Monday, April 30, 2012

Manic Monday Updates: New Release, New Series, and New Covers

Happy Monday!! I've been a busy little bee this week. I'm finally done with the day job for a bit, so that means more writing! 

A Night Away, isout! Squee!! I'm excited about this book and yet scared to death. Normal for me right? Its a novella in the Redwood Pack world about Mel and Kade again. I'm having a blog party with Lia Davis and Marie Harte tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

You can find it here if your're interested LOL:

Since I last spoke to you, I've also revealed a new series, Holiday, Montana. Its a new series set in that small Montana town where the myths of our childhood might not be as imaginary as we think. The first book will be out in October and all five will be out within the year. They're books around 20k in length, so it will be something nice to read before a holiday! *grins*

I have a cover coming soon for Charmed Spirits. I've seen the mock up and OMG guys. *grins*

Dust of My Wings is in the long stretch of its draft. I don't have my word count updated on the right because its distracting me LOL. But I'm getting there!

I'm working hard and now will have more time to write, which is always something I love. 

Thanks so much for everything y'all and be sure to stop by  Lacey Wolfe's 

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