Saturday, June 16, 2012

Off the Page: Happy Father's Day from Edward Jamenson

Hi All! Welcome to Off the Page...where every once in awhile one of my characters comes over to talk to us. Now, be kind, my characters aren't edited. But they love you.

Edward Jamenson sank into the  rocking chair on his porch and sighed. Damn, he was getting old. He’d raised seven children, led a Pack of the most fierce and loyal werewolves in the world…and was getting tired.
He knew  his sons were doing much of the work for the Pack. After all, they were  the Pack’s future,  rightly so. They needed the responsibility, the experience.
And it was a testament to their characters that he trusted them to do so. Because even though he loved his pups more than he could breathe, he needed to believe that they could live without him.
He let out a laugh. God, he sounded like one of those emo boys that didn’t hold their pants above their asses or just like an old man.
Well…he was. At least the old man. He wouldn’t be caught dead in that eyeliner crap.
He closed his eyes and tried to make his headache go away. Werewolves really didn’t get sick, their bodies too strong for that, but he’d been the backbone for his Pack for so long…sometimes he just needed a breather.
Not that he’d let anyone but his mate know that.
“Edward, hon, what are you doing out here?”
Speak of the devil, or in this case, Momma Wolf. “Just thinking, baby.”
Patricia, the love of his life and the second half of the Alpha pair, sat down on his lap and cuddled close. Even after over almost two centuries together, he loved to nip and nibble his tasty morsel of a wife. She didn’t look a day over twenty five…but neither did he. Werewolf genetics had their upsides.
Pat kissed him softly and sighed, the weight of the Pack heavy on her shoulders just as  his.
“What are you thinking about, my Alpha?”
Edward chuckled. She knew just as well as he did that she ran this Pack side-by-side with him. Just because the moon goddess had decided to give the males of their species the leadership abilities didn’t mean that the women weren’t just as special. Oh, he knew they were strong and in charge. It didn’t take almost two centuries of being Alpha to learn that.
“I’m thinking that I’m tired.” He traced her jaw and she smiled.
“I know, baby. Me too.”
He kissed her softly. “I’m also worried.”
Pat rested her head on his forehead, a frown on her face. “Me too,” she whispered.
They were the Alpha pair. They weren’t allowed to be worried. They had to be strong. But they were on the brink of an all-out war. Only half of their children were mated. The ones that weren’t seemed to be falling faster than he could reach them.
Kade was stepping up. His eldest and Heir was mated to Melanie and Edward and Pat had their first grandson, Finn. Kade would be okay. Jasper would as well with his mate Willow and their baby Brie. Edward didn’t worry about Reed and his two mates, Josh and Hannah. Though there was something going on between the three of them that made his Alpha bond want to go over and soothe. But the human part of him knew his wolf needed to step away and let them grow together. Whatever it was…they’d be okay.
Maddox and North. His twins. Edward sighed. Again, there was something going on there but he couldn’t think of how to help them. At some point the father and Alpha needed to step away and let his children make their own mistakes. Edward just didn’t know if they could survive the outcome.
Adam was the one who destroyed him. He felt like a failure as an Alpha and a father.
“Edward, stop thinking that.”
He smiled and brushed a lock of hair behind his mate’s ear. “I can’t help it.”
Pat’s smile wobbled and she let a single tear fall. Strong was his mate. “He’s so lost.”
Edward squeezed her tight, her soft body molding to his. “I know.”
“We can’t do anything for him but be by him if he needs us.”
“I know.”
Edward rocked his mate and looked out on his land, trying to heal wounds that weren’t his but could still burn.
He had seven children and yet the baby of the family was always closest to his  heart. His baby girl, Cailin. So fierce, temperamental, and Alpha in her own way. Yet as she got older, he had no idea how the hell to read her. She was an enigma. Independent yet ingrained in the Pack. His only daughter would always be his baby. He didn’t envy her future mate.
Especially considering the fact he planned on interrogating the man until he was found perfect. Which would never happen. But it  was okay, he’d protect his little girl from anything.
“I don’t like that look on your face, Edward.”
He smiled, aware of the gleam in his eyes. “Just thinking of my baby girl.”
Pat threw back her head and laughed. “That girl has you wrapped around your finger.”
He shrugged. “So? It’s a daughter prerogative.”
“You are such a Dad.”
“You know it.” He shifted and settled his mate closer on his lap. “Speaking of, I know Father’s Day is tomorrow, but I don’t want to do anything for it.”
Pat straightened and blinked up at him. “Why not? It’s your favorite holiday.”
“I know, and I’ve loved our family dinners to celebrate it. But this time I’m not the only father in the group. I want it to be about the boys and their babies too. Not just me.”
“But we could do that at dinner,” Pat pleaded.
He shook his head. “I want Kade and Jasper to enjoy themselves and make their own traditions. Plus, I’ve seen the way Adam watches those babies and I know he’s thinking about that baby he lost. I don’t want to cause him any more pain than he’s already dealing with.”
Pat’s eyes filled and she buried her face in his neck, the collar of his shirt damp with her tears.
“I just want to spend the day with my mate, cuddle, and make love.”
She sighed and kissed his jaw. “That sounds perfect.”
“You think the kids will mind?”
“Oh, I think they’ll like some time to themselves. We can always do a family dinner another night.”
“Uh huh…though I think I could use some planning and practice for our day.”
His wolf growled and his eyes grew gold. She shifted on his lap and he moved to she could wrap her legs around his waist.
She nipped at his lip. “I’m thinking the patio. The den can’t see us from here. We’re completely alone.”
He growled and crushed his mouth to hers.
She pulled back and laughed. “Careful big boy, we need to make sure we get some protection or we’ll make another baby.”
“It would be a nice father’s day gift….” He smiled, knowing she’d know he was only kidding.
“Oh really? Baby number eight? Maybe she’ll be just like our Cailin?”
He groaned. “I don’t think I can take another Cailin.”
She giggled and kissed his ear. “I love you, my Alpha.”
“Not as much as I love you.”
He picked her up and pulled her down to the porch so he could show her just how much he loved his mate. He’d raised seven children with  this woman and loved every inch of her. Now he got to show her just how grateful he was for his children…and the other half of his heart.

What did you think? I love Edward Jamenson...just saying. If you want to read more of Off the Page, stop by Lia Davis's blog!!


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