Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Paranormal Preference with Brenda Dyer

Hello everyone. My name is Brenda Dyer. Carrie Ann Rynn has been kind enough to allow me to take over her blog for the day. Thank you Carrie Ann.

Come on in, grab a coffee or tea, and take a seat.

Today I would like to talk about why I read and write paranormal romances--my preference for the supernatural, LOL.

When I first began reading romance novels, I was about fourteen--maybe fifteen. I started out reading my mom's Harlequins. They were good, fast reads, but one day I borrowed a book from my older sister. It was Johanna Lindsey's A Pirate's Love. Ooooh man, I was hooked! I still remember the name of the hero and heroine: Tristan and Bettina.  After that, I gobbled up historical after historical.

As the years flew by, I became tired of Historicals.  To be completely honest, my sister and her big mouth ruined them for me. She reminded me oh so sweetly that people in medieval days didn't have toothpaste, the women didn't shave their legs and armpits, and they didn't have deodorant, and they didn't bathe very often. After that, every time I tried to read a historical, my sister's words would pop into my head.

I continued reading romance novels, but I had switched to Westerns and Contemporaries. Then one day while I was browsing through the romance section in our local book store, I came across something completely new. A romance novel where the hero was a...vampire? Yes, he was a vampire. Well, I didn't know what to make of that. I'd read Stephen King's Salem's Lot and that book scared the crap out of me. I had a hard time seeing vampires as anything more than monsters.

But curiosity won me over and I bought the book. I was hooked good and tight. I read every paranormal I could find, featuring: vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, demons, and angels. But I always came back to vampires. There was something edgy and primal, and even a bit creepy about them. Also, the fact they drink blood is both freaky and sexy.

So since I am in fact a paranormal junkie, it only stands to reason that I write them. Like the saying goes, write what ya know. I do dabble in the horror genre from time to time. Usually zombie horror. I guess I can thank my youngest son for that, LOL. But romance--paranormal romance--is my first love.

Thank you all for stopping by. And thanks again, Carrie Ann for this opportunity to reach your readers. I had a blast.

*Rubs hands together* Now, who wants a free copy of Love's Prophecy? 

Author Bio

Brenda Dyer lives in the small town of Sooke off the coast of British Columbia with her husband, two teenage boys, and an assortment of animals.
She is a graduate from LongRidge Writers group.
When she isn't writing you can find her out in her gardens or working with her two miniature horses.
Brenda loves to hear from readers. If you would like to contact her, visit her website.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrendaMDyer
Website: http://www.brendamdyer.com
Twitter: twitter.com/brendaMDyer
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Dark warriors of might...
Mel is a vampire warrior sworn to hunt and kill demons in the dark streets of Vancouver. But he's burdened with a new assignment: find the meaning behind the Vampire Prophecy. Having no faith in the gods and their empty words, he believes there's no truth to the ancient legend until he meets Breeana, a human woman who bears the mark of the prophecy and resembles the mysterious woman haunting his dreams. When a vengeful demon spies Breeana in his arms, she is marked for death. He must take her from the world she knows until he can eliminate the threat. But the real danger is the role Breeana must play in fulfilling the prophecy and the intense feelings she brings out in him. Mel is forced to choose between his obligations to his kind, the world, and the woman he loves. Does he have the courage to let the one woman who could heal his wounded heart and soul go, or will he risk her life and bind her to him for all eternity?
Small warriors of light...
Veterinarian, Dr. Breeana Spencer yearns for love and companionship, but the disappointment of failed relationships has left her bitter. She now finds solace in romance novels. But when she meets a mysterious stranger, she's drawn to him by a connection so forceful it shatters all reason, leaving her incapable of resisting him. Yet there's more to him than smoldering good looks and a rock-hard body. As she's drawn deeper into his danger-filled world, she learns she's part of an ancient vampire legend. Breeana fears her future is no longer hers and will not include Mel. As their enemies close in, desperate to destroy them both, she must fight to convince Mel her place is at his side. A  life-altering choice is before her—one that will take all her courage and love to make. 

How dare Roarik condemn her whole species? Blame them entirely for the rift when clearly the demons were partly to blame. Consumed with fury, Breeana tried to stand, but Mel pressed her back into her seat with his hand on her shoulder.
She shrugged off his hold and shot up. “That's not fair. Demons were spreading lies and…so it's not all our fault.”
Mel bolted up, grabbing hold of her waist. “Look, this is getting us nowhere.” He pulled her back to the chair. “Either you both calm down or this meeting is over.”
Breeana slumped back, raking her hands through her hair. “You're right, Mel.” She turned to Roarik. “I'm sorry.”
He ignored Mel's outburst and her apology. “When or if you return to your life, what will you tell other humans about us, I wonder?”
Was that a threat? She was about to ask him when Mel stood again. “That's enough! I will not sit by and let you badger her anymore.”
Breeana laid a hand on his forearm. The last thing she wanted was for Mel to come to her defense, getting himself into trouble in the process. “Mel, please. I appreciate you trying to protect me, but let me handle this.”
Before he could reply, she said, “I promise not to say a word about the existence of vampires.”
Roarik made his way over to the fireplace. After a few moments of silence, he turned to them and crossed his arms over his chest. “Mel doesn't want me to erase your memories of this place or of us. But I feel it will be necessary.”
What the hell was he talking about? Erase her memories? Her eyes jerked to Mel. His face blanched. All of a sudden, understanding dawned on her.
Oh no. No way would she allow Roarik to touch one beautiful memory she had of Mel and the time they shared.
Mel glowered at Roarik. His lips peeled back off his elongated fangs. A deep, menacing growl rose up his throat and filled the room. “You said you wouldn't—”
Roarik held up his hand.
Breeana's body hummed with barely suppressed anger and fear. “For all your wisdom, you know nothing about humans if you think that when I leave here I would start telling people I was kidnapped by a vampire. Or that vampires exist. Think for a second. What do you think that would get me, huh?” She didn't give him a chance to speak. “I'll tell you what it'd get me. A one-way ticket to the nut house!”
“I don’t trust that you’ll remain quiet.”
“Well, that's your problem. If you can't accept my promise, then too bad. But I'm telling you now, you will not be erasing any of my memories.”
Roarik stalked back to his desk. “Humans are an untrustworthy species. The past has proven it many times over.”
That's it. She couldn't take his bad-mouthing her species anymore. She jumped up, placed both hands flat on his desk, and leaned forward. “You know what you are? You're a racist.”
Mel put his hand on her arm. “Breeana, that's enough. No more—”
“I'm a what?” Roarik asked, roaring with laughter.
“You heard me. You hate all humans because of a few bad ones.”
“A few bad ones,” he scoffed. “I would say more than a few.”
“You shouldn't condemn a whole species just because of the rotten ones. There are a lot of people who are kind, caring, and generous. There are some willing to give their time and money to help total strangers. To help those in need.”
She couldn't stop. Inside she knew she should, but anger had a firm hold over her rational mind. “I know my species isn't perfect, hell, far from it, but can you sit there and say yours is? Is every vampire a paragon of virtue?”
A wide grin broke out across Roarik's face. “As much as I wish I could say we are all paragons of virtue, I cannot. We also have our share of rotten vampires. Like humans, our jails are full to capacity, so no, we are far from perfect.”
She wanted to wipe his smug smile off his smug face, but instead counted to five, trying to calm down.


  1. You know, I finally bought LP from Diesel. I can't access it on my e-reader. The world is working against me, Brenda. But I have a plan. I think I can save it to my SD card and upload it to my e-reader that way.

  2. Great guest post! I love the paranormal genre, too. But I'll read most any type of romance as a way to escape my mundane life for a bit, lol.

  3. Oh, I forgot to say that Love's Prophecy rocks!

  4. Paranormal is my absolute favorite. I am so excited about your book. I love when I find new authors and books! Thanks for visiting Carrie Ann's Blog. I am definitely adding your book to my tbr list.

  5. I started out reading with harlequins too! The only books my mom had around the house. One day I found "Sweet Savage Love" by Rosemary Rogers (I was like 12?) and I became hooked on historicals as well. I try not to think about the fact that personal hygiene was not so great back in the day! But, the peeps in those novels...well, they were the exception...notice they bathed a lot? lol. I wasn't into vampire books until I read Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalker series, now I've developed a taste for them...just more books to add to my TBR pile!! Strange not reading books about vampires when I loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer series (go Spike!) and fell right into total love with Mick St. John on Moonlight!! (totally bummed when they canceled that show!). I definitely think this genre is here to stay! Great post. Thanks.

  6. Aw, Allison, this bums me right out--but LP should be on B&N any day--how many times have I said that? Hehehe, don't answer. But the fact you came up with a plan, well that makes me happy! You sure are a smart one.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  7. Lisa, you are an angel among angels. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    And yeah, I'm like you. I like all types of romance. Maybe I should have said I'm a romance junkie, not just a paranormal junkie.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  8. Rhonda, you just made my day! Thank you. And seems we are two peas in a pod.
    The paranormal world is filled with cool creatures where anything can happen. I love that! And the men--males--are oh so smoking HOT!
    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  9. Deborah, I remember that book: Sweet Savage Love. OMG, I forgot all about it. I loved it. Now i want to read it again.

    LOL, I know, I try not to think about hygiene when I'm reading--any book really. But sometimes I can't turn off my brain. Even in modern books I wonder about the hero and heroine's breath in the mornings.

    Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it very much.

  10. LOL, your sister sounds like a hoot but she's right. I too love paranormal as it something extraordinary and different. Thanks for sharing.

  11. So sad your sister ruined historicals for you.

  12. The article was cute, darn your sister, Brenda.LOL I write paranormal but I still love those historicals too.

  13. I used to love Historicals so much, I believed I was born in the wrong time period! (Sweet Savage Love reader here, too!) That was before I picked up Lover Mine, JR Ward's book. Hooked, staked, bound and gagged. While I still like a historical now and then, I've broadened my reading genres and opened to contemporary too. Westerns & cowboys a favorite.

    Great post! Upbeat and lively.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I have jumped back on the Historical bandwagon--my sister be damned! LOL, I can turn her whispering voice off now. I'm older and wiser.

    I love all genres of romance, but what I do is I gorged on one genre for awhile, then I move onto something different. When I found the paranormal genre, they were new and exciting.

  16. I'm a romance junkie but I love me some vampires. Depending on the male, he could take a good bite right out of me. Mel's so hot he could definitely get a sample! Cute post. I have read LP and LOVED it. It made me stop writing my own series because I couldn't put it down! I can't wait for the next one! :)

  17. Now see, I'm the opposite. I started out writing paranormal and finally found my niche in historical. But I do agree, Vampires are way sexy.

    Great post!

  18. Hi, Brenda!

    I loved the excerpt. Love's Prophecy sounds great! Paranormal romance is my favorite too. Congrats on its publication. :)

  19. Wonderful interview, Brenda! I have my copy of Love's Prophecy and can't wait to read it.

    I loved the part of your post about your sister ruining historical romance novels for you. I think I would have had to bop her one if she were my sister! LOL

  20. Love the story about your sister. I think that might have ruined it a bit for me too....and I'm sure the next time I read a historical, your story will pop into my head. LOL

    Enjoyed your post and your drool worthy cover!

  21. Hey there, Toni. Thanks for stopping by!
    LOL, my sister is a hoot.
    You should have seen how mad I was when I tried to lose myself in a historical after she said those things. I so wanted to pound her or put a red ant on her--she was terrified of bugs, lol.

  22. Ella, thank you so much for coming by.

    I'm older and wiser. I can lose myself in any book now.

  23. Wicked Leanore, I can read historicals now, but every now and then her words haunt me. I can laugh them off though...for the most part, lol.

    Thank you so much for coming by!

  24. Sheri--what the heck? Two comments? LOL, just teasing.

    Cowboys are smoking hot. Don't tell my husband, but I wish I married a cowboy.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving two comments--even though you deleted one.

  25. love paranormal romance...i'm a junkie too...larissa ione's sin undone was my first foray into the genre...gawd she's good! great post brenda

  26. Ashlynne, thank you for your kind words--and I'm SO happy you enjoyed Love's Prophecy.

    Yep, I'm a huge sucker for a handsome vampire. And I would not kick him out of bed for biting me, lol.

    Thank you for coming by.

  27. Sharon, thank you so much for coming by.

    I give huge praise to authors of Historicals. There is a lot of research to make sure the facts are straight. Sadly, I'm not that disciplined.

  28. Nora, thank you, thank you for coming by.
    I'm glad you liked the excerpt. That makes me happy.

  29. LOL, Sandy. I felt like bopping her one. But what annoyed me was SHE had no problem reading historicals after that--only I did.

    Thank you for coming by and commenting!

  30. Ahhh, my favorite Christine.
    I'm so happy you came by. Oh I hope my words haven't ruined it historicals for you.

  31. LOL, Duckie, glad to see you here. You didn't take a trip back to the moon this week?

  32. Brenda - WTF is wrong with hairy, sweaty, stinky medieval sex? LOL

    I actually think it's HOT!

  33. I also started reading my mom's Harlequin's and Johanna Lindsey's historicals were some of the first I read. I had read a couple of my aunts but I don't remember the author. They must not have impressed me! LOL! I actually went to Sci-fi romance before paranormal. I still like a good sci-fi romance once in a while. My first paranormal romance was a vampire and I've been hooked every since. Love's Prophecy is going on my To Buy list! It sound's like a great read!

  34. Maggie, thank you for coming by!

    LOL...LOL, Casea, there is absolutely NOTHING with hairy, sweaty, bad breath brought on by rotting teeth, sex.

    Susan, thank you for coming by and leaving a comment--and such a nice one too.

    Oh, another historical novel that left a big impression on me was Sky O' Malley, by Beatrice Small.
    Do any of you ladies remember that book?

    I would like to say a HUGE thank you to each and everyone of you who took time out of your busy day to read my post and leave me a comment. You all rock--and have made me one happy author.

    And I would like to send Carrie a massive thank you and a bear hug for allowing me to take over her blog.

  35. Great excerpt! The book sounds very good.