Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wendy and Deanna - 1 Night Stand

Hi All!

Please welcome Deanna and Wendy back to the blog! I love these ladies!

Deanna: Well, we have to say THANKS to Carrie for a last time. It’s been so nice visiting for the past couple of months with our books and our characters. So right about now, you’re wondering, what's next?

Wendy: While Deanna has a PILE of naughty holiday stories coming out, we do have yet another little project together.

Deanna: Not a pile, just the first two installments of THE NAUGHTY NORTH POLE series I started. You know, elves with candy flavored cum and all that :)

Wendy: You're just not right.

Deanna: I know, that's why you love me! Smooches!

Wendy: *sigh* I suppose that's true. :)    Now if you've been following along here at Carrie's blog, you know that Deanna and I have been working on a series of books with recurring characters. DW's book BEAR IT ALL is the first of six stories she and I are have planned. You get a glimpse of what happens to her heroes, John and Travis, by reading my story THE ONE HE CHOSE which feature's John's sister Grace.

Deanna: Now here's where it gets kinda complicated. If you wanna find out what happens to Wendy's adorable couple from THE ONE HE CHOSE well you will have to grab a copy of my latest installment ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL which was just contracted with Decadent Publishing.

Wendy: Congrats!

Deanna: Thanks! I know congrats are in order for you too, but we'll get to that in a second!

Wendy: shush! I'm getting there. Now DW's book ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL features a character I came up with but DW brought to life, Martin, the concierge who so happily served Grace at the Castillo Resort-Banff. Martin made just a little, but significant, appearance in THE ONE HE CHOSE.

Deanna: I hope the readers fall in love with Martin as much as I did. Now can I tell them your news?

Wendy: Go ahead.

Deanna: Wendy sold a new book, too!! And the crowd goes wild!!!!

Wendy: You are such a dork.

Deanna: Wendy's book has men in kilts!!!! Whoo-hoo!!

Wendy: Yes it does. So after you read, ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL--then it's time for a trip to Scotland, Martin's home country in HASTE YE BACK. You see, in HASTE YE BACK you find out what happened to him and an old friend he mentions in AB. What's after that?---well, you'll just have to wait and find out.

Deanna: Don't you just love being a tease?

Wendy: Not as much as you do!

Deanna: So true!!!

Wendy: BEAR IT ALL and THE ONE HE CHOSE available now at Decadent Publishing...ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL and HASTE YE BACK coming soon from DP’s 1NightStand division!


  1. This was one of my favorite 1NS stories! I loved it.

  2. Casea,

    You're so sweet! Thanks - I enjoyed writing it too!


  3. You ladies are funny. Good interview.

  4. Great interview you two. Thanks for the giveaway.


  5. That is a fun interview. Congrats on your releases.

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  7. You two are a kick! Thanks for coming to visit!

  8. That was a lot of fun to read. Congrats to you both.

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  10. Great interview, made me giggle because you two remind me of my friend Dawn and me - she's always referring to me as a "dork!" Congrats to you both!


  11. You two are a riot, loved the interview!

    The book sounds fantastic.

    Thank you for the chance to win!


  12. Nancy!!! Whoo hoo!! You win!!!

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