Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Memories - BlogHop

Holiday Memories

Hi All! Welcome to the Holiday Blog Hop!

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            My favorite memory of Christmas morning came one day when I was six. We were stationed in Japan, and my parents were lucky enough to have found gifts through my Grandfather to have shipped to us.
            That year I got a Barbie Dream House. You know, the one that had three stories and an elevator you pulled with a string. I LOVED that house. It made three moves with us and traveled around the world.
            However, my little sister, four years younger, HATED that house. Here’s why.
            My parents gave us gifts under the trees and in our stockings. Our stockings were filled with candy and toothbrushes and lotion. Pretty much anything small my Mom could find. J
            But we each got 1 Santa Gift. One large gift that may or may not be wrapped that “Santa” brought us. And since they weren’t wrapped, “Santa” was kind enough to use one of our sheets to cover them. So, we walked out of the bedroom area into the living room where the tree was. I ran past my large gift covered under a sheet and looked around for the cookies that “Santa” ate. He did well that year.
            So I missed the three stories, about four feet tall, sheet-draped Barbie Dream house.
            My sister did not.
            She SCREAMED.
            “No Santa! No Santa!”
            Apparently she though the sheet was Santa and was going to kill her. She was two.
            She cried and we had to make sure she was okay. My mother ripped the sheet off and explained that Carrie’s gift was a house, not a murdering Santa.
            My sister is 21 now. Every Christmas I hug her then scream, “No Santa! No Santa!”
            Love in my family is unconditional. Well, okay, it should be.
             What are your favorite memories? Any as funny as mine?

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  1. Wow an Alpha's Path sounds like an very sexy read. I am gonna grab it when I get some $. I would love to find out if she goes with him as his half-wolf mate.

  2. Ooo! I wanna read this one! ♥Sigh♥

  3. Aw that sound traumatizing and funny at the same time!

    Let's see a funny Christmas story? I just thought of one while I was reading yours, mine's probably not as funny though.

    I don't remember the year, but my mom had prepared the stocking like she always does and Christmas went pretty smoothly.

    My dad hardly ever looks into his stocking unless one of us pulls it out for him, anyway that year it was either me or my mom that got it for him.

    He looked into it and started pulling stuff out so we could see what he got, he pulled out the candy and everything else; I wasn't really paying attention but the next time I looked over he was holding some nail clippers for a bunny rabbit in his hand.

    They were in his stocking, well I think my dad looked at my mom and said "are my toenails really that bad?"

    It was kind of humorous but I'm pretty sure my dad didn't think it was all that funny at the time! :D

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I remember a Christmas morning waking up and opening our presents. We all waited to do the stocking last because it was our favorite. I'll never forget this one because in my stocking was fruit and slim jims. Usually we got you know girly stuff like earrings and hairbows or makeup and perfume...sometimes the stockings were loaded with gifts that were better than the ones under the tree. I remember looking at my dad becuase he was smiling, wondering what had happened. He took that stocking from me and handed me another one that looked just like mine but full of the usual goods. and said Merry Christmas! Your book looks great!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. Oh no. I don't have anything that cute or funny. The first thing I looked for were the stockings!

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Now that's a funny Christmas story, Carrie, LOL!
    I guess my funny one, is that I was the oldest of 5 kids - and when I was 5 years old I came right out and asked my mom about Santa being real. She didn't believe in lying, so she, being horrified, sputtered and stalled and finally admitted the truth, but begged me to please not tell the other children. I, having no problem with lying (muhahahaha) had my next born sister believing in Santa until she was 13 years old, defending her belief in him in Jr. High school with all of the honor and conviction of an Arthurian Knight, until I happened upon her in the hallway in the school and bust up laughing and had to tell her the truth. I'm surprised she talks to me, let alone laughs along with me about it to this day, LOL!
    Oh, thank you for bringing up that memory, I hadn't thought about that in years, hahahaha!
    Merry Christmas!
    Gena Robertson

  7. We were too poor for Christmas, so no Santa in my house was exactly that.
    But I grew up fine...LOL!

  8. That's funny! I love that story. My sister is three years younger and one year for christmas she got a HUGE stuffed dog. Sometime in the middle of the night it fell over and we thought Santa had broken his neck. Just she and I snuck into the dark living room to find the big dog had fallen over on the tree. So we named him Tippy! LOL

  9. One year, the table legs gave out on the dinner table. It was like an episode of I Love Lucy. Everybody was trying to catch something before it hit the floor. We saved everything except the gravy that was on the table. Luckily, we had some still on the stove. It was the funniest thing and we still talk about it now.


  10. Loved your Christmas story...your poor little sister. lol

    I was the youngest in the family and I remember one Christmas when I was 4, maybe 5, and my sister was tired of the fact that she knew my parents gave us presents and she wanted me to know she woke me up early Christmas morning and helped me make my way down the stairs so I could watch in horror as my parents put out the gifts, filled the stockings and my dad downed a couple of cookies I had just put out hours ago. LOL She loved to traumatize me back then and for some odd reason we've grown up to become the best of friends.

    Love your book cover and your books sounds great. Congrats and Happy Holidays!

  11. Oh, what a great story; I loved it.

    My memorable Christmas was when I was 8; I wasn't sick! LOL I got sick around Christmas every year.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  12. I don't have any Christmas story as funny as yours, that was good. My favorite Christmas memories are of my grandfather reading the story of the first Christmas each year on Christmas Eve. I do remember my nephew the first time he watched the move Elf and we had to turn it off cause he got so upset when the dwarf attacked the Elf character. He did not like that at all.
    Have a wonderful holiday season!
    June M.
    manning_2004 at yahoo dot com

  13. When I was a kid me and my older brother decide to be helpful so we snuck downstairs and opened all the presents for everyone ( we even found moms camara and took pictures cause thats what she did) when everyone else got up their presents were in nice stacks . You boy did i get in trouble lol

  14. That was the funniest little story!

    Happy Holidays!

    Megan G.

  15. LOVED your Christmas memory. So FUNNY!!!


  16. my story is form today my dog kin who is Pomeranian is spoiled
    rotten well he was playing with my bears so i had to go and get him some new toys
    desi the

  17. OMG that is a great and evil Christmas memory!! I don't have anything nearly as funny. Probably the best one I have is when I was probably 11 or 12. I had one giant box under the tree and as I opened it, there was another box inside, then another and another. Finally, I got to the actual present and my mom had bought me a flute because she knew how much I wanted one and they only had so many to loan out at school. Since they cost so much it was my only present which is why she went through so much trouble to make it special. That still sticks with me as one of my favorite holiday memories.
    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  18. Not nearly as funny. My brother and I were both named after our grandparents, Troy and Marion. We lived with them for a time and one Christmas we found a give for Troy and Marion and opened it. It was somesort of small greenhouse, not common at the time,but we couldn't figure out what we were supposed to do with it. We soon learned it wasn't ours and a rule about opening presents before the adults were down was made. The rule has hung around for years as both my brother and I use it with our kids.

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