Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Taste for a Mate: Six Sentence Sunday - #24

This is from my upcoming release A Taste for a Mate. It comes out Feb 6th and is book 2 in the Redwood Pack series. :-)

The wood beneath his hands felt warm as he carved the banisters for Willow’s bakery. He loved working with wood, making this come to life. This was for Willow, his Willow.
“You done fondling that wood?” Reed laughed.
“At least I have something to fondle,” Jasper quipped.

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  1. I like it - the wood working really drew me in and I too enjoy these characters! Great snippet!

  2. I like the back and forth between the characters. Very nice use of the wood in the scene.

  3. Loved his intensity with the wood and his passion for Willow. Nice six!

  4. His love for Willow is so clear without him coming out and saying it. Also, great quips between the guys!

  5. I love the bit of humor in this! Congrats on another upcoming release! It won't be long now.