Monday, March 26, 2012

Manic Monday Updates

Hi All!

Its Manic Monday! Meaning its update time! So what have I been doing? It seems like I've been doing to much LOL.

If you've seen me around you know I'm gearing up for the release of Trinity Bound, book 3 of the Redwood Pack series. It comes out Friday and I'm freaking out LOL.

It is so weird to love your own book and then have others read it. But that's my job, and honestly, I can't wait for you guys to get to know Reed, Josh, and Hannah.

Reed is an artist and a werewolf. Hannah is a witch and can kick butt. And Josh is an ex-military human who is put in the middle.

Trinity bound is a m/m/f and is very very spicy!

When I'm not doing that I've been revising a few of my cp's works. You guys are going to be soooooo happy when you read some of these. I've also made a new blog called Heartthrob Haven. Its a blog about heroes and told from the hero's point-of-view.

I've also been writing Dust of My Wings, the first book in Dante's Circle. Its a new world with numerous paranormal creatures. The first book has Shade, an angel, and Lily....a human.

Oh! And I have a super sekrit awesome project in the works. *evil laugh* But don't worry, you'll like it. I promise. Bwah ah ah ah

That's what I've been doing this week. What about y'all?


  1. Been a busy little bee, huh?
    I'm loving your WIP, Dust of My Wings and am eagerly awaiting the release of Trinity Bound. :)

    Thanks for the update Carrie Ann.
    May Friday bring you joy and light.

  2. You always seem to be going in 3 different directions. My last 3 weeks were spent on a beach - this week is going to involve getting sand out of everything.

  3. I don't think you have enough to do, Carrie Ann, lol! I've been brainstorming a new story, rewriting the beginning 4 times, doing crits for some awesome writers, blogging, keeping up with family and home, suffered one migraine—yeah, not too busy :) Gotta get some writing done!

  4. Trinity Bound sounds hot. Can't wait to read it. for me. Getting my first book pubbed...found out last Thursday. Working on 9 other WIPS currently, working full time, mother full time...LMAO...


  5. Seriously, how do you do it? Where the "bleeping, BLEEP" do you get your energy?

    I know you're younger than me, but you make me look like a sloth going backwards, lol.

    But on a serious note, you are amazing!

  6. I think you get the Energizer Bunny award, Carrie Ann! LOL

    I've been trying to recover from my production, posted first chapter of #2 book in Scandal series, working on revising Ch2 of same book, and sent out 9 queries! Am in desperate need of chocolate! LOL

  7. I'm resting today. Since Friday I've been on a race committee boat for the Rolex International Regatta.

  8. Yes you are one busy little bee. And obviously having a great time. May it continue onward.

  9. Jesus, Carrie Ann why don't you get off your butt and do something with your life? LOL

    I feel like a slacker. I'm revising my first MS. That's so hard. And I got 2nd place in a Contest with my Mainstream Taylor Made Life.

  10. Can you bottle some of that energy and send it to me? I need a shot or two.