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Humor and Love

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I hope everyone had a great week! Today I'm over at Lia Davis's Blog, talking about what makes your hero sexy and my new release An Alpha's Path !! You can find it here at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

I also have Heather Thurmeier at the blog today! 

Humor and Love

I write contemporary romances. That’s all I set out to write. I didn’t set out to write funny books. That part just sort of happened all on it’s own. I’m not sure how or why since I’ve never really considered myself a very funny person. But when it comes to writing, I guess I found a sense of humor I never knew I had. Or at least my characters are funny. Really, it’s their voices I’m writing, not my own.

But the more I found my voice as a writer, the more humor I found in real life as well. It’s not that it wasn’t there before. I guess I just started paying more attention to it. Even in relationships, there can be humor—in real life and in writing.

Sometimes when I’m writing characters, I make them say things I’d never dream of saying in real life. And other times, I have something happen in real life that I’d never dream of writing into a story because no one would believe the characters would actually say it or do it.

I’m lucky to have a husband who makes me laugh. Sure we still take life seriously, but there’s no reason you can’t have some humor mixed in there too. Take our anniversary this year for example…

T’was the night before our anniversary and we were cuddling on the couch just after putting the kids to bed. It had been a long day. We were both tired. And then a thought struck me. This was our exact conversation:

Me: Did you remember it's our anniversary tomorrow?

Hubs: Not until right this second.

Me: I remembered one second before I asked you.

Hubs: Don't expect a card.

Me: Ditto.

Then we had a laugh about how it was a good thing we both suck at remembering our anniversary (this is not the first year we’ve forgotten it!) or else someone would always be in deep trouble.

The next day, this arrived at my door…

I love my hubs. I love that he makes me laugh. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. And I certainly couldn’t stick it in a book because there’s no way a reader would let me get away with it!

Have you found humor in some way that no reader would ever believe if you wrote it into a book? Leave a comment, I’d love it hear your story!

Heather Thurmeier
~Heart, humor, and a happily ever after



Twitter: @hthurmeier

Facebook: Heather Thurmeier, author


Amelia Brooks agrees to a weekend retreat in California, thinking it will be held in sunny Malibu only to find out she’s stuck in chilly Lake Tahoe for four long days—just what a girl from Minnesota wants to hear in the middle of winter. Now instead of wiggling her toes in the sand, her feet are squeezed into her new manufactured-by-Satan-himself-uncomfortable boots. If that’s not enough, Amelia’s obnoxious colleague William has decided this is the weekend they’ll finally be together and he won’t keep his thoughts—or his hands—to himself.
Amelia’s ready to kick off those boots and peel off her wooly sweater once she meets Nate Miller—the workshop’s hunky presenter. But Nate’s not ready to settle down. He’s seen his workshop buddies fall in love then fall out of the running for being promoted to the big city workshop circuit and he’s not about to let that happen to his life’s dream—until he gets involved with Amelia. Now he’s not so sure he can walk away at the end of the weekend with his heart intact and his promotion in hand.
Now Amelia’s got four days to stave off William’s persistent advances long enough to fall in love with Nate and possibly…learn to ski the bunny hill.


  1. Thank you for having me here today, Carrie! And congrats on your new release too!!

  2. Loved this, Heather! And your book looks like it would be a total hoot!

    And the good part about writing humor (or writing any dialogue, I guess!) is that you can get that witty rejoinder in there in fiction that you're never quite quick enough to do in real life. You know, those things you wish you'd said when you have time to re-run it in your mind. :)

  3. OMG your book sounds so funny. I love reading romance books where the main character can make fun of herself.

  4. @ Norah, you're totally right! If you write the scene (instead of live through it) you have the time to think about your come back and make it a good one! I wish I could think that fast in real life!!

    @Renee, thanks! Amelia has to be able to laugh at herself since she's always in a compromising position!

  5. Humor is great to have in any relationship. Would love to have your book. Thanks for the chance.

  6. I love it when a story is so funny that I laugh out loud the only problem is when there is other people around and they look at me funny.

    Thanks for the chance! I added your book to my book wish list.


  7. Real life can be very humorous. It would seem crazy if written down I'm sure. BUNNY HILLS AND BIKINIS looks wonderful.


  8. What a great hubby. I enjoyed the interview and the blurb. Can't wait to read this book. Nothing that funny has happened in my life so far. Sorry.


  9. Great interview! My hubs and I decided just to exchange homemade cards for Valentine's Day a few years ago. I made something cheesy and generic, but he came up with a minibook of our live through stickperson theater. Every page had a stickperson drawing of us (and our cats where applicable) in our milestone moments together. It was super sweet and super funny.

    I love humor in romance. Thanks for the giveaway.
    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  10. Oh, this sounds like a fun read. I'm adding Bunny Hill and Bikinis to my wish list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com