Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scarlett Scott Talks Soul Mates

Scarlett Scott  is here today to talk about soul mates and romance. Please join me in welcoming her here! I'm so happy that I found about her tour, because now I get to read a great book!

Is it Meant to Be?

Maybe I’m old fashioned. Or maybe I’m a hopeless romantic. On second thought, I’m definitely both of those things. I truly do believe in soul mates. I think there are people out there in the world who are meant to be together. For every person, there is a person to fit you, to meet your needs, to make you complete.

I’m a sucker for the “it was meant to be” storyline when it comes to romance novels, but in real life, I’ve experienced the same thing. I met my husband by complete chance. We lived thousands of miles apart in two different countries. There was no reason we would ever meet each other, and yet we did. Now we’re living our happily ever after as the proud parents of one extremely hyper puppy.

Of course, in both real life and in books, it isn’t always as simple as finding your soul mate. Sometimes, there are detours. Sometimes, there are lessons people need to learn, experiences to be had on the way to finding a soul mate.  In my book Reprieve, Sophie finds her second chance at love and happiness after experiencing the tragic loss of her husband and daughter.

Call me a hopeless romantic if you will, but I believe in life just as in romance novels, it’s never too late to find the person who was meant for you.

Thank you for coming by today Scarlett!

Author bio:

Scarlett Scott writes sexy historical and contemporary romances. She lives with her hero and their adorable but occasionally evil puppy.

Twitter:  @scarscoromance


It’s been a year since Sophie lost her husband and daughter in a car wreck but time hasn’t healed her wounds. A desperate choice leads her to Trevor, the handsome stranger who saves her life and leaves her wanting more than just a few steamy kisses.

Trevor is content living the fast-paced life of a successful NYC entrepreneur. The last kind of complication he needs is a troubled woman like Sophie. But he’s immediately drawn to her even if his bachelor instincts scream for him to run.

As Sophie struggles to fight her growing feelings for Trevor, she’s torn between her past and the future. Somehow, she has to find the strength to finally let go and move on with a man who is everything she never thought she wanted.


She caught him staring and he met her gaze boldly, reading the fear in her blue eyes. Trevor was well aware he frightened Sophie. He didn’t belong to her predictable world. But God help him, he was drawn to her.

“What is it?” she asked self-consciously, smoothing back her hair in a nervous motion.

He swallowed. He had no right to be thinking he would like nothing better than to cross the space between them and give her a thorough kiss. He had no right to wonder what she would taste like, what her eyes would look like when they were glazed with passion. Their relationship was strictly business. So why the hell couldn’t he stop drooling over the woman?


Snap out of it, man. Business. Think business.

His reason for driving down from New York had, after all, been to gain access to the remainder of Sophie’s work, not to lust after her. With the handful of paintings he’d taken from Claire’s being such a resounding success, Trevor thought it would behoove him to look over the snippets she’d been hiding. With great difficulty, he turned his mind toward her art work.

“Will you show me the rest of your work, Sophie?”


  1. Scarlett I see you write both Historical & Contemporary, do you have a preference?


  2. Hi Marybelle, thanks for your question. I love historical and contemporary equally, but I do find that it's a lot less time consuming to write contemporary since it typically doesn't require as much research as historical. Scarlett

  3. This totally sounds like my kind of book. I'll have to check it out!

  4. Thanks, Heather. I hope you do :)

  5. Hi, Scarlett. Love you excerpt.
    I believe in soul mates as well. But I also think souls like to travel in packs, LOL. What I mean is I think most of the people we have in our lives we have been with many lives over. I also think in each life we play a different roll.

  6. Another book to add to my TBR list. Great excerpt!
    I also believe in souls mates. I'm married to mine. :) From the moment we started dating, I know we were meant to be together. I also feel we know each other in a past life. We know each other too well.

  7. Hi Brenda, I agree with you that we travel in packs in our lifetimes. I've always thought the same thing. There are certainly some people in my life that I feel have been around for quite some time! They know me too well. And Lia, I'm so happy to hear you're married to your soul mate. We're the lucky ones :) So glad you all enjoyed the excerpt!

  8. Thanks again for having me here today, Carrie Ann!

  9. I love second chance stories! Have to add the book to my wish list.
    Thanks for the post!

    claudigc at msn dot com

  10. Loved your post. I feel the same about my husband.


  11. Lovely post, Scarlett! I believe the same :-)


  12. The excerpt hints that Sophie is an artist (painting or photography). I consider writing an art. Are you artistic outside of writing?