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Can a One Night Stand Lead to More?

Please welcome Leigh Ellwood to the blog!

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Can a One Night Stand Lead to More?
Leigh Ellwood

Hello! I am Leigh Ellwood, author of romance and erotica, and I’d like to thank Carrie Ann for hosting me today. I hope you’ll leave a comment on today’s blog so I can enter you in two drawings: one for two downloads from my backlist and the other for a $10 GC to All Romance, to be drawn at the end of my blog tour. I’m happy to announce, too, that this tour promotes my contribution to the All Romance eBooks Perfect Strangers series. My erotic short, Odd is about – of course – two perfect strangers who come together during a most unusual party.

Hence the topic of today’s blog. Is it possible for a one-nighter to bloom into a deeper, more meaningful relationship? These days, I would think anything is possible given how people have more avenues to explore in terms of coming together. I recall an article last year that revealed 30% of Internet users are actively seeking potential mates online. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Internet dating leads to one-night stands, but it does illustrate how the landscape is changing for some.

I, unfortunately, am not able to speak from experience. Like many others, I met my husband in college – we shared a Shakespeare class, and consequently our mutual love of literature and movies fostered our attraction. When you think about a one-night stand, no doubt your mind evokes images of instant lust – catching somebody’s eye from across the room, a realization that you enjoy laughing at the same jokes, maybe one rum screwdriver too many – and the desire to capture and enhance that feeling through a night of passion. So you give it a shot and one of two things can happen:

1)      You cuddle close and think of a way to prolong that good feeling, and hope you are compatible enough with your one-nighter to see it through.
2)      You roll over and wonder what the hell you were thinking.

I like to think of myself as an optimist. If the timing is right and the partner willing, perhaps a one-night stand can lead to something lasting and enjoyable. It’s not something I can test for myself, but if it’s happened to you I’d love to hear about it.

If not, I hope you’ll check out Odd and see how that one night turned out! Thanks!

BIO: Leigh Ellwood is an award-winning author of erotica and erotic romance fiction. Following the release of her first novel, Truth or Dare, in 2004, Leigh has since written several novels, novella, and short stories. She is an EPIC Award winner and has been nominated for many reviewers awards for her works.
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Synopsis: Greg Hargrove has a ticket to the hottest party in town: Drew Bradley's annual Odd Ball. Dressed for the theme as one half of a popular sitcom duo, Greg doesn't expect to meet his match and engage in a secret night of passion while the festivities rage on. When handsome Rick Wade falls on his radar, however, Greg decides to partake of more explicit party favors. Is Rick more than a one-night stand, though, or can Greg look forward to many passion-filled reruns?


In the ten years Drew Bradley hosted his annual Odd Ball, people knew to expect two events: sometime toward the end of the evening Drew would lose his pants, and the two winners of the Best Oscar and Best Felix costume awards would immediately hook up afterward and live happily ever after. That many of the happy couples continued to come to the big party as their chosen television personas stood testament to their host’s impeccable matchmaking—and entertaining—skills.

Greg Hargrove personally didn’t care if either happened on his watch. After years of watching siblings primp and prepare for the biggest bash in town, he’d finally reached the requisite legal drinking age and could now attend. Though he’d never seen the television show that inspired the theme of the party, he’d gleaned enough by living vicariously through older friends—and researching YouTube clips—to know the score.

On November fourteenth, Felix Unger was asked to his leave his apartment. This request came from his wife…

There was more to the prologue, he knew, but in his excitement Greg thought himself fortunate to recall his own name, much less those of characters from a TV show that ceased airing first run episodes long before he was a “glint in the mailman’s eye,” as his brothers liked to tease.

Greg adjusted his Yankees ball cap and smoothed a hand over his three-day-old stubble. It itched like hell, but he wanted to shoot for realism even if he didn’t win the grand costume prize. Would be nice, though, since neither of his older brothers had won before, and Greg had heard Drew didn’t skimp on the goods. Last year’s couple, he’d been told, won matching gold watches.

At the front door of Drew’s McMansion of a home, a wiry, unsmiling man with a long nose looked down at Greg over his John Lennon glasses. “Your invitation?” He held out a pale, almost wrinkleless palm.

“Sure.” Greg surrendered the requisite card given him by his brother Joe, who couldn’t make it this time. Joe hadn’t kidded him when he warned about the exclusivity of the event. What the hell went on here that required protection against crashers?

The butler-bouncer, for lack of a better description, peered down at the invitation for a long moment, as though determining its authenticity. Then, curling it in his bony hand, he addressed Greg. “You may access all designated party rooms with the exception of the VIP area, and you must stay in character. How everyone behaves throughout the evening will determine the final judging for the contest.”

“Got it.” Damn, people sure took this party seriously. At least, going as slovenly Oscar rather than uptight Felix, Greg believed he could blend in easily. Acting like a slob came naturally to him anyway.

“Good.” The man startled Greg with a warm smile that completely softened the landscape of his face. “Enjoy yourself.”

Leigh is giving away a $10 All Romance eBooks gift card to one lucky person. Be sure to follow the tour, here, for more chances to win! 

Giveaway for this specific blog: Readers choice of two downloads from Leigh’s backlist.


  1. Hallo Leigh,
    thank you for the excerpt and the interview, I liked the idea of a ball as a setting, reminds me me a bit of Cinderella. :)

    Anastasia Karina
    Anas-karina(AT) mailDOTru

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Anastasia. :)

  3. This book has a really interesting setting to me. I'm sure there probaly are people who have an "odd" ball, but I hadn't heard of it. Sounds fun though.

  4. An interesting idea to have a ball with specific characters. I enjoyed the excerpt and moved it to my to buy list. :)


  5. Thanks for the great review and excerpt. I am looking forward to reading this. It's now on my tbr list.

  6. I enjoyed this post. I like Leigh's books, I loved Tish and Vinnie from Daringly Delicious, Truth or Dare and Sugar on Top are also favorites. Daringly Decadent and Sheer Bliss are at the top of my wish list. Thanks for such great stories.

  7. Hallo Leigh,
    I really enjoyed reading the excerpt, you got me curious with the whole Odd ball idea!

    Best wishes,
    Lyra L


  8. An interestin excerpt, you are a new author to me but I'd be sure to look you up now :)


  9. Thank you, Lisa. So happy to hear you like my work. :-)

    I've drawn a winner, will be sending an email tonight.