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Matchmaking in Romance

Please welcome Dana Littlejohn to the blog today!

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Matchmaking in Romance

Hello everyone!
I am Dana Littlejohn, author of sensual erotic romance. The topic today is matchmaking in romance. When I first saw the topic I had no clue what I was going to write about. I went through my completed books list to see if I even had any books that someone did any matchmaking. When I realized I didn’t have any, I thought a little more and hold the phone. Sure I do!  
I was looking at the question all wrong. There matchmaking going on through a romance novel. I mean, isn’t that the point? The main character finds the perfect match for them be it through another character within the storyline or the fates step in and do it for them.
I realized after going through my stories that almost all of them are fate induced romances. You now the ones I’m talking about…some how, some way two star crossed lovers meet and bam! Something sparks inside them and they know that they know that they know they are supposed to be with that person.
In my books your everyday shmoe gets the girl because fate stepped in and said he was worthy and even the gods themselves find true love.
In the first two books of my Erotes series Aphrodite’s sons Eros and Himeros are charged by Zeus to bring lovers together in their mother’s absence, but in the next two books, the son she had with Hermes, Hermaphroditus and the daughter she had with Poseidon, Herephile have been sent to Earth to find love for themselves. They were guided by the hand of their mother to the one that needed them the most.
I believe that matchmaking is an intricate part of the whole romance thing. Sometimes it’s not as blatant as what Aphrodite did with her children, but a subtle match works too. In my Asian Spice, Taniea and Michael weren’t trying to be together at all. They had an arrangement they agreed upon while she was in China that worked for both of them, but fate stepped in and said otherwise. The more time they spend together, well, you get the idea.
After you have read chapter after chapter about these people you’re invested in their future. Here they are avoiding love and the people you know they’re supposed to be with. It’s driving you crazy, making you want to reach onto the pages and strangle them. True love is right in their face and they’re blinded by some other drama they can’t shake. Then finally, the author has mercy on you and allows fate to step in and bring them together. That virtual Cupid’s arrow hits the main character right in the butt and suddenly it on! They have to have them and will do anything to get them. That’s the best part of reading romances isn’t it? Those are the books that become your favorite.
I think it’s the ‘matchmaking’ that makes one romance different from another. How they actually end up is a big part in the romance. I try to make that part as different as the characters themselves in my story. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but I do try. J
Dana Littlejohn

  Dana Littlejohn was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but has called Indianapolis, In. her home for over ten years. She has always wanted to write since early childhood, but put that wish on hold to raise her growing family and have a career. With the encouragement of her husband, Dana picked up her pen again in 2003 and has no intention on putting it down. With 3 novels, 8 novellas, 4 stories in anthologies, 42 short stories published to date and a long list of wip (works in progress) she is literally living her dream. Join her on the wild journey through her imagination. It’s a ride you’ll never forget!

Jade Dupree had always been a hot commodity among the young airman. She tried not to date them, but having an old school mother and a worldly father gave her a challenging social life. Her mother’s only goal in life seemed to be to get her to settle her down with the next available airman and birth as many babies as possible.
Her father’s outlook for his children’s future was much less intense. Jade let her mother set her up with an extremely handsome tech sergeant, just as she met the very interesting Mike Davis.
Having spent time with both men Jade can’t help but wonder if her mother finally got lucky in choosing Steven Jones for her…or was Mike Davis a better match for her after all? 

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He laughed again. “Yeah, okay. You know, you dance good for someone who got dragged out to the dance floor.”
 “It’s well.”
 “What’s well?” he asked, sending a quick look over his shoulder.
 “It’s, ‘you dance ‘well’ for someone who got dragged to the dance floor.’”
 Mike’s brows scrunched as he twirled her again. “That’s what I said.”
 Jade shook her head negatively, careful not to miss the beat. “No, that’s not what you said. You said good.”
 “Good is bad?” the man asked with a raised brow.
 Jade continued to stare at his feet to stay in step with him. “No, good isn’t bad, it’s just not right.”
 “So, good is wrong, but not bad?” he asked in a teasing tone.
 “No, good isn’t—” Suddenly she stopped moving and looked up at him. “Are you doing that on purpose?”
 “Doing what? I’m learning,” he assured her with a laughing grin.
 Jade stood on the dance floor staring into his smiling eyes as the people continued to dance around them. Then she rolled her own.

Dana is giving away a promo pen and T-shirt to two different commenters throughout the tour! Be sure to follow the tour here for a better chance to win!


  1. I think you are correct. You don't have to go out and hunt someone. They will be there when they are supposed to be there.

  2. Thanks for inviting me Carrie Ann. and thanks MomJane for commenting!


  3. Good luck with the book, sounds interesting.

  4. I believe in matchmaking...and even, in some situations, semi-arranged marriages. When friends and/or family say that they know someone who'd be "perfect" for you--why not try it? Why not trust our family and friends?

    Indianapolis? Super Bowl's coming your way!


  5. I like the idea of match-making. Good luck with your book Carrie Ann!