Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Series: Holiday, Montana

So you all know I've been super busy, right? LOL. Well, not only am I doing ANOTHER sekrit project that I will announce soon, but I'm here to announce a brand new 5-book series.
Each book will be around 25k long and will be set in the same fictional town, Holiday, Montana. The unofficial leaders of the town come from the Cooper family, where there are five sexy brothers who are in need of something they didn't know the missed.
I'm so freaking excited about this series y'all. The first book, Charmed Spirits, will be out in October.
We all knew the characters that made up our holidays as children were a thing of make believe, right? The memories that warmed our hearts are nothing but a figment of our imaginations. At least that's what we're told...
Come on over to Holiday, Montana, where the characters we grew to love may not be as imaginary as we think. And remember, even those of myth need to find their true love.
Coming this Fall

Reading Order

Charmed Spirits

Santa's Executive

Anna's Arrow

Her Lucky Love

Dreams of Ivory


  1. this series looks really good. 5 brothers cant wait

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  3. Oh this series sounds so good..Can't wait for more.