Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Release Party: Carrie Ann Ryan, Lia Davis, and Marie Harte

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!! A Night Away, book 3.5 in the Redwood Pack series, is OUT! Can you believe it? I've always had a soft spot for Mel and Kade, so I HAD to write about them again. Plus, Maddox is back!

You can find the links here:

AmazonBarnes&NobleARe, (Available in: Epub, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket (.mobi), Palm DOC/iSolo, Adobe Acrobat, Rocket)

And I'm not alone. My BFF's debut novel, Ravished before Sunrise is out as well! Plus, my new friend, Marie Harte's Flight of Fancy is out today! So since we love romance we decided to throw a party on each of our blogs. You can go to each blog and see what we're up to and maybe win a prize. I love my Redwood Pack world, so thank you for stopping by!

CONTEST INFO: Since it's a party, we went a little crazy! ONE winner from a commenter on any of the three blogs will win, this necklace, a $5 Amazon Gift Card, a Redwood Pack Swag Pack, a Lia Davis Swag Pack, and an electronic copy of Whispered Words and Flight of Fancy!!

A Night Away - Carrie Ann Ryan
Book 3.5 in the Redwood Pack Series

Kade Jamenson has been mated to Melanie for almost two years. They’ve been through mating circles, battles, loss, misunderstandings, and finally, the birth of their son, Finn. The world is in turmoil around them as the Redwoods engage in war with the Centrals. But for Kade and Melanie, the turmoil is also happening at home. The responsibility of a restless baby and their Pack has taken a toll and they need a break.
Not from each other. But from their Pack. Just for a night.
Kade takes Mel away for a romantic getaway and leaves Uncle Maddox alone with baby Finn. The Omega of the Redwood Pack may be adept at emotions but the idea of a baby may be beyond his immense capabilities.
Author’s Note: This is a novella set between books 3 and 4 to give you a taste of Mel and Kade. It is best that you have already immersed yourselves in the Redwood Pack world, however even new readers will enjoy a glimpse of one of the Redwood’s favorite couples.

Flight of Fancy by Marie Harte:

Aidan Marshall isn’t like the others who now work as civilians for the PowerUp! gym. He doesn’t feel like he fits in, even among the misfits. Being gay means nothing to the people he’s with. He can read thoughts and speak with his mind, and no one ever feels comfortable in his presence. Hell, even he doesn’t like to be left alone with himself.

When his boss assigns him a mission to locate a stolen book, he jumps at the chance to use his psychic abilities and prove himself a valuable part of the team. He’s fine working on his own and has nearly located the book he’s been sent to retrieve when Gavin Caldwell screws up the entire case.
Gavin is a pain in the ass. He’s a pencil pusher and a leftover from the administrative nightmare that was the PWP. A nice guy to have on your side when it comes to balancing the books, but otherwise he’s nothing but a burden--as is clearly evidenced when he botches the case. It doesn’t help matters that he’s exactly Aidan’s type.
With no recourse but to use Gavin to right the wrong he’s done, Aidan and Gavin go undercover in a high stakes operation posing as lovers--where anything and everything goes. In the course of their mission, Aidan finds out there’s much more to Gavin than meets the eye, and much more to himself than he’d ever thought possible. Because with Gavin, Aidan learns how to love not only another man, but himself as well.

Ravished Before Sunrise - Lia Davis
Born with the unusual ability to see what truly lies in the shadows, Emalee Black is stuck between two worlds, the paranormal and the human. Neither one accepts or understands her and she's forced to live a quiet, boring life in hiding. When her best friend mentions 1Night Stand dating service, Ema chooses a role-playing adventure straight out of her romantic fantasies. She's to hunt her very own vampire and have her wicked way him.

Vampire Darian Wyman is surprised when his daughter signs him up for a one-night stand with an exclusive matching agency. At first he's appalled by the idea, but as he reads the details of the date he becomes intrigued. For one night he will get away from the life he has long grown tired of to be hunted and captured by a would-be huntress. But he has plans of his own for his little vixen.

However, when Darian discovers the truth about Ema's inhuman abilities, the date could end before it gets started.

Thanks so much for coming y'all!! Be sure to go to Carrie Ann's, Marie's and Lia's blog in order to enter in the giveaways!!!! Be sure to leave your email address so we can notify the winner!


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