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Interview with Kate Davies

I have author Kate Davis on the blog today! And she's giving away a copy of her book, Take a Chance on Me to a luck person who comments with their email address from now until Saturday!

Hi! Thanks so much for coming today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
·        Thanks for having me! And a little about me? Let’s see … I write contemporary romance, and have just hit double digits with my tenth release, Take A Chance On Me. I like chocolate, technology, red wine, twitter, fangirling over actors both foreign and domestic, my husband, my kids, Disney theme parks, and reading. Not necessarily in that order.

Tell us a bit about your book.
·         Take A Chance On Me is a sexy contemporary romance, set in a little town near Seattle, Washington. Tom Cameron is a former cop-turned-school-security guard who finds his professional and personal lives turned upside down when Jessica Martin takes a long term sub position in his building.

Is this part of a series?
·         No, it’s a stand-alone book. For now! J

What did you find the hardest part of writing it to be?
·         Writing it was easy – it was the rewriting that was the challenge!

What was your favorite part?
·         The make out scene on the ferry boat. Public displays of affection on mass transit – rowr!

Rate your story in terms of steaminess 
·         I’d give this book a three-chili-pepper rating on the spice-o-meter.

Who is your favorite romance author?
·         Oh, good Lord, only one? That’s like asking me my favorite child! I love JoAnn Ross, Suzanne Brockmann, Lucy Monroe, all of my fellow Naughty Nines… the list goes on and on!

What is your favorite romance book or series?
·         Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series.

Who is your favorite romance character? If you could go on a date with that person, what would you do? Details please! *wink*
·         I adore Sam from the aforementioned Troubleshooters series. I’d probably get all dolled up for dinner out, then we’d end up under sniper fire or something and he’d have to rescue me. And of course after the danger had passed, we’d have all that built up adrenaline running through our veins… *fans self*

Boxers or Briefs?
·         Boxer-briefs. ;)

What is next for you?
·         I’ve got a few works-in-progress that are moving along, and a couple of projects awaiting editorial decisions. Hoping to have more news soon!

What were your first impressions of each other?

·         Tom – I thought she was a student. Little embarrassing discovering she was the new long-term sub – AFTER marching her down to my office for a detention slip.
·         Jessica – (rolls eyes) Yeah, I look young. But not THAT young. And I thought Tom was cute but totally uptight. Not my type at all.

What are your favorite parts about each other?

·         Tom – Her enthusiasm and unfailing positive attitude.
·         Jessica – His dedication to kids and making the world a better place. Oh, and his ass. (shrugs) What? It’s really nice.

What’s next for you?

·         Tom – keep working with kids.
·         Jessica – teaching!

Accept no substitute…for love.
The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Jessica Martin is determined to earn a permanent teaching position at Summit High School. That means hard work, dedication, and even volunteering extra time to direct the school’s Shakespeare play. Which leaves no room for romance—especially with a co-worker. She didn't factor in the school's sexy security officer and the delicious fantasies he inspires.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Former cop Tom Cameron likes his job. Or he did, until the new substitute busted his orderly life right open. Now, he can’t seem to avoid her—deserted hallways, empty theaters, classrooms after dark—but he’s got too many skeletons in his closet to risk his heart again. Asking her out to distract her from the play’s, well, drama is a friendly gesture. Nothing more.

The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

Their chemistry could melt down the science lab, and before long they’re burning up the sheets off-campus. And uncovering raw emotions—a stark reminder that love isn’t in their curricula. When a troubled student goes over the edge, though, the need to stop a tragedy brings them right back where they started—face to face with fate.

Warning: This book contains sexy encounters in classrooms, inappropriate use of school facilities, backstage shenanigans, and illicit activities on a ferryboat.

“This is totally amazing!”

Tom smiled as he watched Jessica lean against the thick green railing, a chill wind rushing through her tousled red-brown hair. She spread her arms wide, bracing herself against the railing of the small deck overlooking the front of the ferry.
Below, white-capped waves crashed against the edge of the car deck, leaving puddles on the walkways and riming the safety ropes with salt.

She turned around, laughing with delight. “You were absolutely right. This is exactly what I needed.”

He flashed a cocky smile. “Told you so.”

“I think it’s what we both needed,” she said. “It’s wonderful to set the stress and pressure aside for a few hours.”

“Glad you enjoyed it.” Tom squinted into the distance. “We’re about fifteen minutes from docking.”

Jessica sighed. “Then back to reality. Thanks again, Tom.”

“You still have a couple of minutes. Sure you don’t want to do the whole Titanic thing? I promise I won’t let you fall off the front of the boat.”

Jessica rolled her eyes at him. “I’m feeling better, but I’m not exactly king-of-the-world material. And I don’t think there are any icebergs in Puget Sound.”

Tom nodded. “It’s cold, but it’s not that cold.” He reached out and pulled her coat collar closer together, tucking the fringes of her scarf around her neck to block out the wind.

She stilled, her eyes darkening as she stared at him. Tom’s grip tightened on her coat, his fingers clutching the fabric. Slowly, deliberately, he lowered his head to hers.

Their previous kisses had been spontaneous combustion. This one was a steamy, languid dip in the Olympic Hot Springs. He tasted her lips slowly, placing soft nibbling kisses from corner to corner. Angling his head, he pressed his mouth against hers and swept his tongue across her lower lip.

Her mouth opened on a sigh and he moved forward, noting with pleasure the exact point where the chill of the outdoor air gave way to the heat of Jessica’s mouth. His ears tingled and his cheeks were close to numb from the winter wind howling across the small ferry deck. But inside, he would swear he was running one hell of a fever.

She was close, so close, but with all the layers of clothing between them she might as well have been against the opposite rail. Tom groaned, gripping her lapel as he continued the kiss, his overactive imagination helpfully supplying a reminder of the sweet curves buried under all that winter wool. Thank God he was bundled up just as tightly, or she would be getting a very clear picture of how much he was enjoying this repeat performance.

Suddenly, the ferry gave a pitching roll, shuddering as it lifted above the waves and heaved down again. They stumbled apart, both clinging tightly to the other’s coat and breathing heavily.

Through sheer force of will, Tom unclenched his fingers and released Jessica’s now-wrinkled charcoal gray winter coat. He ran a hand through his wind-tossed hair, sucking in a deep breath. The air was thick with exhaust from the ferry engines, combined with the tang of salt spray and impending rain. And overlaying it all was the crisp citrus scent of Jessica.

She leaned forward, resting her forehead against his chest. He watched as a shuddering sigh traveled the length of her spine. Even through his winter layers he could feel the heat of her breath as it puffed against his solar plexus. A shiver wrapped around his midsection.

She mumbled something into his coat, but the combination of rushing wind and rumbling ferry engines drowned out any chance of hearing it. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, leading her back toward the relative warmth and bright lights of the main cabin.

But before they could go inside, she grabbed the lapel of his coat and dragged him past the doorway into the darkened alcove under the stairs to the upper deck.

“What are you—?” His statement was cut off when she wrapped one hand around his neck and pulled him down for another kiss.

She began talking between kisses, her words almost lost in the feverish embrace. “I. Don’t. Want. To. Stop.”

From food to fiction, Kate likes things spicy. Her award-winning, sexy contemporary romances are available in both e-format and print. When she isn't writing about strong, passionate men and women finding their happily-ever-afters, she spends her time playing with the kids and hanging with her hero husband. (How's that for alliteration?)
You can find her on Twitter at, on Facebook at Kate Davies Romance, on her blog at, or at her website at

And she's giving away a copy of her book, Take a Chance on Me to a luck person who comments with their email address from now until Saturday!


  1. Hi, Carrie!

    I want to read a book, "Take a Chance on Me!" badly!

    FYI, I used to be long-term sub position before! This sub position made me so crazy but I love the kids anyway.

    Unfortunately, I had no chance to be with a former cop yet :)


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    Though I don't read many contemporary romances, Take A Chance On Me sounds like a novel I would like to read.

    Tracey D
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    Thank you for the giveaway; sounds like a great read!!

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  7. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Book sounds amazing!!! Going on my wishlist! Thanks! :)

  8. Thank you for bringing another new to me author to my attention! This book sounds wonderful and amazing! Law enforcement is close to my heart, as my husband has been working as a jailer at the County Jail for 26 years now - and it sometimes takes someone special to get under those walls they tend to have =)

    Thank you for the giveaway chance!

    Gena Robertson

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