Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Message from Matt...and Jordan

Hi All! Matt here. I'm just stopping by to say hi since Carrie Ann is in and out of town for another week. When she's not going to graduations, weddings, births, and meetings, she's also working on my book, Charmed Spirits. So yeah, she's a little busy.

But she's always here on her phone in email and facebook or Twitter. So make sure you say hi, because she misses you!

As for me, I have a certain bewitching woman to find...

Okay, so Matt is a dork. But once you meet him, you'll understand why its so hard to let him hard.

*sighs* Anyway, its busy here in Holiday, Montana and wherever the hell Carrie Ann is this week, but she's reading and writing in her free time and loving it.

So make sure you're prepared for it because she has so much in store for you, its a bit crazy.

Thanks for letting us stop by and *shhh* don't tell Matt I stopped by...yet.