Monday, December 26, 2011

Finding the Time

Where did all the time go?

Its the day after Christmas and I'm diving into my day job - meaning not writing. Where did all my "free" time go to write?

Oh yeah - the holidays.

I swear its getting worse every year. I get ready for the holidays, get healthy, plan what I need to do - and focus on things other than me.

Yes, I focus on family - but me? Not so much.

So on Tuesday, I'm getting a pedicure - and bringing my notepad to plot. And when I get home? Writing. Yep. The day job for the rest of Winter break will be MWF. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be writing. Sunday - video games with the hubby.

That's what I have to do. Need to do.

Because I have the time until the middle of January. And then my schedule will change. And that's okay.

The thing is Reed, Josh and Hannah (from my WIP Trinity Bound) really want me to finish their draft. And Shade and Lily from Dust of My Wings really want me to finish plotting them. Not to mention the other 10 books I have planned - and countless other ideas. Plus I want to get back into blogging for myself in addition to the weekly guest I have that bring awesome contests.

What do you do when you realize you forgot to take time for yourself? When do you write? And what topics would you like to see on this blog? Any ideas?

Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. I think I am really lucky that I don't have to hold down a day job right now. That way I normally do have plenty of time to write. However, around the holidays it is still hard because my hubby and son are home and it is hard to get ANYTHING done with them hanging around lol. Sometimes we just have to make ourselves sit down and write, although I do think it is ok to slack off a little bit around the holidays. After all, family should come first, even though it is hard to balance it all!