Friday, February 10, 2012

Interview with Gabrielle Basset

Hi! Thanks so much for coming today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm a college history prof and a homeschooling mom during the day, but at night I'm an erotic romance author.  I can only imagine what my coworkers at school would think! 

Tell us a bit about your book.

Blood Avenged is the story of Vasilije and Sasa.  Vasilije is a vampire who was turned 400 years ago.  A pure hedonist, he revels in the pleasure of being a vampire, especially the pleasure he receives from being a sire with hundreds of vampires he's turned.  When one of his vampires is staked, he travels to New Orleans to find the killer, and while he's there he meets Sasa, a woman who arouses him like no other has in centuries.  Together they work to find the killer, but Sasa has secrets that threaten the passion that grows between them.  And what Vasilije finds in New Orleans shows him what happened to his vampire is just the beginning of changes in the vampire world.

Is this part of a series?

Blood Avenged is the first book in the Sons of Navarus series. 

What did you find the hardest part of writing it to be?

I have to say that writing Blood Avenged was a pure delight.  Now as for the second book in the series, Blood Betrayed, that's an entirely different situation.  Where Vasilije is earthy and pleasure-seeking, the hero of Blood Betrayed, Saint, is haunted by the past.  He's put me through a few nights of very difficult writing.

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part of these stories is that they're about vampires.  I love vampires and find them completely engrossing.  I chose to frame the non-romantic part of the series around a power struggle in the vampire world, so that's been great to write.  In addition, the back story I created about how vampires came to be was a favorite part too because it involves Greek mythology. 

Rate your story in terms of steaminess

Blood Avenged is sexy hot.  Think David Beckham in your wildest fantasies hot.

Who is your favorite romance author?

I think my favorite romance author has to be Charlotte Featherstone.  Wow, does that lady know how to get me into a steamy scene!

What is your favorite romance book or series?

Again, Charlotte Featherstone shows up.  I love her book Lust, which is the first book in the Sins and Virtues series. I can't wait for the next one!  The first book was such a delicious idea.  I wish I thought of writing about the seven deadly sins.  What a fabulous idea!

Who is your favorite romance character? If you could go on a date with that person, what would you do? Details please! *wink*

My favorite of the characters I've written is Vasilije.  There have been others I've fallen for when I wrote them, but he's just so sensual that it's impossible to not be crazy about him.  As for a date, I imagine his idea of a romantic night out would be at the opera or theatre in a tux and then home to enjoy the woman he's with. 
Now if we're talking about a character not mine, then my favorite would have to be Vishous.  But if you've read anything about him, you'd know a date wouldn't really be his style.  Let's just say I imagine a night with him would include candle wax, leather, and whips, but since I'm more submissive than his current woman, he'd have to get him Dom on with me.

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer-briefs actually.  Well, to be honest, I prefer commando. 

What is next for you?

I'm continuing with the Sons of Navarus series with plans to release Blood Betrayed in late spring and the third book, Blood Spirit, in the fall.

What were your first impressions of each other?

Vasilije:  My first impression of Sasa was that she was very human.  She was very sexy, but very human.  Not that it was a problem, mind you.  I like humans as much as the next vampire.

Sasa:  My first impression of Vasilije was that I'd never met anyone like him before.  He was dark and sensual.  It was like I was under his spell from the minute we met.  Now that I know him better I realize it wasn't a spell but just animal attraction.

What are your favorite parts about each other?

Vasilije:  I like the way Sasa feels things that I just don't.  I also love how open she is. 

Sasa:  I like how in command he always is. 


  1. Hi Carrie Ann,

    Thanks for having me here today! It was fun. :)

  2. Great interview! Love the character interaction with each other.

    Book sounds like it's right up my alley! It goes right onto my wishlist!

    Thank you for the introduction to Gabrielle, Carrie! I'll be watching out for more of her work now, too!

    Gena Robertson