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Finding Your Niche - Jimmy Petrosino

Welcome Guest Blogger Jimmy Petrosino!!!!

                                                                     Finding Your Niche

           The moment I saw the Baptism scene in “The Godfather” is the moment I fell in love with crime fiction. I had to be like 10 years old when I first saw that movie. I became instantly enthralled by the characters and the 1940’s setting. Years later I would finally read Mario Puzo’s novel of the same name and realized then there was so much more to the story than what the movie showed.

           Adding to my crime intrigue was my father’s background. He was a bank fraud investigator who comes from a long line of decorated NYC police detectives (his father, uncle and great uncle). His great uncle even has a park in Little Italy named after him.  During the holidays I would hear all kinds of stories regarding cops and gangsters from back in the day—NYC of the 1900s through 30’s. My father even had cousins who years later were mobbed up, allegedly. I could probably write my own "Boardwalk Empire" from the stories I’ve heard.

              Over the years I’ve read books from numerous crime authors like James Paterson, Michael Connelly and Karin Slaughter, and hardcore thriller writers like Dean Koontz. Their use of suspense and tension drew me in.  I began to write stories, living through it as either hero or the bad guy. Whether it be a beat down, heist, or a hit, being able take part in it in my make-believe world and not face the repercussions that would come with doing so in reality is not just fun but  also therapeutic. 
I can’t say that crime fiction or thrillers will always be my forte. I do love and write horror but my horror tends to be on the normal everyday person rather than zombies, vampires or ghouls.  I find the hit man from “No Country for Old Men” much more horrifying than the zombies from The Walking Dead. The Dean’s List has that person element; the horror of how people, in this case college kids, could have such a dark side and be a part of something so violent.

             Crime I see on the news or hear in stories makes for good material for crime fiction. But in no way do I wanna recreate the same old story and just  reconstruct it with a slight twist, then call it my own. The Dean’s List isn’t going to win top literary prizes anytime soon, but I did what I set out to do, that was to create an entertaining story that hadn’t been touched on yet, at least not in the crime genre. Maybe, after many more novels, I can have “The Dean’s List” synonymous with crime fiction. Hey, a man can dream can’t he?

In his debut novel The Dean's List, Jimmy Petrosino tells an exciting and fast-paced tale of a college student who becomes president of fraternity Phi Beta Regnum. Once he takes over the post, he begins to run the group, a cover for an undercover crime syndicate created by one of the most ruthless mobsters in the world, Alfred Calarone. Seeing how much revenue could be generated on a university campus, Calarone took his successful mafia blueprint and implemented it into the fraternity at Filmore University, using teenagers with troubled pasts to do his dirty work.
Dean Perrasani is captivated by his new role, hoping to build on the legacy of his older brother, Tyler, a former president of Regnum killed years before in a “car accident.” When Dean wants to run the organization as a legitimate enterprise, his bosses deem him too powerful and he begins to experience the violence and fear that comes with the job. The clock is ticking for Dean. In this “Godfather” meets “The Social Network” story, will he able to succeed in his ultimate goal—revenge for his brother’s murder?
About the Author
Jimmy Petrosino discovered his love for writing in his teens, therapeutically jotting his feelings down on paper. What started as a diary of poems and writing slogans in a brief stint with a greeting card company turned into screenplays, one of which is currently in development with Hollywood producers. The youngest of five brothers in an Italian American family, Jimmy grew up listening to exciting stories at the dinner table about family members who worked as detectives, and their battles with some of the city’s most notorious criminals. He was inspired to write The Dean's List by his father, who comes from a long line of dedicated New York City Police Detectives. His great uncle was Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino and has a park in Little Italy named after him. Jimmy recently finished a young adult thriller about a teenage boy who suffers a near death experience.

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