Friday, March 23, 2012

Fresh Friday Reads

Hi All!

How has your week been? What have you read? I've been beyond busy for some reason LOL. So I've read only my WIP Dust of My Wings and a few re-reads.

What have you read this week? Let me know because I LOVE reading new work!

I did re-read a couple of Lorelei James's Rough Riders books. Have you tried those out? Sexy cowboys? Hell to the yeah. LOL

Long Hard Ride - Lorelei James.

This is the first book of the Rough Riders series and the first scene is a bar dance. I mean really? How AWESOME is that. Cam's story, Shoulda Been a Cowboy, is my favorite. But I always do have a thing for those tortured heroes.

I truly recommend  these to EVERYONE. 

LONG HARD RIDE...One lucky woman…three sexy cowboys…she’s in for the ride of her life!... 

Channing Kinkaid itches for a change; a wild western adventure with an untamed man. Determined to shed her inhibitions and embrace the steamier, seamier side of life, she sets her sights on hooking up with a real chaps-and-spurs-wearing cowboy. 

Enter Colby McKay—bull rider, saddle bronc buster and calf roper. From the moment he sets lust-filled eyes on the sweet and fiery Channing, he knows he’s found the woman who’s up to the challenge of cutting loose. What rough and rowdy cowboy could resist a no-holds-barred sexual romp with a sassy young thing starring as his personal buckle bunny? 

Intrigued by Channing’s bold proposition of horsing around on the road, Colby impulsively sweetens the deal; sexual escapades not only in his bed, but in the bedrolls of his rodeo traveling partners, Trevor and Edgard. 

Although Channing’s secretly longed to be the sole focus of more than one man’s passions, Colby’s demand for complete submission behind closed doors will test her willful nature. 

Can Channing give up total control? Especially when not all is as it seems with the sexy trio? Or will the cowboys have to break out the bullropes and piggin' string to break in this headstrong filly? 

Warning: This title contains the following: lots of explicit sex, going strong long after the cows come home, graphic language that’d make your mama blush, light bondage with bullropes, ménage a trois, and yee-haw! hot nekkid cowboy man-love. 


  1. I read Her Devoted Vampire by Siobhan Muir. I am currently reading Alpha Instinct by Katie Reus.
    I don't think that I have read a cowboy book. I will have to check these out. Thanks.

  2. I spent the week reading the awesome Love's Prophecy by the equally awesome Brenda Dyer. Loved it. Anyone who loves paranormals with sexy vampires will love it.

    And of course I read my WIP Only Marriage Will Do (just starting revisions).

  3. I'm consumed by Sherrilyn Kenyon's Born of Ice. It's part of her League series.

  4. Not a ton of reading time this week but I HIGHLY recommend A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith. I finished her book The Crossroads Cafe last week and immediatley started on this one. AMAZING! That's all I have to say. Fluid writing and a knack for weaving emotional threads that borders on brilliant.

  5. Jenna you are SWEET beyond words. Thank you!

    I am reading, Rebirth Of The Chosen by Robert Sadler. And I started Night With A Dom by Casea Major. And i have Blood's Voice by Aine Massie--I have so many books that I want to read. I just need more time.

    And Jenna, Only Marriage Will Do---this is awesome!

  6. I've read some great ones this week. Vivian Arend's Rocky Mountain Desire (sexy cowboys) Lauren Dane's Beneath the Skin (hot cat shifters) Crack the Whip, Desiree Holt (BDSM, fans self) Tactical Deception, J.L. Saint (men in uniform, need I say more) and one I didn't like as much Dangerous Ally, Jessica Lauryn,an anti hero love story.

    check them out

  7. Just started Kat Martin's Against the ...

    I don't know the title. I never pay attention to them.

  8. Just started Kat Martin's Against the ...

    I don't know the title. I never pay attention to them.

  9. Just started Kat Martin's Against the ...

    I don't know the title. I never pay attention to them.

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  11. Gonna have to read this one! I've been catching up on critiques this week so I've read some awesome work by some wonderful authors!