Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Sneak Peek and Updates

Hi everyone!

I have some updates, a sneak peek at A Taste for a Mate and a CONTEST!!!

It's been a busy month and it's not over! A Taste for a Mate just came out this month and I'm so excited about it. Thanks to all who have bought it and emailed or facebooked me about it! You really make writing worth it.

People have been asking about Reed's book, Trinity Bound. It's currently at my editor's, but it will be out in April. So that's not too long.

And yes, all of the Jamensons will get their own book. You can check my website for all of the titles.

After Reed's book, I'm going to start a new series, Dante's Circle. Dust of My Wings is the first book and will be out this summer.

After that, is Enforcer's Redemption!

I've been super busy but so excited!

As a thank you for a great release month, I'll be giving away a $15 Amazon GC to someone who signs up for my newsletter here and comments on this post! Thank you guys!

I thought I'd give y'all a cute excerpt from A Taste for a Mate, book two in the Redwood Pack series.

You can find it on Amazon and Barnes&Noble

Jasper led Willow to the large two-door refrigerator and opened it to reveal fairly stocked shelves. He didn’t entertain or cook often, but when he did, he preferred a good, hardy meal.
“Is there anything you’re interested in? I have everything you could possibly need for breakfast. At least I hope. I know you have more expertise in that area than I do.”
Dear God. He was rambling like a teenager. Except for that one glorious kiss when he’d put her to bed, they’d barely touched. He knew many things about her, but she didn’t know that much about him.  That would have to change – and soon. She may have been forced into his world, but he would do his damndest to make her feel included and part of their Pack.
Willow studied his offerings like an artist would study a blank canvas before painting. In a matter of moments, he knew she’d cataloged his food and would come up with a perfect and delicious meal. Glancing up at him with a sly smile, she took out eggs, cheese, and veggies and set them on the island. With her second trip, she grabbed bacon, potatoes, and oranges.
He would have offered to help, and the man his mother raised begged him to, but he didn’t want to interrupt her thought process. He loved the way she glided around the kitchen as if she’d been here all along. Even with the bruises, she was still gloriously beautiful and he knew through the mate mark she would heal any injuries quicker than a normal human. It was a one-time only perk of the bite and she wouldn’t heal fast with other injuries until she changed.
If she changed.
“Do you think you can make orange juice and coffee?” Willow’s soft request brought Jasper out of his thoughts. “I can do the rest, but I don’t want to take over your kitchen completely.”
“I can do that.” He walked over to the cabinet and pulled out fresh gourmet coffee beans and put them in the grinder. Soon the smell of freshly ground coffee filled the air. He quickly set the automatic coffee maker to percolate and began slicing and squeezing oranges.
Willow moved around his kitchen with ease as she made breakfast. She broke the eggs against the side of the bowl before whisking them. He followed her hands as she moved quickly. The sound of fatty bacon popping and sizzling echoed in the kitchen, and she went back to the cutting board to slice onions and mushrooms for her omelets.
When he wasn’t looking, she’d diced potatoes for homemade hash browns that were now browning on the stovetop. Already his mouth salivated at  the thought of such a gourmet meal.
 Like a magician, Willow prepared light and fluffy omelets bursting at the seams with bacon, spinach, mushrooms, and feta and ricotta cheeses. On the each plate, she put three slices of bacon and still sizzling hash browns before he had time to put their drinks in mugs and glasses.
Thank God he was a werewolf because his arteries would be screaming if he was a normal human at his age.
Taking the plates from her hands, he set them on the table next to the drinks. Before she could protest, he took her face between his hands and placed a feathery light kiss to her lips. He lifted his head from hers, looked into her eyes, and gave her a smile.
“Thank you for breakfast. This has got to be the best meal I have ever seen made in this kitchen. I can’t wait to see what you come up with here in the future.”
At his startling reminder of their mating and future, her eyes widened and her lips parted. Jasper took this as another invitation to kiss her plump lips again. So he did.
When he pulled away, he smiled and said, “Let's eat.”
Because if he didn’t eat food, he’d want to indulge in her. And ravishing her against the kitchen table might not be the best way to slowly introduce her to this whole mating thing.
Willow bent over the table and set her plate down, her firm ass right near his crotch.
Jasper groaned. Yeah, this might be harder than he thought.


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