Thursday, December 15, 2011

Character Interviews from Destiny Unchained

Hello Carrie Ann Ryan! I'm happy to be here on your blog again. Today I have with me, the handsome and sweet (but don't underestimate his alpha power), Cristian. And the lovely vampire assassin, Natalia. Cristian and Natalia are the h/h from my most recent paranormal romance novel, Destiny Unchained.

So, Natalia and Cristian, tell us what brought you two together.

C: Well, I'm the alpha of the Northwest werewolf pack. The men in my pack -
N: And women.
C: *Nods* And women, in my pack work to protect the gray wolf population from human hunters and vampires who use their blood to get high. When I first met Natalia, I thought she was one of the vampire addicts we hate.
N: After he shot a poison arrow through my chest -
C: Because she was about to kill one of my kind.
N: We had a nice little chat then parted on amicable terms.
C: *arches a brow* Amicable terms? You lodged a shiv in my back and left me unconscious in the middle of the forest.
N: Yeah, that was downright generous.
C: *rolls eyes* We ran into each other again a few days later and I learned about the Silver Slayer.
N: My latest target. A twisted serial killer who happens to be a werewolf.
C: I convinced her to work with me -
N: Forced me to work with you.
C: *snorts* As if I could force you to do anything.
N: *grins* You know me so well.
C: Anyway. We hunted the Silver Slayer together through the mountains of northern Montana. *Gazes at Natalia* And every step of the way I fell deeper and deeper in love.
N: *Chuckles* And I just wanted to kill him.
C: *Takes her hand* She came to her senses though. Eventually.
N: Yes. Eventually I learned what I had been missing all these years. A stubborn, pain in the ass werewolf.
C: Damn straight.
*Gaze at each other lovingly*

Ahem. Okay, we are going to leave these two alone for a while. Thank you for having me Carrie and I hope you readers will take a chance on Destiny Unchained. It's only $0.99 through Christmas so pick it up now!


  1. Awesome...i will definetly write about this on my blog...:D
    Going right now to Amazon :)

  2. Thank you Daydreamer! I hope you enjoy the book!