Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Its a Birthday BlogHop Sign Up

Hi All!

So my birthday is April 6th and I thought since I'm not having a party at home, I'll have a party online!

So let's have a blog hop!
On April 5th at 9AM EST, the authors and reviewers involved will post a blog on what they do for birthdays or a memory about their birthday.

Each author gives away something - like a book, gift card, swag or other goodies.

And if we raise enough money through donations, we can give away a grand prize like we did before with the Kindle and Amazon GC.

On their post they can promote the books they just released - because come on, that's the point right? LOL They also will have the blog graphic I made. If you sign up - you can steal this pic and put it on your website and link it to this post so others will sign up. I will also be mailing everything to y'all as well.

At the end of your post you'll put in the linky code that I will send out in emails. This code will give everyone's site and make it easy to hop.

So come on up and sign up for the Happy Birthday Blog Hop. At some point I will start sending out an email with more info and asking if we want a grand prize. I think grand prizes are amazing and bring in TONS of readers.

But come on and sign up on the Linky Below - its a blast and totally worth it! Thanks so much for making the last hop amazing and I hope this one is "hopping" LOL!!! Tell your friends - the more the merrier!


  1. Well crap. I kept getting an error message from Linky and it told me my link wasn't recorded and I couldn't use Safari. But now that I look, it was recorded like 5 times. Oops. So sorry! Can you get rid of some of them?

  2. Happy birthday! This is my first hop! Exciting!

    sumopalk (at) gmail (dot) com