Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic Monday Updates: A New Life...and edits.

Welcome to Manic Monday Updates!!! I'm super busy and loving it as always LOL. Each week, I give you a little slice of what I've been up to, but I swear I just do it so I get to keep my OCDness organized. I'm writing and editing up a storm so I hope y'all get to read my books!
Also, I know I posted it on Facebook and Twitter so most--if not all--of you know, but I quit my job. Yep, as of July 18th, I won't be a Chemistry Professor anymore. I think that's the most dramatic update ever.

When I started writing--back in JULY--I never thought I'd be doing this. I thought that it would be nice to finally write down these stories in my head. I'd only been reading romance for TWO years by then. I didn't know what I wanted to do, but apparently my Muse did.

I wasn't happy anymore in my job. I know that now. I was going through the motions, loving working with students who cared and tried. But those were becoming few and far between. I graduated college at 17 and am 26 now. Only 9 years of graduate school and teaching full time...and I'm jaded I guess.

I want those happy endings...and I didn't get it teaching. And I think that depresses me more than I'd like to admit. I will always be a chemist and a teacher. I help my writing friends with new things I've learned to help them. I help my family members and friends with teaching.

My mother, who after 20 years doing one thing, changed her career to be a teacher recently--ironically. She's been teaching k-2. But this year she'll be teaching the third grade and I get to help her with the science.


And that's how I know I'll be okay. Because I get to live the dream I didn't know I had. I get to write, tell stories, find characters I love. But then I get to still touch base on the sciences that made me who I am today.

I'm no longer the blonde girl with the PhD and a decade younger than her friends. Now I'm an author. A storyteller. 

And I'm happy.

And this update wasn't supposed to be me rambling...but you know how it goes. Oh! And I have pink hair. Apparently when I go for life changes I don't do it halfway.

Waiting for:
  • Just got NEW swag for Dust of My Wings!!! So excited! I'm thinking about how to do giveaways for y'all.
  • A new cover and graphics are coming.
  • My publishing company, Fated Desires, also does graphics. So if y'all need promo goodies, banners, website graphics...and more, let us know! 
Working on:
  • Edits for Dust of My Wings are almost done then off the the Line Editor! This story is just getting better and better.
  • Charmed Spirits (Holiday Montana, Book 1). I'm almost midway through and hope to be through in the next two weeks or so with the draft. Its only a 30k novel, so it won't take as long as the others. Matt and Jordan are sooo much fun! This series is a blast and I can't wait for y'all to meet them!
  • Enforcer's Redemption (Redwood Pack 4). OMG. I started writing the first chapter and sobbed. SOBBED. I'll be okay, but I know how much you guys love Adam so I want this to be amazing. I hope I can live up to it.
  • I've joined Pinterest and made boards for each of my books and series. Come on over and tell me what you think. Each board for each book has their characters, covers, and key moments in the book that will help you picture my world.
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  1. what an amazing life you've had already for one so young, just think how much more is still to come!

  2. im so glad your seizing the moment. carry on, because we dont know what life has in store for us. enjoy while you can and be happy doing it

  3. Carrie Ann, you continue to amaze me! Graduating college at age 17?! Transitions are always difficult, even when you look forward to them. When I quit my corporate job, I missed having the "Director" title, but truly, I didn't miss the actual work. In contrast, I love being an erotic romance writer.

    You'll know you've moved on for good when you get rid of your work clothes!

  4. Wow! That is some accomplishment that you have achieved already! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! ;)

  5. Congratulations on living the dream, Carrie Ann! I know what you mean about teaching palling after you start writing. I now live for my summers. :) Sounds like you're going gangbusters though. Best of luck, though I don't think you'll need it.

  6. Wow, at the rate you're going, you'll be having several lifetimes worth of experiences.

  7. Best wishes on living the dream, so wise not to stay in the "safe" job as a professor if it had become that unfulfilling. Nice that you can have choices! Love all the news about the upcoming books - you're always on my Must Buy List!(And yes, I can't wait to find out how Adam's story unfolds.)

  8. I agree with Jenna. Congrats on living the dream!

    Being happy with what you do for a job makes the world of difference in your life.
    You're luck you found it so young!

  9. Good for you, making your dreams come true.

  10. Mega congratulations on taking the leap and going for what you really want to do. I know how difficult it can be to teach. Where's the pic of the pink hair? :-)

    1. Thank you dear! It's pink on the ends LOL.