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Come "Hang" with Casea Major - How Big is Too Big?

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Come Hang with Casea Major as she asks – How big is too big?


Chio Pino, the hero in my current release Pinocchio Syndrome, has a fun problem.  His dick grows an inch every time he tells a lie, and oh, how the ladies love for Chio to lie. 
So today I'm asking the question, can a man be "too big"?
Think about it and let me know.  I'm giving away a copy of my book to one of the commentators.
In searching the internet, I found some interesting information (lots of it).  In general, when it comes to penises, (Yes. That is the plural.) men appear to be more concerned than women about the size of their member.
In surveys taken by various men's health organizations, statistics show the average erect male penis is between 5.5 to 6.5 inches in length with a circumference of 4.5 to 5.5 inches. 
What strikes me about these numbers is that the circumference is almost as long as the length.  Who knew?  I never imagined that most men are nearly as thick around as they are long.  Perhaps that doesn't come as a shock to some, but I find that a little hard to swallow. (Had to go there - LOL)
Researchers have also found that the average length of a woman's vaginal canal is 5 to 7 inches.  It seems the design of male and female bodies work in harmony, and while there are always variations, in general they fit together. 
Here is a map of average penis sizes around the world. Lot of food for thought in there.
What I also found was many of the message boards on the men's health sites reflected major concerns with the size of their penises.  Some bragged.  Others lamented, but the consensus was 'bigger is better'.  Unfortunately, this desire for a long or thick penis is misplaced, because what I found on the women's health boards was the exact opposite.  Many proclaimed, 'my man is too big, and it hurts to have sex'.
I don't know about you guys, but I think this is ironic.  Reality is such a paradigm shift from fantasy.  As an erotic romance author, my heroes sometime have large penises.  But in reality, unless the woman is used to large quantities of maleness, a penis over 8 inches can be painful.  Oral and anal sex can also be more difficult with an overly large member.
So men, take heart.  If what you have gets the job done, you don’t need industrial size.  Bigger is not always better.  So yes, size does matter but not necessarily in the way you think, and according to what I found a man can be too big.
So now you tell me, does size matter to you?  Can your partner be too big?  

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  1. Yes,they can be too big. It drives me crazy to hear a man plenty above average wish for more.
    I guess they think if we can get an infant through there, they have lots of room to grow. Giving birth was not my idea of a good time.

  2. I laughed at some of the survey figures you gave. Um, I think men might be fibbing a little on the circumference number. The male member would nearly resemble the shape of a square if that were true! Very interesting and funny post, Casea.

  3. LOL, awesome post. Made my morning.
    I also think a man's wiener can be too big.
    It's not the size of their shaft(hehehe) it's how they use it.

  4. I know for a fact one can be too big. But that was a long time ago.

  5. Penny - yes - men should not gage by anything that comes out because just because it goes out doen't men it will fit back in. LOL

    LIsa - I am shocked that you believe men would lie about their size! Scandalous!

    Brenda - my 74-year-old dad has a fishing cap that says "It's not the size of your pole that counts it's how you wiggle your worm." My step-mom won't be seen in public with him when he's wearing it! LOL

    Ella- Sweet historical romance writer O-M-G! LOL

  6. LOL.

    The old saying is true, "It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it" :)

  7. Amber - there are some things that are just funny to talk about and though men might not think so - I think this is one of them. Thank you for stopping by.

  8. O.M.G. LOL. Ya'll crack me up. I agree there is such a thing of being too big. Plus it doesn't matter as long as he knows how to use it.

  9. Lia - Thanks for weighing in. It's that old Quality vs. Quantity thing that I think works in this instance.LOL

  10. Yes too big is NOT fun. Always have to laugh over their worries. I've been know to say "ya know, women don't stick a ruler up us to see what size we have room for!" though too small makes one say "are you in there?" (long story - way too funny. Well not for him I bet. LOL)


  11. Oh God, Gina! Too much! Poor guy. Yes - there is such a thing as too big but you are absolutely right There's such a thing as too little too. LOL

  12. Well, you certainly don't want to have a situation where there's no lump in his loins, no bulk in his basket, as it were. That'll leave his crotch full of creases, his private parts mere pucker, and what lady wants to be seen with a guy who can't even fill out his pants?

  13. Thanks for the funny comments, RJ. A mere pucker would be unfortunate.

  14. Years ago, I knew a guy who couldn't get a date because it was well-known among friends that he was too big for most women to handle. He was a little pitiful. Personally, I get miffed when I read romance novels that emphasize how big the hero's privates are. As long as he's average or so, there's no need to make him bigger as that is not actually more appealing or more Alpha. Your story, Casea, was different in that regard, because it's a charming joke. Great post!

  15. I can't really speak to penises being to big or too little--I've been married 20 years and my husband is "just right." LOL Experiences before marriage were too long ago to remember. :) But I've heard my aunt complain her husband was too big, so I'm sure there is a variety of experiences to be had.

    I too think that size shouldn't matter in romance novels--though I did have a size issue in Hog Wild (bigger was more effective for Lula). Unless it's a plot related element (such as Casea's and mine) it should be about the soul-mate connection, rather than the size of the connector.

    Loved this post, Casea!

  16. I have a picture of Colin Farrel's. It's a nice one.

    I've never read a novel where the man's - 'em - member was small. I think larger than life heros have larger than life - ones.

    Kitty Ducane

  17. Patricia - that is so sad. The Lonesome Dick - Sounds like a good story. Hopefully he found the right fit in a woman.

    Jenna - Please try to remember and tell us all about those pre-Marriage encounters. LOL

    Kitty - Maybe we could start a new genre Regular Dicks for Regular Joes. LOL

  18. Interesting post! Men always want bigger, LOL

  19. Big men, IMHO, seem to think that's all they need. Smaller, normal, men try harder.

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  22. Kelly - I think it's part of their genetic makeup to want bigger.

    D'Ann--good point some guys may think well-endowed equates to good no matter how sloppy they perform.

  23. Very interesting post. I only know about just right as I've only been with my husband.


  24. I, for one, enjoyed your map. I think it should be posted on Facebook prior to Spring Break! LOL Great post as always.

  25. Andrea - That's great. When you find just right you don't have to go anywhere else! Thanks for stopping by.

    Sheri - Are you trying to create another baby boom?

  26. Enjoyed the blog. Yes, a man can be too big. From experience, it can hurt. Average is just right.

  27. You know, it's like women complaining about the size of their ass. Most men like some junk in the trunk, they view it as a sign of fertility, but women always want smaller. I think the sexes have problems seeing themselves objectively.
    Great post Casea. The books looks like fun.

  28. were did they get the info and what about the porn star won don john or something like that wow me i would love t have someone jsut average i am samll under 5 ft

  29. Nice to know that my hubby is at the far end of average. And yes he is just as thick as he is long.

    After nearly 32 years of marriage, I can honestly say we do fit together rather nicely.


  30. LOL! This post cracked me up!!! I believe in function over form, if you will.

    Thanks for sharing!
    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  31. Patricia - Thank you for your...erm...encouraging words to all the average Joe's. LOL

    JM - You are so right. Women are just as obsessed maybe more so with their bodies but we want smaller (unless your talking boobs - but that's a post from s different day)

    Desithe blonde - I am praying you find Mr. Right...Fit! Thanks for your comment.

    Janice - 32 YEARS!!!! Oh My Damnit! You deserve some good sex for that (and your husband too) LOL

    ML - Function is a must when it comes to penises! LOL Glad to make you smile. It's my job.

  32. I think men can possibly be too long, perhaps if they are over 7inches? Girth is more important than length but again, average is pretty good! I can't believe that they are the same around as they are in length! No no no! I haven't noticed any real difference in the men l've slept with, they all seem to be around the same size!

  33. LOL This post is awesome! I'm happy with average - that's what my hubby is and me being small (I'm 5'2" and he's 6'4")... Well, him being closer to the larger end of average is perfect. :)

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