Saturday, July 21, 2012

Off the Page: Edward and Pat—Babysitting Finn and Brie

Hi all and welcome to another Off the Page. Here is where you get a glimpse a the daily life in a few of my characters! I hope you enjoy!

Off the Page: Edward and Pat—Babysitting Finn and Brie

Edward Jamenson braced himself as the small creature wiggled in his arms. He looked down at his six month old granddaughter, Brie and smiled. She stopped her wiggling and looked up at him and grinned.
Well, maybe it was just gas. Either way, he’d take it.
Then she moved again, twisting and moving her body so he had to move fast not to drop her.
“Edward! Hold her correctly!” his wife of over a century, Pat admonished. She sat on the floor and played with blocks with their grandson Finn and shook her head. “You raised seven children with me, what is wrong with you.”
“Were they ever this small?” he asked as Brie scrunched up her nose and looked about ready to cry.
“Of course they were, Cailin was only a baby a couple decades ago. How could you have forgotten so quickly?”
Brie wailed and he held her to his chest, rubbing small circles into her back. “I’m sorry, darling. You’re big and bad. A fearsome wolf. I promise.”
Brie settled down with a whimper and he knew he’d been had.
Oh yes, Jasper’s daughter would be a heartbreaker all right.
He lowered her to his lap and looked down at her bright little face.
“You just wanted to prove you’re tough, didn’t you?”
She smiled and blinked up at him.
Yep, not gas this time.
Finn toddled up to him and grinned. “Play?”
His grandson, and future Alpha, could only speak a few words at a time, but would be a damned heartbreaker as well. He smiled at the thought of his alpha sons trying to tone these two down.
Not gonna happen.
Thankfully they had their wives to corral the kids. They were much better at it.
Edward scrunched his nose as a putrid smell assaulted his senses. He looked down at his granddaughter and groaned.
“Don’t even think about it, Edward,” Pat said as she picked up Finn to play airplane.
“You were going to ask me to change Brie. Not gonna happen.”
“But I hadn’t even thought it.” Yet.
“I know you well enough that it would have been your next thought. Now go clean her up. Don’t worry, you won’t die.”
“But Pat…”
“Don’t whine. You’re an Alpha. Act like it.”
“But she’s not an enemy. It’s a dirty diaper.”
“Far more treacherous. Now show me how big and bad you can me and change a diaper.”
He growled, held Brie from his chest and carried her to the changing table Pat had put in the spare room as soon as their children started having children.
He laid her on the table and she looked up at him expectantly.
“Fine, I’ll do it. But really? You couldn’t have waited twenty minutes for you mom to come?”
She let out a giggle and picked up her legs for him.
Damn. There was no getting out of this.
He unsnapped her onezie and undid the strips on her diaper. He gaged at the smell but put the offensive diaper in the genie.
Brie giggled again and his shirt stared to feel wet. He looked down and groaned. His little granddaughter had decided to pee on him. Damn, her aim was good.
“I should have waited to put the new diaper on you then take off the old one. It’s been too long since I’ve done this.”
“I’d say.” Pat said from the doorway, Finn in her hands.
“Help me woman.”
“Oh no, you’re the big bad Alpha, you can manage.”
He growled and picked up Brie’s bottom holding her ankles in one hand. He quickly wiped her until she was clean, powered her little butt, then put on the diaper. His granddaughter gave him an indulgent smile and lowered her legs so he could fix her onezie.
“There. Now you’re clean.”
“And you’re not, Grandpa.” Pat laughed. “Hand me Brie, and go change. I can handle it.”
He growled again and kissed his wife softly on the lips. “They’re lucky they’re so cute.”
“You love them.”
“Yes, and I love you.”
“Ah, there’s my big bad Alpha.”
He walked away with a laugh and shook his head. Yeah, he was the big bad Alpha all right. But his grandkids could take him every time.
And there was nothing wrong with that.


  1. That was a fun insight to the family Carrie Ann

  2. brill when do we get more lol

  3. family life goes on. nice 1 carrie ann

  4. Aww...I love reading about the Redwood pack!!!

  5. Aww...I love reading about the Redwood pack!!!

  6. Awwww, what a loving set of grandparents!

  7. Awww. I love the kids with their grandparents. So cute!

  8. I can't get enough of this series!! I love it .

  9. I loved it! Thanks for the brief snack of Redwood until Adam's book comes out. :)

  10. been there and done that! lol. too funny

  11. Such a cute little story. Had me giggling. :)

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