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Writing Hot Scenes with Louisa Masters

Writing Hot Scenes
You're reading a book. The tension between the hero and heroine has been slowly building over the last few scenes. They're ready to have sex, you just know it...
You're writing a book. You've slowly built the tension between the hero and heroine, and it's time for them to do the nasty...crap. Now you have to write it.
A lot of writers can scribble off a hot scene without a hitch. Not me. For me, it takes concentration, focus, and a whole lot of self-encouragement.
The problem: balancing the what-goes-where with the sensations and emotions the character is experiencing. Hands can stroke, lips can caress, other parts can clench and/or throb...but then what? How does the character and the recipient react? Do they shudder? Does their skin tingle? Muscles tremble?
Plus, there's the whole repetition thing. How many times can a person shudder in one scene?
I've been told to draw on personal experience. It's a great idea in theory, but in practice, if you're doing it right you're not taking notes. So when I sit down to write a hot scene, it's usually after I've done some research. What have I seen, read, heard about that I find interesting, that I might like to try myself. What have I done before that Even if I can't remember the details, I can remember how I felt afterward.
Next, I think about my characters. Are they adventurous and open to new things? Shy and need coaxing? Are they with a new partner or someone they've known intimately for years?
Now I have the overall scene hashed out, and it's time to focus on the technical. Whose hands go where, when does tab A go into slot B—or whatever else they might do.
I hate to admit it, but generally I go back after I've written the scene and add in the reactions and emotions. I find it easier after the mechanics have been taken care of!
My question to you: how would you write a hot scene? Could you do it all in one go, or would you need to build the components in stages?

A born reader, Louisa discovered her love of romance at an early age and began sneaking her mother's romance novels by age twelve. A sucker for a happy ending, she was often disappointed by the lead up–not enough sexy stuff. Where was the anticipation, the flirting, the tension? Her solution? Write it herself.
Living in Melbourne, Australia, she is renowned for complaining about the weather and the calories associated with eating ice cream, but has learned to ignore both and enjoy life anyway. Visit Louisa at

With her resignation submitted, Jeannie Price has one last task she’s itching to perform before leaving her job. After months of sitting next to hot, sexy colleague Tim Harding, it’s time to turn fantasy into reality with a scorching invitation to collaborate on matters of the flesh in Conference Room B. Then she can walk away without regrets.

Tim’s dreams of wild, sweaty sex with Jeannie come true when he accepts her offer, but he’s stunned to learn she doesn’t want to see him again after their steamy tryst. She may be trying to brush him off as just one more item on her To-Do List, but he’s determined to convince her there’s nothing taboo about inter-office relations.

Excerpt :
“Do you want to have sex in Conference Room B?”
Tim Harding jerked his head up from the cost analysis on his computer screen. Jeannie Price was leaning on the partition between their desks, her dark eyes fixed on his face. He took a moment to admire them as he pondered her words.
“Is this a hypothetical question?” he asked finally. “Because—”
“It’s not a hypothetical question. It’s an invitation.”
Her words slammed straight to his cock. Was she joking? Had she guessed that she was the star of his late-night fantasies? He’d even pictured taking her in the office—okay, he’d imagined the boardroom, but he was flexible.
He swallowed, hard, his cock twitching. She’d been very flexible when he imagined her on his balcony. And in his shower. And...
 “I’ll tell you what,” she said. “I’m going to be working in Conference Room B for the next half hour. You think about it, and if you decide to join me...” She shrugged, and her long brown hair slid forward, drawing his eyes to her breasts. In his dreams, her hair flowed over her naked breasts, her nipples peeking through the locks, and when he drew her down over him, it would swing forward, surrounding them like a silken tent...
She straightened, gathered up her laptop and notepad, and handed him an inter-office envelope.
“This may help you make up your mind.”
He watched her walk away, the sway of her hips and the way her dress slid across her ass making him shift uncomfortably.

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  1. Hello Louisa,

    I'd first like to thank Carrie for hosting you today Louisa & Thank you for taking time out of your day to spend time with us & sharing about yourself. It's always Great to find a new Author that I really can't wait to read.

    "INTER-OFFICE RELATIONS" sounds like a Book not to miss & I Love your Cover Art, Very Sexy! The Blurb was Great & the Excerpt was Sooooo HOT, Wow pass me a Fan so I can cool myself off….I didn’t want it to end…I wanted MORE!!!! I can't wait to read about Tim & Jeannie; when they get together it’s going to be steamy, wild, Rock-Conference-Room B- Sex!!! LOL

    I would very much appreciate an opportunity to have a chance to be entered into your giveaway. Thank you.

    Take Care,
    Renee' S.

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  3. Hi everybody! Thanks for stopping by, and big thanks to Carrie Ann for having me.
    I'll be checking in later on to hear how you'd all write a sex scene...all in one go, or a little bit at a time :)


  4. Sounds like it starts off hot and just gets better.

  5. I had to laugh at your focus on the technical. Thank you for the excerpt. INTER-OFFICE RELATIONS looks like a great read.


  6. I would probably write it all in one sitting. Then I would think that it was too easy and go back over the scene and keep tweaking it. I'm not sure if that says I'd write the scene in one go or a little bit at a time. Maybe both? Interesting post. Great excerpt. I have to read this book now to find out what was in the envelope that Jeannie gave to Tim. A naked picture, maybe?


  7. I came late to yesterday's post at another blog but I asked a question there...don't know if you'll go back to see I'll ask again:

    After you spend the time to develop your characters and start to write their stories, have they ever surprised you and taken a path you didn't expect, which changed your plot line either somewhat or totally?

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  8. Hmmm, I'm not a writer, but I guess I'd do it all in one take, then go back and tinker. I'd probably give it a lot of thought though before I started writing.

  9. I'm not a writer and I feel a deep respect for every author out there. I think it's very hard to get all this emotion transferred to the reader the way you want it. I might write it in one go. Can't leave them hanging in the middle of it. :)

    claudigc at msn dot com

  10. Karen: absolutely! It's so frustrating, especially since I work with a vague outline instead of a full plot. It should be next to impossible for a line of dialogue to change it all, but there you have it!


  11. I could NOT write a hot scene. I can barely get through READING a hot scene, and definitely not without blushing! I think that if I were to try, I'd be rehersing it over and over in my mind and then rewriting, revising on paper. It would take forever...and then I'd probably never think it was good enough.


  12. Love the book, full of anticipation.

  13. I love the Excerpt can't wait to read more so good! Thank you for sharing and Great post!

  14. Hello Louisa, I loved the article and the excerpt. I could imagine her walking away in the dress and I would have been right behind her. I think maybe a person should write a scene all at once. It seems to have a more natural flow. Although, I haven't written any stories for a long time, that is how I used to do it. Some turned out better than others.
    Thanks for your time.

  15. I have written one sex scene that was four pages long and it took me about an hour to write. Of course, I thought it was hot but when it was critiqued, people said that it wasn't hot enough. Really, I thought I pretty much covered everything except some back door. Oh well...

    I wrote it with all the mechanics, emotions and descriptions at the same time. I basically closed my eyes and just typed. I literally visualized the scene in my head and wrote. Will that process work for me again? I'm not sure but at least I know that I can do it.

    Great post and question.

    Marika Weber

  16. Is four pages too long for a sex scene? Just asking...

  17. Looks great! Love the info on how you write sex scenes.

  18. Wonderful interview! Love your sense of humor :) I actually had to buy a book called 'Writing erotica for dummies', lol! It was great! I find that I write most of my sex scenes when I'm feeling particularly sexy and romantic myself :)
    I'll be adding your book to my TBR list!

  19. I'm an aspiring writer and haven't made it to the hot scene part of my WIP yet but I think I'd have to build it in stages and probably write, rewrite, and rewrite some more to get all the physical and emotional aspects together. Great post!

    mljfoland AT hotmail DOT com

  20. Hi Everyone,

    I've had a lot of fun on tour this last week, and I hope everyone who followed, or dropped in at one of my stops, had fun too. As much as I'd like to give everyone something, my bank account is still recovering from Christmas, so the three Amazon gift cards for commenters go to...
    Mary Preston
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    Catherine Lee

    And the host with the most posts (hee) was The Forbidden Bookshelf.
    I'll email you all to get your details.

    Again, thanks to everyone who visited, to my wonderful hosts, and to Goddess Fish Promotions for the great job they did setting this up. If you do read Inter-Office Relations, send me an email and let me know what you thought. I have two more releases scheduled for this year, so you'll hear from me again!