Friday, November 11, 2011

One Knight in Brooklyn with Casea Major

Hi All! I have my friend and fellow author Casea Major with me today to talk about her novel One Knight in Brooklyn!

Tell me about One Knight in Brooklyn.
One Knight in Brooklyn stemmed from the idea of a 1-night stand with Robin Hood. It's a short erotic comedy romance with time travel and fantasy elements but with contemporary characters.
Most fairytales seem to be set during the Middle Ages.  That's where you find the lion's share of handsome princes or knights in shining armor, right?  That's what Marianne, my heroine thinks, too.
But I wondered what would a modern day knight look like and where might we find one?  Could we even find one?  You'll have to read the story for my take on the modern day KISA (Knight in shining armor)
My inspiration was to take an idealistic young woman and put her in a situation that, by all appearances looked like her fairytale fantasy come true.  Then I wanted to completely shatter her unrealistic ideas with a heavy dose of reality and see what would happen.  What ensues is a fun, zany adventure in Sherwood Forest that forces her to reevaluate her expectations.  It leads her to the conclusion that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and actions speak louder than words.

Why did you decide to join the 1 Night Stand series?

                This summer I saw a call for submissions for this thing called the 1-Night Stand Series. I had never heard of it, but I had heard of Decadent Publishing and knew I would love to be an in-house author for them.

The idea of a short story that centered around a one night stand and various pre-established places and characters sounded fun and ingenious. Apparently it did to a lot of people because my story is the 42nd in the series, and there are almost 60 in print now. In fact, three critique partners who read my story ended up writing one of their own.

Many of the authors write more than one. They are addictive to read and write. Usually fun, quick and sexy, they don't disappoint.

Do you believe you can find a soul mate in one night?

               That depends.  I think, yes it's possible, but rare. Madame Eve's unique abilities up the likelihood but it is interesting to see if it can happen.

Who is your favorite romance character?

                People who know me well know that Jamie Frasier is my all-time favorite romance hero. And for those few who are reading this post and have not yet experienced him I say – Go get Outlander by Diana Galbadon. Trust me. Rhett Butler is probably my second favorite.

If you could take that romance character on a date, what would you do? Details please! *wink*

              Well since I'm married, I'll have to keep it clean but I certainly would spend a lot of time looking him over. He is described in amazing detail and his person is written in such a way that makes him as real as many actual people I've met. In addition, the insight into his character is delicately hidden in his actions in the book. His subtlety is what adds dimension and complexity to him. I dream of writing a Hero as well defined and worthy of love.

Rate One Knight in Brooklyn in terms of hotness (Make up your own fun scale here J )

I love this question because One Knight in Brooklyn is super-hot. One a scale of 1-70, it would be a molten 69, and I mean that in every sense the number implies. But of course I wrote it, I would think that. You read it Carrie Ann.  What did you think?

Marianne - What was your first impression of Robert?
               Well, that is the question isn't it? Do you mean before or after I heard him speak? LOL
When I first saw him, I believed him to be a god sent from heaven just for me. But then he spoke and I thought somehow I'd been misdirected to a new episode of Jersey Shore.

Marianne - What is your favorite part about him?
             **giggles uncontrollably** Robert growls, What's so fuckin' funny, Dallas? **keeps giggling** Seriously, my favorite part about Robert is his caring nature and genuine desire to help.(and other things that are none of your business)
Robert - What was your first impression of Marianne?
           That she was a smokin' hot beautiful woman with a smart mouth and a fine, tight—
Marianne yells, Robert!
Robert - What is your favorite part about her?
             Everything. I knew she was the perfect girl for me the minute I laid her. Marianne snarls, Robert!                               **chuckles** I mean the minute I laid eyes on her.

Casea – Are you planning on writing more for the 1 Night Stand Series? Will you be writing more in the One Knight in Brooklyn world? What’s next for you?

I am currently working on another 1Night Stand called Night with a Dom. I hope to have it submitted by the end of November. Keep your fingers crossed it's accepted. It's a little more sexually daring but still with a strong emotional connection and I can't live without a little humor.


  1. Thank you so much Casea for stopping by. I LOVED this book. It's one of my fav 1NS books of the series.

    Also, thank you Decadent Pub for being awesome and giving away a free book. That rocks!

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the interview with Casea. This book sounds wonderful, I am a sucker for time travel romance.

    My choice from Decadent Pub would be this book (One Knight in Brooklyn by Casea Major). Thanks for the giveaway.


  3. Decadent is an awesome publisher! I'm so proud to be affiliated with them. And I'm glad to call you friend, too. Carrie Ann, thanks so much for hosting me today! I can't wait to give away a book to somebody. I seriously don't know how they are going to choose. Mine is a cute funny story but there are so many good ones.

  4. Great interview! I'm hooked and my choice is this one - One Knight In Brooklyn :)


  5. What a fun interview, Casea! I'd choose One Knight in Brooklyn but I've already read it! LOL So I want to start at the beginning, with Valerie Mann's To Feel Again.

  6. My choice for this contest is Draculas Kiss.

  7. Thanks, Gina.

    Jenna - To Feel Again is great. I read it a few weeks ago. It's a classic. The original 1NS.

  8. Nancy - I have to join you with your wish list request. I read Joanne's other 1NS Sweet Iris Kiss and it was smoking hot. I know Dracula's Kiss will be just as good. And what an amazing cover. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Great interview

    My choice Detention by Stephanie Williams

    Maria Pena

  10. Awesome interview, love those questions posed to the characters, those are such fun to read!
    And since you are a new author to me, I would select One Night in Brooklyn ;)


  11. Great site! I'd have to pick One Knight in Brooklyn to show Casea some love for the awesome interview!

    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  12. Wow, after reading the blurb and interview I'd definitely LOVE to read One Knight in Brooklyn. Definitely sounds like a "must read" for me!


  13. @Maria - Stephaie's stuff is hot. Good choice

    @Eva - thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you stopped by.

    @ML - thanks for the love. Lovin' ya right back!

    @Lola - Ok you just need to go buy One Knight in Brooklyn right now and pick another book. LOL

    Thanks for dropping by to say hi. Good Luck in the drawing.

  14. Great interview! The cover of the book does make it look like a nice romantic type fairy tale, not a molten 69!!! Can't wait to read it!!

    Thank you for the chance to win.

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  16. What a wonderful interview. Thanks for the giveaway. I would pick Casea's new release One Knight in Brooklyn if I won.


  17. Great interview. I would love the opportunity to win One Knight in Brooklyn.

    Great giveaway.

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  20. I think this is a wonderful idea for a book, and a great read!

  21. Congratulations ML! You are the WINNER! You selected One Knight in Brooklyn. SO you get to cuddle up with some sexy East Coast humor.

    I'll email you offline.

    For anyone who is interested - One Knight in Brooklyn is on SALE for Black Friday 30 % at SMASHWORDS. Here's the code AU93K Hereis the link: