Monday, April 23, 2012

Manic Monday Updates

Its Monday again. How did that happen? I've been pretty boring actually this week. I've been working hard on Dust of My Wings to get it done by my June 1st deadline. I'm falling for these characters hard guys. Shade and Lily are quickly becoming my favorite couple LOL. I know, I know. I change my mind with each book, don't I? The Dante's Circle world is even more intricate and diverse than my Redwood Pack world. It is such a treat and a well...its hard! But soooo worth it!

I"m also working on a new WIP that I can't really talk about other than I'm having fun with it. Oh!! And I've been working and Adam's book so I can sit down and get ready to write!

Plus I have a release out May 1st in A Night Away. I've already received some positive feedback on it and its making the stress not so bad LOL.

I've also been working on a super sekrit project that will be revealed in about a month. Its a multi-dimensional project that means good and new thing!! It is soooo exciting y'all!

I'm also looking for more Street Pack Members to help me out with promo and getting the word out. My Pack gets special perks and exclusive content! Plus free books. *Grins* If you're interested, email me here

Like I said, I've been quite boring, but as always, let me know if you have any questions LOL! And be sure to check out my friend Lacey Wolf who is also tagging along for Manic Monday Updates!!

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