Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Monday Updates: A Trip, A New WIP, and Ouch

Happy Monday! So last week I finished my draft of Dust of My Wings. *falls down in a heep* Oh my, that WIP killed me. Just as Lia. I wrote and rewrote most of it in April. I can't believe I wrote that much in such a short time. But I wanted to and needed to.

So yes, Dust of My Wings, is on schedule and right now is Lia's hands. *cough* She loves me. Right? No? Oh, well then.

That means I've started on another WIP, Charmed Spirits. I have one chapter done LOL. But the rest are blocked and plotted. I just decided to do something crazy and *gasp* take a day off. I know, I know.

So yesterday, I got a pedicure, enjoyed time in the sun and worked out. I'm now on new medication so I can actually work out. So if you ever see me posting "OMG what was I thinking OUCH!" you know why.

I'm also going to not be around this much. I leave tomorrow for Colorado to watch my sister graduate college! I can't believe she's old enough to do that! Granted, I'm only four years older, but still... I am so freaking proud of her and can't wait to be the annoying sister in the crowd with a camera and a blow horn.

Yes. That will be me. But what can I say. I want everyone to know that MY sister is amazing and has a degree. Plus, she's going to the police academy, so I need to show my support. You never know when I'll need *cough* assistance with the police LOL. But this does mean I have a new font of knowledge if I ever want to write about cops. *grins*

Yes, I'm rambling, but I'm just so darn proud of her. AND she's proud of me. No, she doesn't read my books because they aren't her thing. But she hands out my swag to strangers at the book store and hypes me up. LOL

That's about it for me! I'll be traveling, spending time with the family, and writing when I'm avoiding them. Because you know that will be the case! I'll be sure to put up pictures (at least without the faces of my family) and everything.

Oh! And if you're in the Denver or Colorado Springs area, hit me up. We can do coffee!!!

Until next Monday!

And be sure to check out Lia Davis Lacey Wolfe. They are going to show you their updates as well!!!


  1. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip..Enjoy yourself.