locked, but you can have a peek inside… shhh!! Follow me…

Author Bio –

Roz Lee has been married to her best friend, and high school sweetheart, for over three decades. These days she splits her time between their home in rural New Jersey, and Southern California, where her husband works. Even though she’s lived on both coasts, her heart lies in between, in Texas. A Texan by birth, she can trace her family back to the Republic of Texas. With roots that deep, she says, “You can’t ever really leave.”

Roz and her husband have two grown daughters they couldn’t be more proud of, and are currently raising a ten-year-old Labrador Retriever, Betty Boop, who isn’t aware of her canine heritage.

When Roz isn’t writing, she’s reading, or traipsing around the country on one adventure or another. No trip is too small, no tourist trap too cheesy, and no road unworthy of traveling.



Blurb –

After a mission in a South American jungle goes wrong, DEA Agent Elgin ‘Hud’ Huddleston returns to his boyhood home to lick his wounds. Despite his better judgment, Hud is drawn to the woman across the street, a petite Dominatrix with a freeze your balls off name.

Mary Beth Winters packed away her toys and put the BDSM lifestyle behind her years ago when she realized the men she dominated didn’t need her as much as she needed them. But when a troubled bad-boy, Elgin ‘Hud’ Huddleston, moves in across the street, she dusts off her toy box and risks her heart to help him heal.



Her eyes raked over him and he had the impression she was mentally undressing him as thoroughly as he’d undressed her in his mind. Something about her perusal made him want to squirm, but he held still. “Do you always wear black?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Yeah, he could play this game. She jumped off the high stool she’d been sitting on, and walked around the worktable. He followed her with his eyes, admiring the curve of her legs and the fine bones in her feet and ankles. She stopped and dug around in a large pink canvas bag that sat on the end of the flower-print covered sofa along the long wall opposite the door. His heart almost stopped  beating when she pulled out a serious looking set of leather handcuffs and a length of chain. Whoa there! Where the hell did she get those? All the fight went out of him.

“Hold out your hands.”

Hud allowed her to fasten the cuffs around his wrists. She hooked them together with a short length of chain that looked like it came from a hardware store. If he twisted his hands around, he’d be able to unfasten the cuffs, he reasoned, as panic threatened to set in. He was momentarily distracted by the sweet curves of her ass as she walked away from him. She picked up a step stool and dropped it next to his feet. “Take your shoes off.”

He toed his shoes off and kicked them to the side. When he looked up from his task, Mary Beth was on the step stool, a head above him. In one hand, she held an S hook attached to a chain and pulley, the other she reached down to him. “Give me your hands.”

Hud swallowed hard and lifted his shackled hands. For the first time, he thought he might have underestimated Mary Beth Winters. She looped the chain at his wrists through the hook, and with a hand on the pulley chain, she jumped off the stool. Hud watched in dawning horror as she pulled the chain tight enough to make his shoulders burn and secured the pulley chain to a hook on the wall, well out of his reach even if he had his hands free. He cursed under his breath. How had he missed the chain pulley overhead? If he’d been on a mission, a mistake like that would mean he’d be dead.

Roz will be giving away a copy of the book Kinky Cupcakes to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. The more you comment, the more likely you are to win. Click the logo below to see the rest of the tour!


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